Quilting with Kalissa

Our youngest daughter, Kalissa, has told me time and time again that sewing  just isn’t her thing.  I’ve not pushed her at all…she tried it and hasn’t been interested.

Sunday we were suppose to have family Christmas here with the kids but the weather threatened and we didn’t risk it.  Craig, Kalissa’s boyfriend, and Karl were busy playing x-box.  Hubby was taking a nap so it was up to me to entertain Kalissa.  On a complete and TOTAL whim I said to her, “hey do you remember that quilt top you made when you were in about 4th grade?”  I said, “It’s still here.  Why don’t I help you quilt it”.  No eye rolling-no objections..just a yes!!

A short while later she was quilting her quilt.


Then she called Craig up and even made him give the quilting machine a try.


She was a trooper and did a great job learning lots as she went along.   She wrote her name in the border.  Can you believe that she made the quilt about 8 years ago??  My baby can make UFO’s that’s for sure!!


Here she is so excited that the quilt is off the frame.


She wasn’t too happy when I reminded her that the quilt still needed a binding…but she was a trooper and sewed that down too.  (Thankfully my machine  had an adjustment to make it slow down.)


The quilt is finished and she is HAPPY!!


She was so happy that she even had to call her friend to come over and see her quilt…


All this was pretty scary for me…this is my non sewing daughter!!  Then…after all that, she really surprised me by saying, “Hey let’s sew some more’.  Before I knew it, she had these 5 scrappy blocks made.


I don’t know what changed her..if she was just in a good mood or if it was wearing pajamas all day or what- but I just might have another quilter in the family…I’m not holding my breath but it sure was fun even if it was only for one day.

Spending time with family reminds me that I do want to take care of me here.  I want to be there for grand kids too!

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  1. Love it Kalissa! You can come over and have a sleep over in the girls’ room and fit right in! Now I know where the scraps came from for their quilts! GREAT JOB!!!

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