Quilt Tops Anyone??

The Cresco Ladies have been busy. With summer here the finishers aren’t as busy so that means I have quilt tops here that need homes.

The ladies brought some a couple of weeks ago and I immediately sent some out to finishers but there were a few left that need homes. Then last Wednesday they came again and dropped off more. I was told that several of the quilts in the new bunch are Christmas quilts.

Here are the bags they delivered in the first trip…

As I was pulling the quilts out and sorting I took a few pictures… The ladies have been making a lot that is kid-friendly which is PERFECT. There is a big demand for kid-friendly quilts.

These scrappy ones are great for almost anyone. The colors are so neutral. If you want to make it more kid-friendly, a kiddish backing can be added. If it needs to go to a nursing home, the appropriate fabric can be added to the backing for that as well. If a top needs to be larger, more borders can be added to it.

Wonder Woman made her way into this quilt top.

Snoopy made an appearance…

Toy Story fabric was used for the center of these blocks.

I think a lot of the kid novelty prints came from me. I was thrifting with my daughter Kayla and found a lot of novelty prints. I bought them thinking I would love them but then I knew they really should go to the Cresco Ladies so they put together some quilts for kids. I wish I could get lucky and find more prints for them again.

I love the butterfly fabric in the top below. So cute. What’s not to love with this quilt top?

The ladies ended up bringing more quilts tops. As I said, Sandra said they had a Christmas-themed quilt sew day and the ladies worked on Christmas tops.

Here are the three bags the brought. I have more tops here. All need a finisher. Is anyone interested in finishing some of the tops?

If you are send me an email to joscountryjunction@gmail.com. Sending an email is the only way I will respond to you. Don’t send me a message on Messenger. Don’t leave a comment on this blog post.

In the message please say what size or type of quilt tops you are interested in and how many. Also, include your full name and address. If I get a note from you, I will ship you some quilt tops.

In return, you are asked to finish the tops, take pictures of them and write a little bit about each quilt top. You are also asked to tell us where you donated the quilt tops too. That information all gets sent back to the same email. I will put that together into a blog post so it can be published.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for providing all of these tops.

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  1. Those ladies are so busy and very productive. I’m thinking about taking some quilts, but I will send an email to you when I make the decision. I first need to figure out where I could donate them.

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