Quilts for Moore Oklahoma

Here are the last two quilts that I’ve finished up for Moore, Oklahoma.  These came from a blog reader as quilt tops.  I machine quilted them and bound them.  I was glad this one came with extra fabric for binding.  I don’t think I would have had fabric to match.

I used Maxi-Lock® Swirl – Variegated Thread 3,000 yds – #50 Lemon Chiffon thread for quilting it.  I used Pajama Quilter’s floral stipple pattern.


This star quilt I just used a tan thread and did a big loop design.  I found a good blue for the binding.  My non-sewing daughter Kalissa says that the binding should always be the darkest color in the quilt.  For this one I used binding that was a shade darker but it has a print to it that is the same color as the lighter blue sashing.

All of the quilts are now shipped and on their way to Oklahoma.  Let’s just hope we can get a month or two to pass before another tragedy hits.  I am always accepting quilt tops and will quilt them for you and ship them on to anywhere where tragedy strikes.  It is nice to get them in advance so I can work on them and have them ready to go when needed.

If you want to send a top or two you can contact me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

Thanks to all who have donated so far.  I feel honored that you trusted me with your quilt.  Today I am hooking up with Free Motion by the River.

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  1. Many hand make light work. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Makes me want to go shopping for a longarm and do this too. I still don;t know how you manage to get so much done! Do you sleep?

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