Quilting Goals for 2020

For the last few years I’ve started making a list of goals to focus on for the upcoming year.  Yesterday I told you how I did on last year’s list.  Today I’m going to tell you about my new list for 2020.

1-Make a baby quilt for Kayla’s baby.
I have a plan-ish.  As requested it will be like Caver and Gannon’s.  This needs to get started and worked on FULL SPEED AHEAD.  Baby is due January 17th.  I do know I’m changing up the color scheme a bit for her.

2-Make Buck’s baby a quilt.
Again, I have a plan-ish.  Nothing was requested but being most of the other grandkids have crumb style quilts, I thought I’d make one for this baby too.

3-Work on small projects for me for decorating.  I’d like to make a couple table toppers and make a few small projects like my pincushions.

I love small projects for the instant gratification.

4-My goal is to get caught up on machine quilting.
I really want to finish my Block of the Months

and the double wedding ring quilt.

….the others too but these I really-really want finished.

My main goal was really is to not leave any new quilts in the upcoming year.

5-I want to start… the black and white striped recycled shirt quilt that I’ve been collecting shirts for.  The quilt is in this book…(catch the blog post here if you missed it)

This is the quilt….

This is on my list for this year…and was on the list for last year.

6-  Another quilt I wanted to make Bonnie Hunter’s Oregon or Bust quilt.  I want mine in blues and oranges….just like the one below.  This is Mary’s from Country Threads.

This is on my list for this year…and was on the list for last year.

I am determined to finish #5 and #6 this year.  They were on my list last year.  IT IS TIME!!

7-I want to completely finish Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt right away–

8-I want to finish my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  Can you believe I had this back in 2012 and thought I was going to finish it then?  I’ll be honest, this might have been a bit of an ambitious quilt for me a the time…It’s still waiting and calling my name.  Seriously this is was overdue to tackle too!

..and my Garlic Knots quilt.  Both are UFOs right now.  I did pull Garlic Knots in early December and got about 20 or so blocks done then it got set aside again.  The goal, pick it back up again.  It wasn’t a loss of interest, it was deadline projects that got in the way.

I’m relatively sure both of these quilts are quilts I’ve like to keep.  That’s why I don’t tackle them.  Actually all of the quilts I wrote about in this post are quilts I’d like to keep.  When I make baby, wedding, and graduation quilts, I get pulled further away from these projects.  I’m sure you all can relate.

9-Keep at the sewing room and don’t let it get out of hand!!  This could probably be done if I quit buying shirts!!  AHH…In the recent two weeks I have done some better…but I want stay this current.  It so hard.  The thrift store announces a bag sale which is 10 shirts for $5 and it’s like the pull of a magnet and I have to go!!  Ah…the cheapskate in me wins!!

I also need to process things and put them away as they come to my house and not let them pile up.

10-Stay on my fabric diet.  As before thrifted or auction fabric is all “legal”.  It’s also legal to buy something to finish a quilt.  I do want to make a goal to use up more of my backing fabric and not buy other.  I’m sometimes too picky about backing fabric.  I want it to match more than it really needs to.  Is anyone else that way??

This year I’m making a number 11.  I haven’t done that in the past..but there’s so much I do want to do.

11-PLAY.  I want to play with all the bonus triangles and scraps.  I have a ton of bonus triangles I want to use as many up as I can.  That means I always want to have a project in the mix that is using something up…

Doesn’t that sound delightful!!  It sure does to me.

I’m hoping this is a good year on the quilting front.  I’m excited to start a fresh year with a few fresh goals.

As for publication quilts…I’ll submit if something strikes me fancy, but if I don’t, that’s okay too.  I want a carefree year of sewing.

Remember I said last year that there was a thing on Facebook that said “the first three words you find in the puzzle are your words of the year”?  Well there was another one of those.  This time the three words were:  Gratitude, Strength and Breakthrough.  I was encouraged to see the word “breakthrough”.  I don’t hold a lot of faith in these silly things but if “breakthrough” was true, I’m hoping it’s a breakthrough on finding out where my returned cancer is.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. I bought the book “Parallel Lines” back when you mentioned it on the blog. But that is as far as I have gotten with it. Other than collecting some striped fabric of course.

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