Quilt Square Quilt Along March Update

I am off at a retreat with Mississippi Valley Quilters and Bonnie Hunter so I can’t put together the March Quilt Square Quilt Along Parade but I can let you  know what April’s block is…and so….drum roll please…..the April block is YOUR CHOICE!!

I was going to tease you all and say you had to make the applique block, but I thought some of you would revolt and quit.  If you want, feel free to applique block…I just know that some people (like me) have an aversion to applique.

I did make the applique block.  I flipped the outside triangles to create a bit of different look.

I used left over bonus triangles in the borders.  I did my applique using wool…Overall I like the look.  I have no clue as to how I am going to quilt it.

I made the nine patch quilt square….

Believe it or not but the nine patch was the hardest block for me.  I ranted  puzzled over that block more that  once.  I ripped it out, sewed it together and ripped again!!  After ripping yet another time, I figured out that one of the pieces was actually 1 3/4″ instead of 1 1/2″!!  UGH.  I was ready to quit.  After that experience I was not ready to tackle the last block…..

the one with LOTS of triangles.  Thankfully I have a bunch of bonus triangles again so that made the work easier.  I am going to be sad when that bucket of bonus triangles runs out…I’ve been using them on all of the Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks!

My points are far from perfect on this one…but not horrible.  Let’s just say it won’t win best of show.

April concludes the Quilt Square #1 pattern.  You will need Quilt Square pattern #4 to continue in May.  It is available through Country Threads by following this link.

#4 Quilt Squares by Lori Smith

Hopefully all your March picture will be in my email box when I get home.  Here’s my email address…  rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  I’ll have them up and post here on the blog on April 4th…there are prizes again too!!

Have you liked the Quilt Square Quilt Along so far?  Is there anything I can do to improve it? Your input is welcome.

11 thoughts on “Quilt Square Quilt Along March Update”

  1. You are doing a great job with this Quilt Along. I like that you show your block because that gives me an idea for colos….picking colors is the hardest part of quilting for me.
    Thank you for all the time you are putting into this project so I can have my own little quilt class here at home….Many Thanks, Nancy

  2. I love your blocks, especially the one with all of the bonus triangles! Need to get to work on them. Tell Bonnie the Becky said hi!

  3. I LOVE the quilt along! You are doing a great job and I like how you are so organized. Seeing all the variations in the blocks at the end of the month is so fun! I am very relieved that I don’t have to do the applique block…I have been worrying about that :) I think I will make the other two blocks cause I love both of them and can’t pick one!
    Have a fabulous time at retreat and tell us all the juicy details when you get home!

  4. I agree, you are doing a great job on this quilt along and I am having so much fun sewing along at home. I love how you show the blocks in different colors and then the quilt show at the end of the month is my favorite. I love seeing how the different fabric choices really change the block. Very inspiring. Have fun at retreat.

  5. I am so enjoying this quilt along. I love seeing how you and the others do their blocks. And this quilt along gives me motivation to get a block done every month. You are doing a great job!

  6. I think you are doing a great job with the quilt along. I am so relieved that I do not have to do the appliqué block!

  7. I am soooo loving this! I was hoping you’d pick anything but the nine patch block for this month. Was pretty sure you wouldn’t pick the applique — which I love. So I had my fingers crossed tightly for the one with lots of triangles.

    Now I’ve got to decide between the two!

  8. I have to agree, I’m loving your blog and it keeps me motivated to get these done. I’m not a fan of applique either. I haven’t decided which block I would like to do. One thing I love is when you give little hints as to what “not” to do. Teehee.

  9. Ohhh, loving the blocks so much – good idea to use the wool for the applique. The bonus triangle block is awesome. No improvements that I can think of – just apprecite the mystery at the end of the month and the show and tell – great motivation.

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  11. I was wondering how we were going to make 12 blocks for the year long project…picking only 3 designs in the 3 patterns. This makes it real fun to pick one of our choice. Assuming you’ll keep this going with #4 and #6 if extra time presents itself a particular month we can do an extra one…we’ll have a chance to get ahead of the game! Don’t change a thing! Sandi

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