Quilting Review: Magnetic Seam Guide

As most of you know, I have an Amazon affiliate.  That means if I put a link in a blog post and you follow it to Amazon and buy the item, Amazon pays me a tiny amount as a commission on the sale.  You don’t pay more for the item.  I also have a link in the right-hand column to Amazon.  If you use that link to take you to Amazon, anything you buy from there are items that I get commission on as well.

I love it.  I typically let the commission money accumulate and buy something that I wouldn’t otherwise afford…like last year I bought new scooters for the childcare kiddos.

Here is Georgie riding one of them.

I recently splurged and bought three new 7″ Morgan Hoops for cross stitch.  Now I can have one in each project that I am working on and not have to find the hoop every time I want to switch projects.

All of that was bought with commission money Amazon gave to me from the commission on things that you have bought through my links.  Thank you.  I very much appreciate it.

With the program, I can see what was bought, but I can’t see who bought it.  Recently as I was looking at the account, I saw that someone had bought this.  I’m guessing they used the link on the right sidebar on the blog and bought this as I have not recommended this.

I ended up looking up the product and decided to give it a try.  It is… a Magnetic Seam Guide.

I have two main machines so I bought it in a set that contained more than one.  This was $12ish and included the magnets and the rulers.

I decided to try it out.  To do that I put the needed through the hole at 1/4″.

You can see my foot is just a bit narrower than 1/4″.  I’ve known that and have always “guesstimated” the line I need to be stitching at.

After the needle is in the 1/4″ hole, I pushed the magnet tight against the ruler.  The magnet is SUPER strong and it’s hard to move it once in place.

You can see the small gap between the foot and the magnet.  The magnet is at the actual seam allowance.

I gave it a try and really liked it.

Of course, it took running a few pieces through to really appreciate and get used to it, but now, I really like it.

From there I tried it out on my Singer 15-91.  Typically I don’t piece a lot on this.  Mostly just string and crumb piecing.

I did the same thing to get it in place.

I am really enjoying this seam guide.  It’s just great.

I know some of you are curious so I’m including links to them in this post.  HERE is the link to the ones I bought.  There are other ways to buy so there are fewer magnets or without the ruler.  You can check them out and see if there is a different one that meets your needs HERE.

I want to give a big shout-out to whoever bought this from Amazon through my link.  I would have never known about it had you not done that.  Now, I can enjoy it too.  If there is a sewing gadget or gizmo that you use and love please mention it in the comments.  I don’t get to classes or retreats and am often out of the loop.  I’d love to learn about them!!

22 thoughts on “Quilting Review: Magnetic Seam Guide”

  1. Hi Jo
    Is it ok to use on computerised machines? I’ve heard you shouldn’t use magnetic things on a computerised machine, a pity as I’ve seen this kind of thing before only your one looks much better.
    Enjoy reading your posts.

    1. I have a computerized Bernina 440. I wrote to Bernina and asked if I could use a magnet and they said it was okay to use.

  2. Jo, I’ve wondered if I use your link and put item “a” in my cart but don’t check out that day and then three days later add item “b” to my cart (and “b” is not through your link) and check out do you still get a commission on item “a”? I know that’s a long scenario but I was just wondering.

    1. I would assume that since you put the things in your cart when you were on the link, Jo should still get credit no matter how long it has been in the cart. Tha link doesn’t change.

  3. this was just the email info that I so needed. My machines are 1 really old Kenmore with the “cams” and an old Viking Husqvarna with “cams”. They have both had good going over by sewing machine techs quite recently. The shaft that has the needle in it does not line (align) up with the feet to properly guage seam allowances. the measurements on the sole plate mean nothing at this point. I have been thinking about whether I really want to buy another something that may or may not be a solution. THEN here comes Jo with a recommendation for a magnetic gide. THANK YOU X’S A MILLION.i HAVE ALREADY ORDERED THE SAME ONE YOU RECOMMENDED.
    Now for a recommendation for a car alarm.

  4. I bought a set of these in July while living in NY. I really liked them. And yes from what I read you do have to be careful with computerized machines. Just keep them on the plate- not stuck to another part of the mach. Mine were buy two for $6.00.

  5. Thank you for your blog

    I have been using my seam guide & a magnet for a year and have and found that for certain projects they are really helpful. After trying 2 or 3 my favorite magnet guide is a red sewing machine shaped one with a low profile. You asked about some of our favorite helpful gadgets: silicone open rings that easily slip onto any of my spools to keep the thread from unraveling, silicone pincher clips that easily slip in & out of my bobbins to keep the thread from unraveling when they are not in a box (much easier then the plastic clips, especially when you have arthritis), 2 types of inexpensive stainless steel thread snips that are the bomb by UCEC—one has pointed tips & a dozen is only costs $12 and the other has blunt tips with a thread lifter feature on one tip—12 for $5.50…..they are very sharp & easy to use—I even use the sharp point ones to snip fabric, especially around curves—you may think that 12 is a lot, but I have them on my cutting/designing area, both sewing areas, by my wash machine, and one in my butt bag that I carry everywhere, and having extras to with other sewists & crafters is an added bonus and joy. Lastly I have tried many ironing mat options, but then about a year ago I discovered my favorite which is a cricut ironing pad with a piece of ironing board fabric overlaid on top—they make different sizes, but I have found that the small 12×12” one works with most projects and is easily portable, however I just splurged on a 16×20” that was on sale for larger projects. Lastly, Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers are an inexpensive and great tool for marking your fabric, however make sure that they are the Ultra-Clean kind…..Frixion pens by pilot work well, too but are much more expensive—even when you get them marked down after the rush for school year supplies is over.

    Thanks for listening—I hope that something I have shared is helpful, please let me know if you want more details/links, or pics.

  6. My mom had a rectangular-shaped magnet for her old Singer machine many years ago – I loved using it! It really helped guide the fabric through accurately, especially when I was a youthful stitcher! I have thought about trying to find one many times, but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea for my computerized Pfaff. I think I’ll check it out with the company and see… thanks!

  7. Sandra Bogoniewski

    I’ve wondered about those magnets before. I’m curious if the hole in the ruler is wide enough that butting it up against the needle would give me the elusive scant quarter inch!

    1. There are many measurements on the ruler. One is the scant quarter. The other is the full quarter along with others. I’m on the scant 1/4

  8. Jo, I have the same machine as you. If you look up Janome accessories, you will find presser feet to fit your Pfaff 1200, they have a 1/4 inch foot to fit.

  9. Your honesty is spot on! Yes, you make a small profit, and here is what you bought! Thank you for sharing! I ordered the magnet – I really need help with my quarter-inch – and now I feel like I got a two-fer. (Two for the price of one), since I know I am helping your grandkids just a little bit too. You are such a wonderful person!! And I love reading about the mail you receive – especially all the quilts and where they will go. Again, you are wonderful! Thank you for being you, for sharing, and for all the caring – and for the great suggestions!! Keep up the good work!

  10. I ordered the same one you showed. I got it but when it’s right next to the foot it’s sitting on the one feed dog and then wouldn’t stay in place. Did you have any problems? Hugs,

    1. Oh no Sandi. My machine isn’t made that way. You’ll likely have to return it. I never thought that feed dogs would be over that far.

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