Quilting with Kelli and Puppy

Kelli was home to finish machine quilting her latest quilt.
Here, it’s all quilted and now it’s time to bind.  The pattern is Miss Rosies Drum Beat pattern.  It was probably the biggest quilt that she has done to date….quilt an accomplishment!  I’d have loved to take better photos but we were quite distracted by her her new little puppy….
Between potty breaks, cleaning up accidents, and Kelli running out of caffiene free diet Mountain Dew it was quite an undertaking….Yes…her puppy is a beagle…my favorite breed of dog.  Our beagle, Gracie, spent most of the day wrestling with her puppy.  So far, the official name of “puppy” is still undecided.  It was supposed to be Tootsie, then Baby, then Penny but now they call it Puppy Cat….yes….Puppy Cat (it’s not a typo…Puppy Cat.).  I hope she is better at naming children if the time ever comes….

 I’m having trouble deciding what’s the cutest, the quilt, Kelli or Puppy Cat.

2 thoughts on “Quilting with Kelli and Puppy”

  1. what a beautiful quilt made by your daughter. that slate blue and tan is a timeless treasure! :)

    so what name stuck – puppy cat?

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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