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…I am the quilter looking for advice.  Advice on how to complete this…
This is Lily Pads, an Atkinson Design pattern.  I picked up the fabric as a kit about a year ago.  I didn’t like the quilt it was cut for but the kit was cut in fat quarters so I just thought I’d use the fabric for something else which I am FINALLY doing.  The quilt is suppose to be 85 x99 finished.  I have plenty of fabric for outer border(I hate that it’s a directional fabirc but I think I’ll tinker with it so all of the fabric borders go in one direction..I want to use it up.)  The fabric is shown in the lower corner of the picture. 

What I need is some advice on is the inner border.  I was thinking  a solid pinkish color to match what’s in the quilt.  My daughter says no mom…and then accused me of picking a color close to red just because red is my favorite color.  She wasn’t a lot of help.

I thought about skipping the inner border but I think the quilt needs something to make it POP!  I am not a big fan of borders and it’s okay if the quilt was smaller but I think it needs something.  It’s looking a bit plain to me.

I already have the backing.  It’s a big multicolored polka dot. 

So advise away….let me know what this quilt needs…don’t forget binding suggestions too!

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  1. If pink is definitely out of the questions, they go for either the aqua or the green. Aqua is “the” color this year so they say. Very cute quilt–very cheerful.

  2. I think the border fabric is busy enough that you need something to separate it from the inner part of the quilt. I agree that a turquoise one would be beautiful. If you didn’t want to do a border, what if you did a fabric flange that went over the edge of your border. Do you know what I mean about a flange? If not, let me know. I have a photo of one on my blog. I wondered what prairie points would look like around the outside edges in lieu of a binding. Could be really cute (but a lot of work unless you have one of those prairie point tools)–It would kind of go with the theme of the quilt. A thought!

  3. Not to be difficult and go against your daughter, but I’d really like a pink inner border for this too – the kind of pink that’s in the third block of the second row… And then pick up the bright green or the turquoise in the binding? Just suggestions… Look forward to seeing what you do!

  4. What great work you have done. I’m in agreement with the turquoise…I really think it would make it pop. I would make it the same width as the small squares. For the outer border, all you need to do is mitre the corners and then the directional problem is gone!

  5. Hi, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest purple. From your picture I can see splashes of purple but it almost seems to get lost with the turquoise, greens and pinks. It’s hard to tell where all the purple is in the quilt but I think the purple inner border will make it pop wherever it is. Just a thought! Very nice work :)

  6. Just had to tell you I love your quilt and noticed the book. I bought that book and have done at least 4 of the quilts in it and plan to do a couple more. The directions are so clear and easy to read….I would do a sunny yellow for a very tiny 1 inch border and then add the fabric you are showing. Good luck your fabric choices are already great in the quilt itself.

  7. I am not really a pink person myself but I agree that I would choose pink…not dark like rasberry but something lighter. If the recipient is not a pink person I suggest blue or even light yellow. I would not choose green because there is already a lot in the quilt. Great cheerful summer colors!

  8. Barbara in Mississippi

    The block colors are bright so a soft color for an inner border would allow the eyes to rest. Border fabric could be like a stripe from border to edge of quilt, but small about 1/2 the width of a block – again just to allow the eyes to rest from busy border fabric.

  9. I think I would use a strong blue, not a turquoise. That would make it a stop border and that is what you need. It is a lovely quilt and I hope I get to see it finished.

  10. I was taught that the color of your border determines the color of your quilt. Going by that, since you have a multicolor border, then the color you choose for the inner border will be the color of your quilt. So you just have to determine whether you want it to be a pink quilt, or blue quilt, or green quilt, etc. Does that make sense? :-)

  11. I think using a green fabric to match the green in the blocks would look good. I agree with your daughter not a fan of using pink fabric. Also, like the turquoise option. Good Luck you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices as long as the color matches the quilt.

  12. I think I would pick my favorite color from the border fabric (mine being the blue), use it for an inner border and the binding. I love the quilt.

  13. I love all of the suggestions, but I haven’t heard yellow yet. My first inclination was turquoise, but I thought it might blend in too much with the outer border. I think yellow would make it pop. Any color is going to be beautiful. I love your work Jo and look forward to your daily blog.

  14. Whew – no one said what I would suggest – a wide white! You could introduce a narrow color between 2 strips of white, but … it’s a lovely quilt, and I see white! Good luck with all the suggestions – it’s hard to decide, but a neat quilt!

  15. I think you could choose any color that is already in the quilt. I am partial to the pink, lime green, or turquoise! It will be exciting to see what you decide! The quilt is totally cute!

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