Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour Volume #7

Hello faithful readers and new friends…thanks for stopping by.  You have come across one of the busiest week’s here on the blog.  Last Friday we had a project featured on Moda Bake Shop (You might want to check out that post as we have a give-away going on)…this week it is Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour and coming later this week is the “Between Heaven and Texas” blog hop.  That’s okay, we are used to being busy around here…with five kids and a farmer husband, it’s always busy around here.

My daughter Kelli and I are so excited about being featured in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume #7.  If don’t know much about Kelli and I,  let me tell you a few things.  Kelli is the oldest of our five kids and my partner in crime (I mean design).  Both of us have beagle dogs.  Mine is Ruby who is only 7 months old but recently gave us a health scare that required surgery.  Kelli’s beagle is Puppy-cat.  They hang out together while Kelli and I sew.

Way back in the Fall we submitted a block on a whim and Quiltmaker accepted it.  Then they emailed and asked that we make the block into a quilt which had us scrambling again.  I do much of the designing.  Kelli does the majority of the sewing and I am the machine quilter and binder.  We love how our quilt turned out.   It showcases neutrals.  All of the reds in the block are the same and all of the blues in the block are the same.  The scrappy comes with the neutrals.  All of the neutrals in the block are different.


We were in such a big hurry to send the quilt in that we forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt but that’s okay….you can see it featured in the front of the magazine on page 14.


Quiltmaker also provided a great layout for the block.


You will want to check out Quilty Pleasure’s blog each day through May 3rd to see a listing of all the blogs you can visit for a preview of the designers block and a chance to sign up to win a copy of the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume #7.

I hope you’ll stop by again.  Kelli and I blog each and every day.  There is always something fresh and new going on.  Each Tuesday we “Try it on Tuesday”, reviewing and often giving away products and books related to quilting and crafting (we are giving away the book “Pieced Hexies” this week).  We are trying really hard to finish a project each week and feature them as our Friday Finish.  To stay up to date feel free to follow us on Facebook…we love hanging out with all of you…in fact we are starting to do that in person.  I’ve been doing trunk shows and teaching how to make my crumb quilt.

Getting a chance to work with all the people at Quiltmaker has been a real joy.  They are so patient to us newbies.

To have a chance to win a copy of the magazine, tell us if you have a dog.  We’d love to read a bunch of pet stories….

471 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour Volume #7”

  1. I am the proud owner of two Doxies and one Jack Russell – they do keep me on my toes. I have quilts all over my chairs, sofas and love seats to keep them nice for company.

    Love the red, white and blue block/quilt. Love that they give different layouts for each of the blocks. Some of us have a hard time picturing a block in different settings.

  2. Bonnie Coleman

    Love doggies!! Have had many thru the years & lost them to the many roads surrounding my house! Currently have a cat named Maximus who rules around here! Love your block, especially in the reds & blues with the dark cream. Reminds me of Civil War type quilts….my favorite!

  3. Love the block with the patriotic colors and the scrappy background. Congratulations on having your first block in Quiltmaker!

  4. Marguerite Guinn

    I have 2 dogs who love to run free in our very rural neighborhood. Their favorite activity is to try to catch the school bus every morning!

  5. I have never posted on a blog before. Nothing like starting something new. My shih-tzu’s name is Fleur – French for flower. I am a retired language teacher who loves to garden! Last night, Fleur found an orphaned baby bunny in my garden and proceeded to ‘play’ with it. Luckily we found it in time to rescue it.
    Of course, the iris block is my favourite!

  6. Do I have a dog?
    Nope…..I’ve got a buddy.
    Puddy is my buddy. ;)
    He’s a yorkie. He thinks he’s a Great Dane.

  7. I have a Jack-a-poo named Boomer. I love him because he’s not too hyper like I see jack Russels on TV.

  8. Ellen Jackowski

    My family has two dogs, Atreides and Helo. They are both black lab mixes who love to shed, particularly at this time of the year. As for their unique names, my husband is a fan of Dune, and I am a big fan of the Battlestar Galactica re-make.

  9. I have five dogs! One of them is a beagle–Rosey. She too required some surgery a year and half or so ago. She gets into things the other dogs don’t..I think her sense of smell is keener! She was being dogsat at my sister in laws and ate some unknown item…had to have surgery to remove it and the vet couldn’t even figure out what it was!

  10. We have three Border Collies, working dogs on our ranch. They are our best friends and invaluable when working cattle but also like to nap in my sewing room when I get some time in there!

