Quilts for the Fire Victims

Happy-happy news on the blog today!!  Remember awhile back I told you about my friend and blog reader Linda who had families in her neighborhood loose everything due to a fire and I asked if anyone had quilts that they could donate to help Linda help them….

Well here’s the update (or as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story).  Linda sent me a note and allowed me to share it here.

“Thank you to Kathy S, Heather L, Jo Anne S, Karlene in NC, Roxie S, Anne D, Janelle S, and Nell in Neb….Thank you so much for the beautiful quilts for the families who went through a tragic fire in my area…..They are young families and six little children were involved.  I received ten quilts from all of you—ten quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Thanks for your amazing generosity to families you didn’t know.  The quilts are all just beautiful…beautiful colors and amazing quilting on them.  I am so happy that all the children could have a quilt and the little baby maybe can have two….and there is even a throw for the family…Plus a cookbook(I would not have even thought of that.)



My heart is full that you ladies were willing to send quilts to me to give.
I delivered the quilts to Lindsey( one of the Moms) last night.  She brought her two daughters.  They were so excited and so happy to get the quilts—and so humbled by the story of how the quilts came to me—that Jo put the message for help on her blog and you all stepped forward.

We are all so impressed that in a world where bad news seems to dominate that you showed us the good in people—You did so much more than send a quilt…You showed that people can give to strangers that so need your help from your heart.  Lindsey is so touched and so happy….You would love this family…Lindsey and her two daughters are warm, kind wonderful people…Just who you hoped your quilts would go to.  Lindsey loved all the quilts….Her sister was living with them too at the time and has four little ones under six and she will pass some of the quilt on to her.  Lindsey told me that her sister just had no bedding for the little ones….now today she has quilts for them. These two families lost all but a couple things–now they have some beautiful quilts…

I cannot thank you enough…I hope someday to meet each of you out in the quilting world….I am sending a photo of the quilts and a picture of a happy Lindsey and her beautiful little girls with two of the quilts….God Bless…Linda”

Now isn’t this the best story.  I am so lucky to have all of blog readers in my life.  It’s great to be surrounded by good, kind people who will step up when there is a need.  I get so frustrated with the negative in the world.  Thanks so much for sharing with me and others the positive.  Hats off to all who made this happen!!!

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  1. Just turned off the evening news ~ too depressing to watch a report that doesn’t include anything kind or even good happening in our world today. Then I read your uplifting story about the family that lost so much to a fire & quilters donating quilts to them. I needed to read about some goodness, kindness & generosity in our world & I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Jo!

  2. Thank you Jo for posting such a wonderful story of people helping people. You are a treasure and these wonderful women paid it forward because of you. You’ve not only touched these caring and giving women but also touched the lives of a family that will be forever touched and greatfull for all this kindness.

  3. Thank you so much “Paul”!! It really is great to hear friendly and loving stories. Thanks also go out to the generous bloggers that jumped in to help! God Bless!

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