Quilter’s Garden Shop Tour

Today both of my college girls were home so we ventured north to Cresco, Iowa, where we visited the quilt shop, Quilter’s Garden.  Here’s a little shop tour for you!
The shop is small but still is filled with LOTS of samples.

They have a neat block of the month quilt that was offered in two different color ways.  Here is the light version….

and here is the dark version.

I think if she has a block of the month for next year, I am going to seriously think about doing it.

The above quilt is a cute 30’s print quilt.  Each of the inside squares of the blocks have a saying on them.

There is a lot of fabric considering how small the shop is.
In the next photo, the star quilt caught my eye….stars seem to be a favorite of mine.

And now a photo of what I went hunting for…..KONA Cottons!

Remember my big debate last week?…I was looking for ideas on a narrow border for this quilt.  After reading all of your advice, I picked a color but, I’m not telling which one yet.  You’ll have to come back and see whose advice I took… the yellow, the teal, the green, the purple, the pink or the white….You just might be surprised.

The last thing I saw in the quilt shop was this little candle mat.
After talking with the shop owner, I found out that my second cousin made and designed it.  Apparently she has started designing patterns!  I only see my cousin a couple times a year so this is a new development for me….I can’t wait to talk to her about it at our family gathering in August.  Maybe I’ll talk her into donating a pattern and we’ll do a little give away…who doesn’t love a give away. 

If you are ever in NE Iowa, take time to stop at Quilter’s Garden in Cresco.  It’s one of the most friendly shops I have ever been to.  If you want more information you can look it up on their Facebook page.

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  1. Took a detour from a shop hop this past Thursday to visit this store. Did you know Quilter’s Garden is expanding into the building next door? I was told the move should be finished before the state wide shop hop in June. Can’t wait to see it!

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