Quilts and More…

Have you seen the newest issue of Quilts and More??  I got mine in the mail a week or so ago.  Mine didn’t come from the company…it came from Moda.

I couldn’t figure out why they were sending it me.  Then I notice a bookmark in the magazine…..

Then I saw the Moda Bake Shop ad….


Then I saw my logo!!


How fun is that??  If you have trouble finding an issue you can get a digital copy here.

5 thoughts on “Quilts and More…”

  1. I love to look at your quilting designs which make the quilt. Amazing that you are doing your designs freehand. You talk about the Maxi-Loc varigated thread you use….is this a 50wt cotton thread? I went to the web site you give but didn’t know what type of thread I am looking for.

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