Quilt Square Quilt Along Winners…

Oops…I realized I forgot to post this yesterday.

Country Threads is donating a copy of their book, “Back to Charm School”.  This winner is….Jeanne who blogs here.

Sewline is donating one of their great glue pens.  I used this to tack the wool applique pieces down when I did the April applique block it worked WONDERFULLY!!  I am teaming that up with a thread sampler pack from Aurifil.  The winner is Johanna….

Last up is a wire hanger from Ackfeld Manufacturing.  They are the GREAT company who make those quilt square hangers we all love.  The winner is Jan who made a purple block…

Thanks for playing along…It’s Yard Sale days here…come check it out!

2 thoughts on “Quilt Square Quilt Along Winners…

  1. Jenelle B

    Congrat’s to all the “J” winners, LOL.. hey wait my name starts with “J” what’s up with that?
    Joking. Fun time and more blocks this month. Yay.


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