Quilt Tops From Cresco Ladies

Sandra and a few of her cohorts stopped by with quilt tops.  I think those gals have so much fun.  I live half an hour away from them so they often make some plans when they come.  On this day they came around lunchtime and made plans to stop and go out to eat on the way home.  FUN.  I’m so glad they all got vaccinated and can get back to enjoying what they love, hanging out together.

Onto the tops Sandra and crew brought…

Sandra said they have been on a push to use up orphan blocks and UFOs that have come their way.  I’m guessing this one started from leftover nine-patch blocks.

…and even more nine-patch blocks.

String blocks.  The gals often get string blocks passed their way.

…another string.

This has gotten to be a popular pattern with the gals…

Here’s another nine-patch.

This one started from the center block that was donated to me and then passed on to the Cresco gals.

This one was a floral explosion.  I love florals in quilts.

Many of the quilts in this batch were smaller.

More orphan blocks finding a home.

This one was pretty…A simple design with awesome colors!!

I loved this one!

Nine-patches again!!

Check out this one with the applique flower.

Here is a Christmas themed one.  This will go to my friend who makes laprobes for the VA.

More nine-patches again…I’m love nine patches.  It’s one of the most universal blocks.

This on came from batiks leftovers.  If I remember correctly, they came from donations sent to me.

Here’s a sampler quilt.

This one is a bright and colorful.

I belive this one came from an orphan block that was sent to me too.  I love seeing what the ladies do with them.

Oh, I like this design.  This is a great pattern to use a large print like in the center of these blocks.

Here’s another orphan block top.

Next up are two medallion style tops.

Here is another top that makes good use of larger prints.  Imagine the red part as a large print.

I’m not sure but am wondering if this might be one of those 3-yard quilts.  It looks like it might be.

…and to wrap up the bunch, another nine-patch.

The post maybe should have be titled “ode to the nine-patch”.  In all seriousness, isn’t a nine-patch just the best block?

I know for me, it’s always a “go-to” block.

Thanks so much ladies.  I loved seeing all you completed.

I’m looking for finishers?  Is anyone interested?  Drop me a note at rogjok@iowatelecom.net and I’ll send some your way.

8 thoughts on “Quilt Tops From Cresco Ladies”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Congratulations to the Cresco Ladies for pushing through and getting these tops done! You all deserve a day out and fun. Loved the color combinations especially the various medallion quilts. Thanks Jo for the . Quilt show :

    1. Anita L Jackson

      Great Finishes! I always say a finished quilt is Way Better than a work in progress! Kudos to the Cresco Gals!

  2. Karin A Callander

    I don’t want to be greedy, so I will certainly wait my turn, but if no one claims these, I will be happy to finish them up if you have any extra yardage for backings. I really have nothing suitable in style or length. All items should be sent to our FL address please. Thank you!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Love the string quilts! The Cresco ladies do wonderful creations with orphan blocks, yardage, scraps or whatever comes their way! Thanks ladies ——-and Jo for showcasing their latest ones.

  4. Those amazing Cresco ladies! They do wonders with what they are given. They are very creative and makes very lovely quilts. I have no idea how many ladies that do all this work, but they are blessed with their ability to make something out of a little. Keep up the good work ladies!!

  5. The Cresco Ladies have great imaginations to make such lovely quilts from orphan fabrics and blocks. I am going to try a string block as theirs looked great! I am wondering what the name of the medallion or quilt square is on the sampler quilt.

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