Quilt Square Quilt Along Part 2

Next month’s block is one of these….
Well..not quite like these.  The one with the big blank in the center is suppose to have applique in the center.   I haven’t decided if that is going to happen or not.  I thought it would make a nice candle mat as is but my daughter Kalissa said, “Really Mom”.

Prize for this month are awesome.

Here is a goody pack from Country Threads complete with patterns and cook book

From Ackfeld Manufacturing, Sewline and Aurifil Threads is this pack of fun.

From Martingale and Company is Country Threads book “Country Threads goes to Charm School” also included is a tracing pen from Sewline.  It’s my daughter Kelli’s favorite pen for tracing embroidery designs.

I’ll pick winners tomorrow.  Stop by and see if you are a winner.

24 thoughts on “Quilt Square Quilt Along Part 2”

  1. Marcia de Aguiar

    Enjoy your blog….it’s filled with great tips, smiles and love!!! Have a great holiday season!

  2. Your blocks are so beautiful. I am so in love with French General. I see you also use a lot of applique, good for you. So pretty and professional.

  3. maureen prendergast

    I kinda like the block without anything in the center. I always hate to put something on top of my quilts because it covers up all my work! With that block, you could put ANYTHING on it!!

  4. Sharyn Hutchinson

    Love the block on the right for December. I’m not very good at appliqué so I think I will do the one on the right.

    Is this the last block? I’m sad to see this quilt along end. I feel as if I’ve made a new friend.
    We seem to have so much in common.

    I love your learning website. I taught preschool for 25 years and I wish I had found it while I was still teaching. I will definitely put it to use with my new grandson!

    Thanks Jo!

  5. Wow! What fantastic give-aways! Here’s hoping and thanks for the chance! Your blog is always interesting – thanks for keeping us up on all you and your family do.

  6. I have been reading your site since you spoke at our quilt guild in June. I enjoy hearing about Ruby and your family. I thought I’d post a comment and see what happens.

  7. Love your quilt blocks! Thank you for such a generous giveaway. I always enjoy your blog and hearing about what you and our family are doing.
    Take care.

  8. Wow, you certainly have an incredible amount of goodies there!!! Great color choices on your blocks…love the burgundy! Give Ruby an extra bit of love…she is such a cutie, I’m always looking for pictures of her!

  9. Wow… followed your link from Bonnie’s site. Amazing that you’ve made two of Pekimon quilts and now two more. Amazing!!! Reading back on your posts, really enjoying them. Thanks for a chance at a great draw.

  10. I was gone for the weekend and am just catching up on blogs. I suspect it’s too late to comment, but, what the heck — I’ll give it a try. Great gifts and I really like your scrap quilts.

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