  11. I have a Shih Tzu. She has a couple of her own quilts made out of leftovers. She loves to snuggle up on & in quilts & we call her the “quilt-tester” because she has to sit all over them while I’m sewing the handwork! Whenever I make a quilt for someone, if they had a doggie or kitty, I make a small quilt out of some of the matching scraps. Everyone loves them! Nice block & congrats on being in the magazine!

  12. Where do I begin??
    I have 6 dogs……….3 English Redtick Coonhounds (guess you could say they are the hubbies but I love them too) 2 mini dachshunds – red male, chocolate and tan female, and one English Mastiff weighing in at 185 pounds!! I just lost my female Rottie to cancer and miss her terribly.
    Love my babies!!
    Love YOUR babies too!!

  13. Oooh, I love poochie stories, too! We have a 14 1/2 year old English Springer Spaniel named Pepper. She’s deaf and doesn’t climb steps like she used to. In fact, within the past month she’s just started wearing doggie diapers. :( But they work well! I just never knew I’d be washing a dog’s diaper in my machine EVERY day!! She definitely still captures my heart!

  14. We have a 10 year old schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix) named Marley. I can’t imagine a day without a dog. While Ruby is roaming the fields with you each morning Marley is running through the canyons or the beach where we live. Dogs bring so much joy!!

  15. Laura Peterson

    Hi Iowa girls!

    You scored a homerun with this block! I absolutely love it!

    I’m sitting on the couch using our laptop with an elderly minpin on either side of me. I adopted Max and Zena from a kill shelter almost two years ago. They had always been together, and the wonderful staff at this shelter managed to keep them alive for two months, but their time was running out. I had just had my 59th birthday and was feeling a little sorry for myself, when I saw their picture and knew they were meant to come home with me.

    The picture of the two of you and the dogs is too cute. Ruby looks so demure while I’m convinced Puppy-cat is cooking up some mischief!

  16. Love your block with the scrappy neutrals, traditional, but not quite!
    I have a unusually large(not fat!) chocolate lab named Potus (President of the United States) and he certainly rules this roost! And yet he can really be quite pathetic at times as well. That’s why we love them, isn’t it?!

  17. I have a 7 year old long haired Daushound and everyday he provides me with laughs. He thinks he is the boss. I love dogs and They always make a place more like a home.

  18. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Congrats on getting a block in the magazine! What an accomplishment!

    I used to have a Scottish Terrier, but when she passed away, hubby said no more.” So I don’t have any pets any more. I love reading about your pups, though!

  19. Jinnine Pearce

    Sorry no dogs here. I grew up in a family that loves dogs and always had one or two around. My husband was attacked as a child by a dog so we haven’t gone there. I really enjoy visiting friends who quilt and have dogs I can enjoy.

  20. I have two dogs currently. Missie and Tank. Don’t let their names fool you! Tanks is a Fox-Pinscher (fox terrier, miniature pinscher) mix and weighs in at about 9 pounds. Missie what I call a PALS, pitt akita lab shepherd. She is the guardian of the family. They both love quilts and will share them with the humans and cats, when they have to.

  21. Thanks for a chance to win! We currently have 2 dogs after losing our most beloved Nugget last July. Coalie and Lolita have several of their own quilts made with the crumbs left from 2-leggers’ quilts I’ve made. Sweet Coalie was an abused dog whose original owners were prosecuted for what they did to him. He’s shy and scared but he knows he is now loved and he loves wholeheartedly in return. He’s a big, black Newfie baby. Lolita was originally our neighbor’s dog who wandered over for a visit and never left. We love that she has chosen us to be her family! She’s a black and white Smooth Fox Terrier.

  22. I don’t have a dog, but I do have a new kitty named Domino. She’s a Tuxedo Cat but she doesn’t have lots of white on her legs and paws. She has white just on her toes, so her name is Domino. (A more quilty name would have been Thimbles.)

  23. How fun to be working with your daughter on something you both love. I have a lovable red bone coon hound. Sadie is a rescue and brings me so much joy. We are so fortunate to have found her

  24. Thanks for the chance to win. I work too much right now to have any little friends in the house but look forward to the time when I will be able to have them around again

  25. Like the combination of red and blue with the neutrals in your block. Need to try that one.
    Have kept up with Ruby since you got her. Worried about her when she was sick. Puppycat is one cute beagle too.

  26. I love red, white and blue fabrics. I love to make table runners and this would be great in one. Sorry, I’m allergic to cats AND dogs but I love them both.

  27. I have a 6 year old Italian Greyhound and Sheltie mix. His name is Trouble and he is absolutely one of a kind. You couldn’t ask for a better companion.

  28. What a fabulous block! I don’t have any pets… maybe we’ll get an outdoor dog once we move to an acreage. :)

  29. I love your beagles! I have a 12 year old Black & White Cocker Spaniel rescue, Maggie Mae. She is very devoted to her pack-leader and is so much company! Your blocks are great & I love the idea of the neutrals being various prints.

