Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally

Hey all -welcome near and far from to our edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally.  If you’re new here we have LOTS of going on.  I am working on a graduation quilt that you can see here.  I just finished up a UFO that you can see here.  It’s kind of a fun coincidence that the quilt I finished I originally started quite awhile ago when the block was featured in Volume FIVE of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks.  Can you believe they are already on Volume 15!?

I’m working on another UFO that you check out this afternoon on the blog.  You got that right…morning blog posts AND afternoon blog posts happen here every day!  There is always something new and interesting to read here from stories of my childcare kids and the neighbor kids…to farming…to recipes…to repurposing projects…to our beagles…to the family….to book reviews…always something new and different.  Oops….I forgot to mention that we talk a lot about QUILTING!  We talk about UFO quilting on Wednesdays…charity quilting on Thursdays and more quilting on Monday and even other days of the week too.  I hope you bookmark us and come back and join us on another day.

For my faithful readers…no fear.  The UFO Progress edition will be happening here this afternoon….I did get another UFO quilt top finished so you’ll want to come back.

But now, onto the 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally.

If you’ve been following the entire tour you will know we’re about mid way through.  The tour started on Monday and will continue on through Friday.  Check out Quilty Pleasures, Quiltmaker’s blog, for all the details and the great giveaways that they have going on.  Speaking of giveaways, we have one going on here so you want to keep reading to the end of the post to learn more.

There are so many fun blocks being featured.  One of my favorite parts of the the fun event is getting advanced copies of the magazine.  I love going through and seeing what all of the designers have come up with.  They are all so creative.

Here is the big reveal of our block….Quiltmaker

It’s scrap friendly and that’s my favorite part.  I have plans to get a baby quilt made with these blocks.  I think I’d change up the coloring of the red “x”.

It’s hard to show scrappy blocks when I draw so imagine them the patterned blue.  Here’s blocks together ….

and here is could be in a very simple baby quilt.


It’s always hard to come up with a block that is unique of different.  Honestly, ladies have been quilting for YEARS and YEARS…how many different combos can there be.  That’s one of the reasons we have started to incorporate more and more string or scrap piecing in the projects we submit.  By adding the scrappy element, there’s a better chance it wasn’t done before.

Remember I said there’s a chance to win?  Well here’s the details on that.

TWO winners will be picked.  Winner ONE will recieve a copy of the 100 blocks issue AND a copy of our quilt book Country Girl Modern.  That will come directly from us.  The SECOND winner will come from Quiltmaker.  They will send out a copy of the the 100 blocks issue.

To be entered please leave a comment and tell us if you have ever attended a quilt retreat before.  We are hosting one here in our area at the beginning of August featuring Bonnie Hunter.  In conjunction with the retreat we  will be hosting a trunk show on August 4th that is open to the public.  We will be featuring Julie from Me and My Stitches and Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.  If you are in the Oelwein, Iowa area or want to road trip here, you are welcome to come.  Keep reading the blog to learn more about it…

Anyway to enter, comment away telling us if you attended a retreat before.  If you only comment and say, “cute block” or something similar, we don’t consider that a true entry.  If you comment and say, “no I haven’t been to a retreat.  Love your block”.  We consider that an entry.

Remember to stop back later today to see our regular Wednesday UFO progress report -Remember I did finish a top..you’ll want to see it!


271 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Tour Rally”

  1. I’ve never been to a quilt retreat, but the one you’re planning sounds wonderful.

    Love this block since it contains 9 patches and string piecing-my favorite things!

  2. I have not attended a retreat and the scrappy gal inside me LOVES your block. I did drive an hour and 45 minutes to attend a class by Bonnie Hunter, which was a mini retreat for me, I stayed overnight in the area, sewed in my hotel room, went out to dinner and a movie – she is a blast and information invaluable!

  3. Angela Bowling

    I love your block. I pretty much love all of your quilts. And I have never been to a quilt retreat. I have only been quilting for about a year and mostly all I do are blocks and wall hangings. But some day, I think I will be a quilter of bed size quilts.

  4. i love your block – a great way to use scraps!
    I’ve never been on a quilting retreat but I’d like to one day!

  5. Margaret Andrews

    I have attended several quilt retreats with our quilt guild…slept overnight at one in a lawn chair…and I really don’t recommend that sleeping arrangement. It is always fun to quilt with others. I love your block, especially the scrappy colors. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I have never been to a quilt retreat. Would be fun though. I did attend a weekend (with no sleeping over) at our local quilt shop with Helen Stubbings and Gail Pan. This was really great.

