Quilt Tops Looking for a Finisher

I have a treat for you today… I have lots of quilt tops that are looking for a home.  Anyone is allowed to request tops and finish them.  The only requirement is that they MUST be donated to a fundraiser or charitable group or someone in need.  You also are asked to send photos of the finished quilts back to me along with a few sentences about the quilt and where it was donated.  The people who make the tops love to see where their quilts were donated to.  If you quilt with a guild or group, you can also request the tops.  You can request anywhere from 1-5 tops if you are new to working with us.  If you need supplies to finish the quilts, I will work to provide that.  You are also welcome to add borders if you need the quilts to be a specific size.  Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a note at rogjok@iowatelecom.net if you are interested.

The first tops came from Bonnie.

This is a nice log cabin quilt I really like the setting.

This one used some of the same yellow prints fabric.  These logs are smaller and more scrappy.

The pink quilt is a pretty strip-style quilt.

Here’s another log cabin.  This one has yellow centers and is such a fun eclectic bunch of fabrics.  I always say my scrap quilts are like a museum display of all of the fabrics I have recently used.

The next bunch of quilts are from the Cresco Ladies.  Sandra and a couple of other ladies in the group were by and dropped them off.

I’ve looked at this one several times trying to figure out if there was a block layout or scrappy square sewn together.  Then I finally go it.  It’s two 3 1/2″ square sew together and then a 6 1/2″ rectangle sewn to it.  Ah.  Now I feel better I figured it out.

Here is another of the same quilt pattern.

These colors blend so nicely.

I’ve never seen such big bow tie blocks…fun.

Some little boy will love this one… I love the Spidermans on the diagonal.

This one is small and all ocean-themed.

This one is all space and star-themed.

This was so fun.  I love the dolphin print in the center.

This was a panel print…quick and easy.

There were five other quilts included.  These were all packaged with backing fabric included.  I didn’t want to untie them and tie them all back up again.  We’ll have to see them when they are finished.

I got quilt tops in from Barb in Denver too.  This was cat-themed…

See the kitty in the picture below??  This was a creative way to use a border print.  I typically stay away from them.

This was a fun posey in the center of the pretty floral print.

The last one I have to share is a cat quilt.  See the black cats with whiskers?

I pulled this one out and will finish it.  I’ll donate it to the local benefit the animal shelter puts on.  I think their benefit is in the fall so sometime between now and then, I’ll finish it.  I always keep my eye open for cat and dog quilt tops to finish and donate to that fundraiser.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent quilt tops.  If anyone is interested in finishing any of them, please let me know.  I’ll package some up and get them sent out to you.

9 thoughts on “Quilt Tops Looking for a Finisher”

  1. Hi Jo, I know you’re overwhelmed and doing an “all-call” is such a good way to handle getting finishers for these lovely quilts. I need to check around in my area to see what kinds of quilts are needed before I take on any myself though. Hang in there!

  2. What a lovely collection of quilt tops, Jo! I dropped you an email, as I am still working on a Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilt Drive on my blog. Anything close to 60 x 80 inch quilt fits the parameters for the effort and I’d be happy to add a few more quilts to the collection for donation.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I am a quilter recently retired from my long career; I have a long arm and a large stash, so I think I have what I need to volunteer to finish some quilts. I’m well stocked at the moment with backing and batting, so wouldn’t need any supplies.

  4. Hi Jo, I finally got my longarm, so I have 3, almost 4, that you sent me ready to photograph, I just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures yet. They are all on the smaller side, and of mature type fabrics, so they will get donated to the local assisted living center down the street from me, for lap/wheelchair blankets. I don’t have much yardage for borders or backing available, just lots of smaller scraps, so if you need a taker for the bundles, I’m your gal. I’m open to accepting donations, if anyone is actively destashing. Everything is appreciated!! I’ll get number 4 done and photos of them all back to you later this week! Thanks ever so much!

  5. Patricia M Seager

    rather than finish the quilts I would like to send you 2 tops. I plan to send a donation to be used for batting/backing. May I send the tops to you?

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