  30. First of all I don’t own my dogs but they own me. I know that sounds funny but they pretty much run the house. I have a four year old puggle named Jasmine Valentine Puggles Linder and I also have a rat terrier and was told she is a chihuahua when we got her. Her name is Prissy Bitty Linder and she is two years old. We love our dogs so much.
    I would love to win a copy of the magazine also.

  31. I love how the block looks as a whole quilt. I’m going to have to add it to my list of have to make right after your latest crib quilt patterns.
    Our farm dog Effie is an Australian Blue Heeler. Her instinct to herd is so strong that she was trying to herd the barn cats when she was just a little puppy. They were bigger than she was!
    Glad to read that Gracie is back to health again.

  32. No dog…used to have a Yorkie when the kids were at home but now I am not home enough to be able to care for one. Great block!

  33. Sorry no pets at my house. I am not an animal person and neither is my husband. Loved the quilt you made with your block. My local quilt guild is focusing on Quilts of Valor this year and your quilt would be a perfect quilt for that project.

  34. Yes, I do have a dog…but shhhhhhhh…..he thinks he is a human. :-) Murphy is a 9 year old sheltie, but he is huge for his bread and most people mistake him for a collie. He likes to lay under the cutting table in the sewing room.

  35. I have a very territorial cat, but luckily for me I can dog-sit a few times a year for one of my quilt guild members who has a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. I just love that dog, it’s so sweet. Besides my cat I’m too sickly to get a dog full time, but I sure wish you could rent them for a day!

  36. I have a very territorial cat, but luckily for me I can dog-sit a few times a year for one of my quilt guild members who has a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. I just love that dog, it’s so sweet.

  37. Lynette Wilson

    I love the block and the quilt. I would never have thought of making the neutral scrappy while using one red and one blue.
    I love dogs and have had them in the past, but right now we have a cat named Allie that would be most unhappy if a dog joined the family.

  38. I don’t have a dog of my own, but I am on very friendly terms with my neighbor’s 3 rescue dogs. When they see me out, they run to the fence for rubs behind their ears and on their bellies.

  39. We have a one year old shitsu, Pom cross that we love to pieces. They bring so much joy into our life. I love your block. Can hardly wait to get this magazine.

  40. No dogs right now, we had a rescue dog until recently. She had been shot in the head by her owner and had a number of health problems as a result but we happy to get to live out her days on a little farm.

  41. Sorry, no dog, but three very furry kitties that come when you call them like a dog would and they meet you at the door when coming home from work. Love the quit block, beautiful!

  42. We have an Old English Sheepdog whose name is Annie. She is 11 years old and spoiled rotten, of course. She is our second OES, they are great loving dogs and do not shed. As I write this post she is in bed with my husband, her master.

  43. Sorry, I don’t have a dog now; I live in a CCRC. I had one as a teenager and used to tell her all my complaints. I’d love a chance to win the magazine anyway.

  44. No dogs or pets. We kept asking our parents if we could have a dog, but they just said “you have lots of brothers and sisters. Take one of them for a walk.”

  45. Karen Ledbetter

    We have a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh corgi, named Mollie Meghan Maelona. Her name means Little Pearl Princess, or so we understand. Most of the time we just call her the BunBun because she has the cutest little bunny tail. I grew up with dogs and can’t imagine life without one. I enjoy seeing your dogs with the quilts.

  46. No dogs, but our best friends have 2. We get regular puppy kisses from the female. The male leans against your leg when he wants you to pet him.

  47. I don’t have a dog now, but have had several in my lifetime. My favorite dog was PooBear. I had him for 12 years and loved him like one of my children. I swore I would never have another dog, but along came Georgia Rebecca. Had her for 12 years also; also loved her to pieces. All I have left is two cats – they are getting old also, but I love them all.

  48. My husband and I have a 12-1/2 yr. old beagle who acts like and has the energy of a 2 yr. old beagle. As a pup, our daughter chose her name: Flash–and I guess she thinks she has to live up to the name!

  49. DH and I are true dog lovers. In our 44 yrs together, we have always had a dog ‘child’. Right now we have 2 mini daschunds named Lady and Freckles. They are silver dapples and go almost everywhere with us.

  50. No dog — used to house-sit for a bunch of them. Now I have 3 cats with very different “personalities”. And all of them know how to chew me out if they don’t have what they want. Usually that would be attention. ;-)

  51. I have a short haired mini daschaund named Amber. Her fur is how she got her name, it is gorgeous in the sunshine. Love your block.