  7. Yes, I’ve attended quilt retreats before and love them. I look forward to attending one again in the future.

  8. Our guild sponsors a quilt retreat every January and i went to it once. I didn’t get alot done on my project but the best part was seeing all the creative projects of the other quilters.

  9. A group of 12 of us go to retreat twice a year in Montana. We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now!

  10. Yes, I have been on several quilt retreats! Now that I am retired, I am able to join my friends for 24/7 sewing…it’s wonderful! The nine patch is a classic – love your version…

  11. I’ve not done a retreat, only one day workshops. My husband is disabled and I would not leave him overnight. Would love to roadtrip with the hubby to the trunk show. We’re in Illinois so not that far. Love reading your blog. It’s one of my favorites.

  12. I’ve done many retreats, including the last one you had with Bonnie. I enjoy reading your blog every day and getting to know you. The block is adorable, too.

  13. I would LOVE to attend a quilt retreat! But my job, which features many weekend work days, has kept me away. Soon my time will be my own and I WILL sign up for a retreat then!!!

  14. Loriann Fish

    I attended my first retreat last spring in my hometown. I was able to stay with my parents and attend the trunk shows with my mom.

  15. I have never been to a quilt retreat but it does sound like a lot of fun. I like your block and think I may use it for a baby quilt I will be making soon. Thanks!

  16. I have never attended a quilt retreat, does sound interesting. Being away from home is difficult so I do not travel. I do like the 9 patch approach. Many things I can do with it.

  17. I’ve been on one quilting retreat to Lamoille NV. It was fall, hunting season, and many dear came down into the village where they were safe. Had a great time!!

  18. I’ve only ever been on one quilt retreat in 2015 I really enjoyed it and would love to go again

  19. I have never been to a retreat — I don’t believe many are held in my area. Do love your block and the fabrics you chose because they make the block so cheerful. Also love how it looks in the baby quilt version.

  20. I have been to quite a few retreats before and I really enjoy them, especially the mystery retreats. I really like your block and agree that it would definitely make a great baby quilt.

  21. Madeline Wallace

    Never been to a retreat, but would dearly love to go! I’m a scrapaholic, and a fan of Bonnie Hunter. Unfortunately, Virginia is where I live, and that’s too far from Iowa to see you!

  22. Becky Rabalais

    I have been to several quilt retreats, usually one a year. Love my time spent away from home sewing

  23. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how many responses that I just read above, that state they have not been to a retreat! I have been to several and LOVE them! Ladies, you have to sign yourself up for a retreat and plan on having a ball!

  24. No I have not been to a quilting retreat, they do sound like a lot of fun. My sister in law and I get together to sew, does that count as a retreat? I have a second and third sewing machine set up in my sewing room so that anybody who wants to come for a visit can sew as well.
    Thanks for giveaway.

  25. I have never been to a quilt retreat. I sure would love to go to one someday. Your block is really nice. I like it because I love nine square blocks! They remind me of the quilts my grandmother used to make. The string block addition really adds a lot to the rest of the block.

    Take care.

  26. I try and attend my quilt guilds annual retreat in the fall in Gladwin MI. I encourage everyone to go on one. It is great fun. Ours has lots of good food, shop hopping, and lots of time to hang with friend and quilt, quilt, quilt. Love it!

  27. Linda Christianson

    I have never gone to a retreat. It would be a big deal since I also have to find Adult-child care and money. I have joined the fun with a on line group, that were on curse by facebook and email. That was fun. I also have to have special lends and light since I lost part of my sight. I love scrappy quilts. I just finished one that was a lone star. Never again. Too busy. Bonnie Hunter does have some good color planning and using like you did like blue in one area and red in another helps make the block and quilt work together.

  28. Cindy Wienstroer

    No i have never gone a retreat – i either did not have the time off or money was tight. I enjoy reading about yours & Bonnie Hunter’s so enjoy them from afar. Thanks for the blog & chance.

  29. Sherry Whalen

    First of all – thank you for the chance to win! Second – yes, I usually attend a retreat at Ironwood Springs in Stewartville MN twice a year in late February and again in early November. So so so much fun. And third, best of all – I am coming to Oelwein to attend your reatreat! Can’t wait!

  30. Eleanor K Hunzinger

    Yes I have attended a retreat and enjoyed it very much. You gals are so talented and giving – keep up the good work. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks. Kay H

  31. No, I have never been on a retreat, but I do sew with friends occasionally. If I lived near you, I would come!

  32. Have never been to a retreat. Love the difficult look of the easy block. As is, would make a great baby quilt with the great colors and fabric.

