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I’ve told you before that my email is/was/will likely always be a mess. I lost one of my email accounts when Eli pulled the computer over last year and broke it. I had two other email accounts. We re-routed what we could to the account that is my personal email account and I jumped in full speed ahead on my blog email account. I had that account for some time but never used it as I intended. I tried to move anything I could to that account. For the most part, I’ve been doing okay with my joscountryjunction@gmail account (PLEASE use that if you are contacting me)…but the personal account, I’m not so good at.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been wading through that account trying to get more things moved to the blog email. It’s a mess. I need a secretary as I hate that kind of work. In the process, I’ve unearthed some emails from Cathy, a quilt finisher.

In an effort to get caught up with all things Cathy, I’m putting the quilts together in one blog post. Cathy doesn’t write much about the quilt pictures she sends me so it will be me sharing the information…

She was really busy and finished this big pile of quits…

What you might not know is that Cathy is (I believe) a cousin of Sandra from the Cresco Ladies quilting group. I know they are somehow related and cousin makes the most sense. Cathy is out on the east coast and Sandra is here in Iowa.

I often send quilt tops that Sandra and her group made out to Cathy to finish.

Cathy is in the need of backing fabric and batting. She loves solid colors for the backing so it you have any in your stash you’d be happy to part with, Cathy is your girl. You can find her info on the Quilting Donations page HERE. Cathy is #41.

Cathy wanted to thank Adele Aadland who sent her some backing fabric and batting. It was much appreciated.

Cathy also enjoys making tops herself. Here are two she finished…

Those are all the quilts I have from Cathy at this time. As you can see she does a nice job working with charity quilts. I can’t imagine if she and Sandra lived closer to each other what a force that would be!! Many thanks to Sandra and the Cresco Ladies for providing some of these tops!!

On a side note:
If you want to contact me…PLEASE use the joscountryjunction@gmail account. The quickest way to get a response from me is by leaving something in the comment section. The next best way is through this email account. I try really hard to work on this email account. My personal account, I only look at periodically. If you are a finisher and I haven’t featured your quilts on the blog and you emailed them to me, PLEASE resend the to the joscountryjunction@gmail account. This would be so helpful to me. THANKS.

5 thoughts on “Quilts for Cathy”

  1. I am so glad you mentioned that you have changed or are using a different email address most of the time. I have asked you a couple of times about the name of the quilt that Emmett and Eli are laying on in your Blog header, but haven’t received an answer. I know you are a very busy gal and am not upset. Just nice to understand why it wasn’t answered. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

    1. At the top of the page is Carver and he’s laying on the Texas Braid quilt. The other quilt is On the Bright Side. The best way to reach me is always reach me is here in the comment section.

      1. Ginny Andersen

        Thank you for responding. I don’t mean the quilts in the pictures when you go into a specific post. The quilt I was talking about is the one that Eli & Emmett are on in the picture below the “The latest from the blog” title.

  2. I like to imagine all the lucky people who will snuggle under these lovely quilts-hoping they have happy dreams.

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