  52. We are dog people here on “Baird Mountain”! We have always had at least one dog and they are a member of our family! We currently are parents of a Boston Terrier named Roxie who stays inside with her kitty brother, Jax. We also have a Giant Schnauzer/Anatolian Shepherd mix and 4 Great Pyrenees who stay outside with our goats and sheep! Love our critters very much!

  53. We lost our almost 19 year old Pomeranian a couple of years ago, and my husband has not agreed to another one. This is the first time in my life that I can remember not having a pet.

  54. I have Hazel, named for her hazel eyes, adopted from North Shore Animal League, in New York. She’s a chocolate lab/terrier mix, and sits near me when I sew, and brings her ball often. When it’s time to take a break, she comes and nudges me. She’s been photographed on a few of my quilts, and I love trying to get her in the picture. I am so glad to hear that Ruby’s better.

  55. We have a 13 year old ‘mutt’ that won’t let people out of there vehicles, if we are not home, but is as lovable as can be. Deep down I’m a cat purson, as there are 2 in our house!

  56. I don’t have a dog, but would like one. I grew up with cats and had to put my 19-year-old fur baby to sleep several years ago.

  57. I love stars and yours is great. I like the result you get with the neutrals being scrappy.
    It would be lovely to win the magazine to have the pattern on hand.

  58. We live in the country and have had several dogs. One of our dogs must have had a tough mouth because he pulled up one of my rose bushes I had just planted the day before!

  59. We do have 2 dogs! A very spoiled and aging chocolate lab that belongs to my husband and a deaf and partially sighted catahoula that I rescued. Great block!

  60. I am a Poodle girl. My current baby is a red Toy Poodle named Lucy. She loves to sleep under the covers at night.

  61. I am the proud owner of a black lab-mix named Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, chosen by my Soldier husband. He originally wanted to name her Nike (the Greek goddess of victory and the first female named Air Defense rocket), but I just couldn’t see myself shouting after her and having the neighbors wonder if I’d lost my marbles … and my shoes!

  62. I have two dogs.Toby a basset/beagle mix, and Isabelle a beagle/black and tan mix. They bring me so much joy. I love watching them chase each other and nap together. They also lay by me when I am sewing and play with the fabric that falls on the floor.

  63. Janine Huisjen

    No dog now, but when I was a kid I had a terrior mix named Peggy. I liked to call her Peggy Sue–must have been influenced by Buddy Holly.

  64. No I do not have a dog right now. However, my first “son” was a wonderful, goofy black Labrador retriever who loved to swim!

  65. Not right now – we did up until a year ago; he was 13 years old and had cancer. We’re at the point where we’re searching for the right companion again.

  66. I have two dogs Scruffy and Lucy. They are so darn cute and they can tell time too. They tell me at 6am and 5pm that it is time for cookies. They do try at other times but so far have been unsuccessful.

  67. Lovely quilt. When I was little we had a dog. If you put a towel over his head he would not move until you took it off. I think he was afraid to move. As little kids I remember that being highly amusing.

  68. Rhonda Desgranges

    Love your block. So glad that Ruby is recovering, and doing fine. We have a little Yorkie
    named Gobble. She is 10 years old. We found out this week, that she has diabetes. She now takes insulin once a day. She takes the same as I do. Like mother, like daughter!


  69. Great block especially like it set in the dark background. My love of my life right now is a rescue Bichon from one of our local rescue units. Found out this is the 3rd home he has been in and I get to be the lucky one to have him until he leaves this world. Sadly he had to leave his last family because the owner has Alzheimers. An excellent little man for his age of 11yrs, but has severe cataracts that has progressed since he came to live with me in July 2012. He’s a happy little guy and very well behaved. I’m a very lucky lady to have him! Congratulations on your block having been chosen.

  70. No dog (yet, plan on getting a greyhound once I retire) but I do have a cat that fetches and another than rolls over for belly rubs.

  71. Beverly Caldwell

    Do I have a dog?? Well, yes. One Doxie, “Trip” (and he is that), a yellow Lab, “Cotton” (he was white as a pup), and a Shih Tzu, “Hercules” (he thinks he can whip anything). What would our lives be like without our pets.

  72. Love your puppies!
    I have a four year old American Water Spaniel (not the Portuguese Water Dog that lives in the White House). Imagine a medium sized brown spazzy dog, with a chocolate lab face, cocker spaniel ears, an Irish setter tail, curly hair, and a Tasmanian Devil grin when she goes berserker dog and runs like crazy. She eats everything that falls to the floor so she can’t help me with quilting. Her name is Dee Dee. I love her to pieces and she definitely is able to use mind control to get me to do what she wants. Congratulations on getting your block in the magazine.

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