  33. I have never been to a retreat before. It is on my bucket list to do one of these days though. I faithfully read your and Bonnie Hunter’s blogs daily. I love all the adventures you both do. I have learned so much from both of your blogs.

  34. I have never been to a quilt retreat, but i would sure love to! In the mountains, large log cabin with all the comforts of home with all my tools and stash and a new longarm, gorgeous views and hiking trails!

  35. Nicole Sender

    I have never been to a quilt retreat. I’d love to attend one! I like your scrappy approach to your block.

  36. I love quilt retreats. I have been to 6 of them and loved every one. They are such wonderful fun times with great people. Everyone comes to have a wonderful time and quilt their hearts out. Thanks for a chance to win.

  37. I have attended a few retreats ~ have come away with so many wonderful memories of each one! Getting to know the other stitchers and having fun; stitching into the wee hours; the food and snacks; and learning from each other are just some of the perks of going to a retreat. I need to google Oelwein and see how far from home it is – may have to make a road trip! Thanks for the chance to win the magazine.

  38. Yes! I’ve been to three quilt retreats! None with a “celebrity” but, learned from other quilters at each one. They are great fun and laughter and friends grow aplenty.

    Your block is Wonderful. With scraps aplenty, it is a Must Make!

  39. Cheryl Harts

    No, I never have gone to a quilting retreat, but it looks like great fun! I will have to plan to attend one sometime!
    I love seeing all of the fun quilts you come up with. This new block looks like a fun one to sew up too.

  40. I LOVE retreats! I have two different sewing groups that I retreat with, both of them are 4 times a year,, so about every other month I get to enjoy my friends, sewing, talking, quilting, wine, and food. I always learn something new,, cause someone always has a new project or something they have learned and shares with the rest of us. Love your blocks/quilts! thanks for sharing

  41. Judith Campo

    I’ve never been to one before. Our Project Linus Chapter has one scheduled for October that my Mom and I will be looking into attending.

  42. allison pogany

    Never been to a quilt retreat- maybe once the kids are out of the house?
    allisonpogany at gmail.com

  43. Never have been to a retreat but am getting excited about doing one in the future. Maybe the next time you have Bonnie Hunter out your way(I’m already on the list for notification).

  44. No, I’ve never been to one….I think I’d want to walk around and see what everyone was working on and who was there….not sure i’d get much done!

  45. I have never been to just a quilt retreat but I have been to a craft retreat where quilting has been offered for at least part of the time spent there. Nice block! I haven’t designed and submitted my own block ideas for fear that it’s already been taken and the headache that might cause but after reading your post I might take the leap.

  46. Hi :-). There is no chance to attend to any quilt retreat in my country / to my knowledge/, but I love to read Bonnie’s blog and now I’ve found yours / via Bloglovin/. Love your block and love to make quilts :-D!
    Greetings from Warsaw, Poland :-).

  47. Yes, our quilt guild sponsors two retreats every year. We have so much fun. It is a great way to meet so many of the members as we have a big guild. Plus we work on projects for the community as well as our own stuff. I do like your block. Those little red squares in the corner just seem to float.

  48. I’ve never been to a quilt retreat, but would like to sometime. I am so impressed with all the quilts you make. Your block is very nice!

  49. Yes, I have been to a retreat–would like to attend more!! I read your blog on a regular basis and enjoy your stories.

  50. I have been attending my local guild retreat for the past 7 or 8 years and have enjoyed each and every one of them. I always have several projects prepped and ready to sew. And someone in the guild will always have a “new something” to share. I wish I was closer to Iowa cause it would be awesome to attend your retreat and trunk show. And I love the scrappy blocks/quilts you and Kelli design. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. craftygramma

    I have never had the luxury of attending a quilt retreat. Really wish I could attend yours. Love your stuff!

  52. kathy pfaltzgraff

    I don’t remember attending a retreat,but I have attended several conferences and worked with teachers there. Glad to hear about your upcoming quilt show. Kathy in colo;

  53. I have not had the pleasure of attending a retreat. I am employed full-time and my budget doesn’t include things like vacation or retreats, right now.

  54. I’ve never done a quilting retreat. Closest thing I’ve ever done is a quilt guild show 2 classes in two days. Cheaper(a little)than the retreats around here.

  55. Every year I go to a special retreat in Panguitch, Utah. It is called Quilt Walk. It has a wonderful story behind it. I say every year but this year will only be my 3rd year. I love it. I take classes from Wednesday to Saturday and meet up with a dear friend. It’s mostly the only time we see each other during the year. We live at opposite ends of the state. I love your blog and your block. You are very inspiring to me. You do so much. Keep up the great work you do.

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