Quilting With..(for) Kelli

Lastnight after college classes Kelli rushed home to quilt the citrus quilt she made.  She ran in with an arm load of books, bags and laptop thinking that quilting her quilt top would only take an hour or so.  With papers loaming, deadlines drawing close and a quilt that needed to be finished for the weekend wedding she was attending, I quickly knew, I would be the one doing the quilting.


She had left the top and backing fabric here when she was home for Thanksgiving so I had already pieced the back together for her.  I quilted a larger angled quilting design on it and it was done in about 2.5 hours.  I ended up binding it for her too…in her defense, she made supper while I did that.  It turned out really nice and I think it will make a great wedding present.  You can bop over to Kelli’s blog  later today and check out the whole quilt….

While we were working on the quilt, our fourteen year old daugther was downstairs making eclairs…yes eclairs.  She had made them in her foods class at school and had so much fun, she wanted to make them again so we could test them out.   Needless to say, it was worth breaking a diet for.  The next time she makes them, I’ll get a photo so you can see how wonderful they are.

I stayed up late trying to catch up on my mystery quilt pattern from Quiltville……thinking I was doing great as I was half finished with part two and had part three finished cut out only to wake up and find that part four is posted.  Hopefully I will get a lot of sewing done tonight and get onto part three.  It’s fun and definately not to late to join.

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  1. I love your quilts, you are very gifted! Do you selll them online somewhere? Would you ever consider swapping some of your work for other things you want/need?
    There are a lot of like-minded gals on swapmamas.com , a lot of us hand-make things, too. If you happen to come check it out, look me up!

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