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It’s that time of year again….time for the tour of the 100 blocks that made it into Quiltmaker’s 100 Block issue.  This is Volume 14 and it should be hitting your new stand soon.  You can read more about the magazine and find the bloggers that are featured by following this link.

This is always a fun.  The magazine is full of 100 12″ blocks designed by a wide range of designers from editors at Quiltmaker, to pattern designers, to bloggers, to fabric designers.  We’re always excited to included in the who is who of quilting.   You can read more about the magazine and find the bloggers that are featured by following this link.  There’s a chance to sign up win prizes there too.

For me I love to check out Bonnie Hunter’s block.  It’s often a clue of block she’ll be using in an upcoming quilt.   You’ll have to follow along over the next week to get your own peak at her block.

Here is our block…

We love designing a block that would make a nice Quilt of Valor quilt block.  Over the years we often design something in red, white and blue for that very reason.  This block would look great side by side in a simple 6 x 7 setting.


I sure think it would be a fun quilt!!  It’s on my someday list.  I’m sorry I can’t make the red part look like string blocks…you’ll have to image that.  Regardless I think it would make a great Quilt of Valor.

If you ever decide to give out block a try we’d love to see it.

We do have a couple of issues of 100 blocks to give away.  One will come directly from Quiltmaker…the other will come with us and will be autographed.

Leave a comment here in the comment section answering the question have you ever donated a quilt whether it be to a veteran and a program like Quilt of Valor, or to a nursing home resident, benefit or the like.  We have a great charity project here on our blog.  You can read about it here.

We’ll pick two winners next week…. the 1st winner we pick will get a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks AND an American Patchwork and Quilting Calendar that we have a quilt featured in.

APQ 2017 Calendar and Pattern Booklet

Here’s our quilt.


If you missed it, we have a few for sale in our shop that you can access here.

Don’t forget to comment…

233 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Tour”

  1. Your block is very nice! Yes, I donate quilts to the NICU and also work on as part of our quilting group – quilts for our local Habitat for Humanity and Care and Share auction.

  2. Your block is a great design. Yes, I’ve made several charity quilts over the years to all ages through our Quilt Guild sponsorship and my local quilt store. Thanks!

  3. I love your block as it is different and would give each quilt a different look even if you made the same quilt over and over again–
    yes I have done quilts for Valor, seniors and baby charitys–
    right now my biggest charity item is knitted baby sweaters–that is my take along for the ride project—
    love and laughter, di

  4. I belong to a number of local quilt guilds and we make quilts all year round to donate. I generally do the binding, but sometimes do a whole quilt. One of the groups gives you a birthday gift if you bring in a quilt to donate during you birth month! It’s fun. One of our groups has a member who is turning 100 this year. She does all her quilting by hand and makes many quilts for QOV. It’s her favorite charity. I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend time at her house helping her hand quilt some. Lucky me!

  5. I’ve made one quilt of valor and worked on two others with two different quilting bees. I’ve made multiple quilts that went to local nursing homes, and also multiple preemie blankets that went to local hospitals. I’ve made a Quilt for Pulse, and I’ve made multiple blocks for Covered in Love (Kat and Cat Quilts) and for do. Good Stitches online charity bee.

  6. Oh yes. I make a veteran’s quilt every year for our local VA hospital and make hospice quilts often. I love community service.

  7. I have! The quilt guild that I am a member of has a cuddle quilt program. They give quilts to all different organisations.

  8. Margaret Andrews

    I have donated several quilts and am now working on baby quilts for an home for unwed mothers. It is so much fun to make a bright soft quilt that you know will be loved by someone. Thank you so much for sharing your block and your talent.

  9. Linda Christianson

    I have given to project Linus and foster care children. I love string quilt ideas, but never enough for one big quilt.

  10. Love your block! I always buy the 100 block magazines; fun to see the ideas. I have made five Quilts of Valor. I think it is an honor to make them.

  11. I’ve organized a group quilt effort to make a quilt for a ministry to the military. One quilt is done and delivered and the other needs quilted yet.

  12. Awesome block! I love the use of strings in there to add so much interest.
    I have made two QOV quilts and I have quilted many for our guild. We just had a wonderful ceremony giving them to local veterans. Thank you for the sweet giveaways!

  13. Yes, I have donated a quilt to a nursing home resident and our local group is just starting to make quilts for our Community Outreach Program.

  14. I like to give to the abused women shelters both pillowcases and lap quilts. This year i gave fleece blankets and quilts to the local foster care organization. Two of my nieces and 2 nephews were adopted from foster care. This was my give back. Plus I got quilts & blankets made for Project Linus.

    There are lots of good charities to donate to locally if quilters just inquire around.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. sorry to say I have not ever donated a quilt, but i work full time and have not made that many quilts yet. My family is still begging for quilts, i am sure when I retire I will enjoy doing quilts to donate Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Hi Jo :)

    I’m part of a guild that likes to focus on donations, and this year and last, I’ve made quilts that are part of the Salvation Army’s Bear and Quilt drive. Basically, you pick a bear, dress it up, and then give it away with a small quilt either to fit the child or the bear.

  17. I’m part of a guild that does baby quilts for the local Pregnancy Care Center for our service project. We’re also making blocks to give to the speaker at our Christmas luncheon for Quilts of Valor quilts.

  18. Elizabeth McDonald

    Yes, I have donated children’s quilts to overseas orphanages. I worked with a bunch of great ladies in Margaretville NY making quilts for each of the beds in our local nursing home, too.

  19. Yes I have made a lot of quilts for charity. I belong to a quilting group at our church and we give away about 150-200 quilts a year. We just gave out 23 quilts to our veterans and their widows in our church. I also make pocket prayer quilts that we hand out. Love to give away quilts.

  20. I have not donated to an organization, but have given away some baby quilts. I also used to work in a neonatal unit and for awhile made some cute mini crib sheets and burp cloths that we used at work.

  21. I’ve done charity blocks and quilts in the past but have recently finished my first two QOV tops which are waiting to be quilted. My plan is to link up with our local American Legion post and have them suggest the recipients. You’re right, your block would be great for a QOV!

  22. I’ve made two quilts for Stash Builder Box that chooses a different charity every quarter. I want to do more next year. Thanks for chance at winning magazine. If I don’t I’ll just HC to go buy❣️❣️❣️

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