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Have you seen the issue of Quilts and More on your news stand??

If you did you might have seen this quilt….(Photo courtesy of Quilt and More)

This little quilt has a story.  Back in early December the publishers at Quilts and More contacted us and asked if we would be interested in working on project for their Scrap Lab.  We had seen Scrap Lab before and thought it was pretty neat.  Two regular columnist and one guest designer all get the same precut and are asked to design a project with the it.  The designers can make bags, quilts or any type of project they want.

Do you remember mine and Kelli’s life back in December.  CRAZY!!!  Kelli still hadn’t seen the house she was moving into.  I still didn’t have a house to more into.  We were working as many hours as we could on the house.

The editors wanted us to do the project in January.  Both of us knew our lives would only be more crazy in January.  We likely wouldn’t have a sewing room together to sew.  Both of us decided if they could send us the fabric immediately, we would participate.  We could squeak in a day in December before the storm of life got worse much more easily than in January.

The editors were AWESOME to work with.  They overnight mailed the fabric to us.  The fabric is a Moda fabric line Fire and Ice Batiks.  The line just had a few colors in it.  I sorted and counted out the strips.  The rule was that any fabric that can be seen has to come from whatever fabric that was sent to us….Hmmmm.   We are not bag people.  We needed something fast.  It was going to have to be a quilt.  I pulled out enough fabric for the binding deciding it would have to be red.  Then I counted strips again.  I sat down at the computer thinking this has to be easy…this has to be quick!


I know that all of you are often in the same situation.  You want a quilt but it has to be easy and very quick.  This is your pattern.  Kelli and I had this sewn, quilted and bound in one day.  Both of us worked on it.  Kelli cut.  I sewed.  Kelli sewed.  I machine quilted.  She made a label.  I bound it and she prepped a box for shipping.

The jelly roll was at our house for three days total before it was ready to be sent out.  Most of that time was waiting to hear from them if the project was okay.  They try to get the designers to have all different projects.


We got the quilt back from them last week.  I am keeping this one in my stash.  I think the next baby boy that’s born is going to get this for a present.

Despite our self inflicted time challenge we actually had fun with this project.   We love any type of challenge.  It often makes us think and expand.  Thanks for including us in your feature Quilts and More….

They are offering a free pattern for this project.  You can find it here.

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