Quilts for UNI Dome Antique Show

Earlier I showed many of the fun antiques we saw while visiting the UNI Dome Antique Show on Sunday…I saved the best of the antiques, the quilts, for this blog post.  Sometimes, simple is best with this quilt.  Of course red is my favorite color so how would I not like this one.

I really liked the rail fence quilt to the far left of this photo below.

The black and white quilt below was fun.  The half square triangles in it are only about 2″ finished.



The quilt below had colors that I really liked.  I love to see the that there were other quilters that loose their points in the binding like I’ve been know to do.  Luckily I don’t miss my points quite so bad.


I love the flower garden quilt….the yellow is beautiful.


I was really intrigued by the quilt below.  I have never seen a quilt with this pattern before.  Does anyone know the name of the pattern??


These were both beautiful.


The colors on the next two were great.


The show stopper was the yellow sun quilt.  The hand quilting was amazing and the work was amazing too.


Here’s another pattern I haven’t seen before.  The “rainbows” were top stitched down.


I hurried over to this booth to see these quilts.  My favorite was the third from the right.


I hadn’t seen a quilt like the one below either.  I’d like to replicate it with scraps.


Both the quilts below were nice.  I especially liked the one on the right.


The quilt wasn’t like most I’ve seen.  The fabrics that were chosen are more medium prints than dark prints.

I love antique shows….I see them more of a museum than anything.  I don’t really look at quilts to purchase them, just to see the work of generations past.

I am so happy that we’re getting closer to summer and that always brings more chances to go antiquing…..

5 thoughts on “Quilts for UNI Dome Antique Show”

  1. There are some amazing quilts out there! In Australia we would be hard pressed to find just a few for sale like this. I wouldn’t be able to resist them!

  2. I also like the one with the 9-patches and the “spiky snowball” blocks. I’d guess that it’s an octagon with the four green and white corners pieced. The corners could be made from a green square plus two green and white triangles, each consisting of a small white triangle and a larger green piece.

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