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You might remember this spring I met up with a lady who had some quilts she was hoping to sell.  The lady was from New Hampton Iowa.  She acquired several quilts in an unusual way.

Sue’s husband, who has passed away, had an uncle that lived in town.  He never had any children.  The uncle’s mother lived in town and when she passed, they didn’t have an auction, the uncle and his wife simply moved into the house.  They lived there for years and eventually the uncle and his wife passed.  The executor of the will lived in Florida and didn’t want to deal with the estate so Sue’s husband ended up in charge.  Together Sue and her husband went through the house and prepped the contents of the house for an auction.  The things sold as did the house.

As they were doing one of the final walk through of the house Sue noticed a door and closet that no one had ever seen before.  In it were quilts.  The auction had already passed so Sue took the quilts home and put them in a trunk she owned.  The quilts stayed there.  Sue thinks either the uncle’s mother or the aunt’s mother made the quilts but she is not sure.

This is Sue on the left showing one of the quilts.  Sue’s husband has passed and she decided to down size and move to a smaller place.  She had an auction but felt the quilts wouldn’t sell well on an auction so she asked if I might sell them here on the blog for her.

It’s not something I want to do on a regular basis but I thought I could do it for Sue.  I personally saw these quilts and know them to be in pretty good condition.  These quilts have been handled very little and were stored the most of their days in a trunk.

Quilts will be sold as is.  If you have questions please contact Sue at this email address. schueth@windstream.net.   The prices listed were given to me by Sue.  At one time they took the quilts to a quilt appraiser in the Kolona, Iowa area and the prices she is asking are less than the value the appraiser put on them.

The some of the quilts are all lying out on a white sheet.  The sheet is not a border of the quilt.

If you want to purchase one of the quilts please list the name of the quilt and type sold.  I will forward your contact information onto Sue and you can work payment arrangements with her.  Also-  A $15 charge will be added to each purchase to help cover the shipping and insurance charges.  The package will be insured for the amount you pay.

First up is a crazy wool quilt.  It is 67″ x 79″.  Sue is asking $250.00.


Bright colored Trip Around the World.  86 3/4″ x 91″.  Sue is asking $300.00.  This is gorgeous and the colors really are that bright. SOLD


I really liked the white and pink quilt too.  This one has a small “rust” type stain.  It’s not big.   It is 79 1/2″ x 103″.  Sue is asking $250.00  SOLD


This one is older than the rest.  I’m guessing at one point the tan portion of the quilt was likely a green color and it’s faded.  The quilt is 63 3/4″ x 91″.  Sue calls this a Maple Leaf and is asking $50.00 for it. SOLD

I loved this one too.  It is another variation of Trip Around the world only the center is rectangular.  It is 79 1/2″ x 103″.  Sue is asking $250.00.  This is the same quilt that is shown in the picture of Sue at the beginning of the posts.  The true colors are closer to that.  In this photo, the quilt looks a little faded.


Last up is a Double Wedding Ring quilt.  It is 86 1/2″ x 99 1/2″.  Sue is asking $250.00 for it.


These were all hand quilted….all expertly pieced.

I don’t have the quilts at my home so it’s hard for me personally to answer any questions.

9 thoughts on “Quilts For Sale”

  1. I would like to purchase the trip around the world quilt and the pink and white quilt so those are both sold. I would also like the maple leaf quilt. I live in an area with zero antique shops and never find quilts when I travel.

  2. They are all lovely and I hope she gets them sold, its very nice of you to help her with this. I have a cedar chest full of family quilts and then a closet full of my own…..I should move them on or my kids will be left with the same issue. Good luck with the sale, the prices are really fair given the sizes and hand quilted

  3. What lovely quilts. I would give my right arm for that double wedding ring quilt, unfortunately I don’t have the funds to spend on it. Good luck to Sue, I hope she gets them sold.

  4. They’re all the more distinctive for being found after the sale. (Usually at estate sales there is So.Much.Stuff. that things don’t stand out.)

  5. Cheryl in Dallas


    How neat for you to help Sue sell these family quilts. With the death of so many relatives, including her husband, I am sure Sue could use a lot of support — and love — and it is wonderful for you to step up to lend a hand. I hope all the quilts sell to people who will appreciate the handwork of Sue’s forebears.

  6. What a blessing to get to see these beautiful quilts. They are truly heirlooms!
    You are a sweet lady, Jo, to do this for her.
    You take care.

  7. I would love the trip around the world and the wedding ring, but my cat is having surgery tomorrow for a maglinant tumor, and property taxes are due in a couple of months! They are truly beautiful quilt. Hope I get that good at quilting one day!

  8. Jo, I would like to purchase the double wedding ring quilt!!! I am so excited!!!! I have been hand quilting one for several years after I machine pieced it! I know how much work goes into these quilts and her quilt looks like there is a lot more quilting than my quilt! It was meant to be mine!!! I talked to my hubby and he said I should buy it! Thank you! This is my Christmas present!!!!

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