Quilt Square Quilt Along with the Country Threads Gals

Wednesday I made a quick trip over to Country Threads.  While I was there, I was greeted by this….


It’s a big display about the Quilt Square Quilt Along along with a write up about my blog.  How cool is that?

All of the gals at the shop are quilting along.  I don’t know who made which blocks but I really like them all.  This red, white and blue one is wonderful….but then I like all things patriotic.


Here’s a batik version…


I don’t always think of aqua and brown but I like this one too.


I love the soft colors of this one too.  Who ever made this one had time to get her’s quilted too.


I am continually amazed by all the variations that can happen in just one block.  I can’t wait to see what you call come up with.

So how are you coming along on your block?  Remember if you don’t have a blog, and want to share your photo send your photo to me here at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  See you all back here on Monday for the Quilt Square Quilt Along.

8 thoughts on “Quilt Square Quilt Along with the Country Threads Gals”

  1. There are some fun and beautiful variations…it amazes me too, how one block can have sooo many different “personalites”. =)
    Is this paper-pieced?


  2. I would be sooo excited if I were you! A whole display about your quilt along!! I’m excited and I’m in a different country!! So fun!
    Anyway…if I settle down enough here I should be able to finish my block by Monday for the linky party.

  3. I found you on Facebook and “LIKE”‘d you. It will be easier for me to keep up. You have a very interesting blog. I grew up in Iowa. I sent my picture of the Quilt Along block today, I hope you got it. I’m looking forward for the parade of blocks. Thanks for a fun time.

  4. I re-sent my picture to your email address. I’m hoping you got it this time. Is there some way you can tell me if you did. I so hope so. Sorry I was late in the day getting back to you but today is our 20th wedding anniversary and we were gone all day enjoying the day. Thanks

  5. Do you have a post with all the links of others who have made this quilt square? I found it once and now I can’t find it again. I finished the first one and now I am lost as to where to link in.


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