Quilter’s Station Retreat

You all might remember I had plans to go to the Quilter’s Station Retreat in early September. Those plans fell through after I found out that my cancer had moved to my spine and appointments got in the way of the retreat.

It was one of those cases I couldn’t get my money back…bummer. But, in return, I got the kits from the projects that were presented at the retreat. I eagerly awaited the box with the kits and was so excited when it came. I had been a pretty good girl and hadn’t been looking a lot online to see the designs.

My box came last Saturday and I dug in right away…So quickly that I forgot to take a picture first!

I was excited about all of the designers that were going to be in attendance but I was most excited about Alma from Blackbird Designs. I grabbed that kit to check out first. Oh…I really loved it.

I have a friend that I had planned to go to the retreat with. Sadly, she ended up with a medical thing and I ended up with a medical thing so neither one of us could go. She hasn’t gotten her kits yet. When she does, I’m going to suggest we stitch the small pillow together. Right now with our medical stuff we are two birds of a feather dealing with doctor appointments and the topsy turvey life of uncertainty. It would be fun to stitch it together as a reminder that neither one of us is in this alone. We have each other and even more friends cheering us on!

I was going to go kit it up…but, it’s already kitted. YAHOO!!

The next designer I was excited about too. It is Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery. I’ve stitched a few of her things and admired MANY of her things. This is a cute little patriotic kit. I was a little confused that the pattern was so fat.

Later I saw that the cover photo wasn’t really complete. The pattern includes four designs. There is the one you see on the cover PLUS the three you see in the picture below. So FUN!! As cute as they are, I don’t think I’ll be stitching these. If someone wants to buy the kit from me for $50, I’m okay with that. The kit includes everything you see in the photo above, including finishing supplies and thread keep, and all of the charts you see below. You can contact me at joscountryjunction@gmail.com.

The next kit is from Lady Dot Creates…She is a trim company. At first, I was very confused by the kit but then started paging through the instructions and figured the kit out. It’s for a needle book. I’m excited to be making it!! I love the fabric and colors. SO CUTE!!

There was another designer with a kit. It was Chessie and Me. This is for a cute little Christmas pillow. The linen and floss are all included along with the chart and a notepad. I haven’t investigated this one all the way yet to check out the linen and everything. It’s a cute chart though!!

Loosely in the box were these three flosses. I’m not sure if they are to something or an added extra. If someone was at the retreat, please chime in and let me know if these blog to a kit or were an added bonus.

They also sent a mug with the Quilter’s Station info on it.

I’m likely the goodies but am a little sad I missed out on the fun. Meeting people and hanging out is always the most fun part!!

Maybe I’ll try to go to a big retreat next year. Who knows?? For now, my life is too topsy-turvey to plan much of anything. I’m okay with that. In the meantime, I have plenty of things to stitch. HA!!

9 thoughts on “Quilter’s Station Retreat”

  1. How fun to receive those kits!! So nice that the items were sent to you and kitted too! I’m sorry you missed going, but maybe another time. It is fun to meet with others doing the same things.

  2. I think the threads go with the Heartstring sampler. You might check your other kits but that was the only kit that did not have threads ready for stitching. Also there is not enough linen in the kit to do all 4 things. You can do the large piece and one small or the three smalls.
    I do remember the threads being handed out, just not sure.
    Good luck

  3. Plans change whether we like it or not. To at least they sent you some goodies. Take care of yourself please. Praying for you and your friend

  4. retreat in a shipping box!! I am so glad you received the goodies from the retreat. Sorry to say the second entry is gobbledy gook again,

  5. What beautiful kits! I haven’t been to a cross stitch retreat and didn’t realize this was part of at least some of them.

  6. I am so glad you received all the stitching kits that were at the retreat. I know it doesn’t completely make up for the fellowship of the event but life does that to us sometimes. Take care and know that prayers are continuing for you.

  7. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go but thrilled you have the kits to help you keep your mind on stitching rather than wondering off into the what ifs!!!
    Take care and know prayers are heading your way.

  8. I love that design The Sweet Birds Sing. I have searched everywhere and the only thing I found was that it was a design at this retreat you missed. Do you happen to have any idea where it is available or if it is even available at all? Somehow I guess it was available at your missed retreat but otherwise no go.

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