Quilt Square Quilt Along…The April Parade Edition

It’s a two post day.  Make sure to check the try it on Tuesday post here.

Are you wondering what next month’s block is?  Well wonder no more.  Next month’s block come from Lori Smith’s Quilt Square Pattern #4.  It’s the Trip Around the World Block.  I have always wanted to do a Trip Around the World Quilt so, this little block is feeding that desire.  If you don’t have the pattern yet, you can get it here from Country Threads.

I pulled out my 1 1/2″ scrap bucket and started cutting…Kelli did too.  Here’s mine….

..and here’s Kelli’s.  She isn’t happy with hers and learned a few lessons like, it’s probably better not to go completely scrappy like she did.  We are hoping that some strategically placed quilting will help in look a bit more like a trip around the world.  She didn’t want to show it until I explained to her that we show ours to help you along so you don’t make our mistakes…in this case making it too scrappy.

I do want to remind you that making sure your quarter inch seam allowance is essential for this block.  Laying it out is a bit challenging.  I used my cutting mat to put my pieces on, that way I could transport it between my cutting table and sewing machine.

Now for what you all have been up to…here’s your blocks.

Dee was busy stitching up a patriotic version.

Look what Jan did…she made a pillow!  Now that was a great idea that I just might have to try.

Barb K did two blocks.  She is hoping to put them all together in a quilt when she’s done.  Here’s the first one…

Here’s her second block.  I can recognize that fabric in the upper right corner.  It was a Country Threads fabric.  I hoarded that fabric for a long time as it was my go-to for binding.

Sharyn was busy and made two blocks too…

It seems that April was a busy month for many of you.  Debbie B, my Moline buddy, expressed wondering if she’d have time to finish her block.  She made it in time….Isn’t it a nice one?

This one is from Nancy who I met in Cincinnati…wish I would have had time to visit!!  I really love the colors of her block.

Judy  did this great pink and red version.  I love how the blocks make a prominent diagonal strip.  Great work Judy.

Dale sent me an email early Monday morning saying..wait for me, I’m not quite done.  It was worth the wait!!  I love it.

It’s been fun looking at everyone’s blocks….It seems this block has been the most popular for all of you to choose….This one is Laura’s version.  The bright and cheery colors sure are fun.

Sue was busy making two blocks…both are completely finished!  Way to go Sue!!

And here’s her block number two.  Cute blocks AND cute decorating!!

Nancy in PA was busy, busy and thanks to a Sit and Sew, she finished all three blocks!!  Aren’t they wonderful?

These next blocks are from the three gals that get together and sew their blocks, Sarah, Brenda and Nan.  When they sent them to me, they said the first was Sarah’s, the next Brenda’s and the last Nan’s.  Then I got to second guessing…they came in this order that I am showing them to you but…the photo’s have numbers that puts them in a different order so I am just guessing that this one is Sarah’s.

I LOVE the use of a fussy cut center!!  I am going to keep this idea in mind.

I am guessing this to be Brenda’s…A great use of red and blue!

..and here, I think, is Nan’s…It’s a totally different use of red’s and blue’s.  I really am always completely amazed by these little quilts and how color placement really changes them!

This one is from Jenelle.  She was telling me she used a new product called fuse N bind.  I haven’t heard of that and just might have to check it out.  I love hearing about new products.  I just might have to “Try it on Tuesday”…speaking of “Trying it on Tuesday” you can check that out today too…it’s a busy day here at the Junction.  Jenelle is displaying some cute family mementos with the quilt….it looks perfect to me!

Deb G made this one…WOW, I would have never thought rainbow colors but it looks good.  Isn’t the rainbow diagonal stripped binding PERFECT!!  Check out the quilting too!

Now you bloggers chime in.  Show us what you have been up to by including a link to your website showing you Quilt Square Quilt Along block.  Please remember to link back here so your readers can catch everyone else’s great work!

And now for the prizes….
Country Threads is donating…Some fun patterns.

Martingale and Company is donating…Country Threads’ first Charm School book, “Country Threads Goes to Charm School”.

Ackfeld Manufacturing is donating….an awesome wire quilt hanger.

This post is VERY picture heavy for those of you who have dial up internet.  I’ll create another post tomorrow to show you all the goodies.  If I missed your photo, I apologize…let me know (rogjok@iowatelecom.net) and I’ll add it.  I tried a new system this time around so maybe I’ll get it right but at this point with the funeral and being gone this month my new system only got used for half of the month…. Oh, make sure to check out the “Try it on Tuesday” post too.

6 thoughts on “Quilt Square Quilt Along…The April Parade Edition”

  1. Everyone’s blocks look so great! Too Bad I am in the middle os so many other things and didn’t join along. I think the problem with Kelli’s block, moire than being too scrappy is that there are only two values there, dark and light. Even if all the fabrics were the same with only two values it would look the same. I think you could keep it scrappy but you have to add runs of a medium value somewhere in there, otherwise it looks like a checkerboard… You lose the ’round the world’ part. If you are careful about having dark medium and light runs/rounds and the color/value placement I think you could still go scrappy and be fine. Great lesson though

  2. Oh…I love all of them! I didn’t get to join in on this one because of sooooo many other projects but I’m loving seeing all of yours….

  3. Thank you Kelli for posting your quilt. Although, I really like it, I can see how scrappy
    eliminated the “around the world” effect – something I would so totally do – you saved me:)
    Love the pillow, and when I finish that block I am going to utilize that idea. This is why I love this blog. Thank you everyone for your contributions – and especially thank you Jo.

  4. Slow for those of us who have daughters streaming stuff on Netflix, too! :-) But worth waiting for. I love those blue anvils and the wool applique. Love your daughter’s too — not quite a Trip Around the World, but it’s gorgeous anyway.

  5. Love the blocks! The pillow idea is wonderful, not sure why I didn’t think of that? I’m hoping to get to make a block for May, unlike April! Summer is coming up too, so I’ll join in as well as I can. Sewing time doesn’t happen often with the kids home.

  6. Enjoy your blog, read it everyday. The past few days I have noticed that the ‘older posts’ and ‘newer posts’ are missing from the bottom of the screen. I always use these to ‘click’ from one message to the next.

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