Quilting Motif: Hook and Point

Over a month ago I showed you the Hook and Bump edge to edge quilting motif that I often use.  Today I’m going to show you the hook and point.

Here is the quilt that did the design on….

This is a simple quilt.  It’s charm square only.  When my neighbor girl was living across the street from me she often came over and sewed with me.  One of the quickest ways to teach someone to make a quilt is to grab charm packs and start sewing.

I had cut some 5″ squares from my fabric and one day when she was at my house we sewed.  I sewed the same thing she was so she didn’t think it was just a beginner project.

Here is a closer picture where you can see the quilting motif.

I call it the hook and point.

Here is the Youtube video I did of me explaining how to do the quilting.

Since my first video I filmed at the machine, I have tried to film two other videos and both had something wrong.  I was ready to give up.  When I loaded this quilt I decided I’d try one more time and everything worked.  YAHOO!!

It’s a relatively easy motif to do once you get the rhythm of it.  I used a variegated thread on the top that went from yellow to an orange and white thread on the back.

I have totally been in a “use it up mood”.

The white polka dot and the orange are leftover from previous quilts.  The other print is something a blog reader sent.

I put a yellow binding on this from my stash.  Yes, I sacrificed a lovely yellow polka dot for this.  Polka dots are my favorite and I hate using them up…

but…this quilt needed them!

This quilt has been a UFO for quite a while…two years maybe.  I would have added it to my Dirty Dozen UFO list but I didn’t remember I had it.  I found it when I was cleaning the sewing room.  It was sandwiched between two other flimsy quilt tops.

A blog reader asked about my neighbor girl.  She moved this summer.  I haven’t seen her since.  She’s older now and has Facebook so occasionally I message and check in on her but, it’s not the same.  I hope she knows that she is always welcome here and my house is always a safe house.  I will always fondly remember the time spent with her.

This quilt will be donated at some point when a need arises.

Just an FYI:  I will be putting links to the Quilting Motif videos in the tutorial section on the right-hand side of this page.

8 thoughts on “Quilting Motif: Hook and Point”

  1. Very nice video. You explained everything so well and slow enough to get the hang of it. And lots of actual stitching.
    Excellent. You are a good teacher.

  2. I have been wondering myself about the neighbor girl. Thanks for the update. I love the quilt, someone will cherish it.

  3. Surprise!! Another UFO??? I’m chuckling because the same thing happened to me when I was rooting around the sewing room for something after I got my longarm. At least YOU remembered making the quilt top! A friend had to remind me of when I made the one I found. Sigh…

  4. Betty from Canada

    You said you would always remember your neighbour girl, she will always remember you too for all the fun things you did together.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I enjoyed the book and point video. Glad to know Neighbor girl is ok. There’s some about using a last piece of well loved material, knowing you might not ever get it’s like again. As soon as .my sewing center is back to organized I’ll be back to making quilts. In the putting things away I have found so many things I don’t remember ever seeing before. Weird!! is the only word for it.

  6. Nice to have an update on neighbor girl. That quilt is so charming! Always wonderful to see how simple squares can look so good. Thanks for the tutorial on the quilting! Might I make a suggestion? When you are using the whiteboard if you could film from the opposite side of the back of your hand (the side where you are holding the pen) we might see the motif better. I think we might see the design take shape more than waiting till your hand moved out of the way. I’m going to need to practice this design as it looks like a great overall design. I already do what you call the hook and bump. :)

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