Quilt Tops from Sharon

I got a great note from Ray the other day.  He was so excited to get a box of quilt tops from blog reader Sharon.  Ray does a great job of taking inventory and sharing the photos with me.  Today, I’m sharing them all with you…

Ray writes:
I got a nice box in the mail today from Sharon J, in Hatfield, AR. In it were seven beautiful quilts. of a variety of sizes and colors and patterns. A feast to my eyes.


The first quilt was a star quilt with lots of pink and the cutest little owls. This one will make some little girl’s day much happier. It measures 35 x 46 and could be used as a baby blanket.

The next one was made with …

granny squares in an exciting variety of colors that are set off with white sashing. It is a bit bigger at 44 x 44.

The next one in the box was a stunning quilt in pink, yellow and green. Lots and lots of HST’s in this quilt. Definitely destined for a girl and lots of love. It measures 66 x 66.


The next quilt has the brightest border. and we all know that I love borders on quilts. I love all the sampler patterns in the quilt and then all the exciting borders that were added to it. That is an exciting quilt, It measures 64 x 68.

The next quilt has love written all over it. I love the sophistication of the red, white, and black. There is even some sheet music fabric included for that special moment. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. This one is 72 x 86.

The next quilt reminds me of fall with the darker, richer colors. I have no idea as to the pattern but it is most soothing. It is 60 x 72.

The last quilt is a beautiful, vintage log cabin quilt. The way the blocks were designed and then how they were laid out make this one eye-catching. It is a nice size at 48 x 48.

Thank you so much Sharon for sending the quilt tops to me. Your love of quilting shows in the excellent piecing that you did. This will be donated locally and cherished for years to come.

A big shout out to Sharon for sending tops directly to Ray.  He will frost those quilt tops and put even more beauty into them.  I’m so excited to see them finished!!

10 thoughts on “Quilt Tops from Sharon”

  1. All the quilt tops are lovely and I am sure whoever is fortunate to receive one of these finished quilts will certainly have a treasure to enjoy and keep warm.

  2. Sharon, you did a wonderful job with these quilts – someone will love these for a very very long time, and Ray, I’ve seen your work so I know your machine quilting will be beautiful!
    Love and prayers

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