Quilt Square Quilt Along #1

Welcome to the 2012 Quilt Square Quilters…we have gotten an AMAZING response from all you and am so happy to have so many people quilting along on the these great patterns with me.  If you are new to the Quilt Along, here is the original post about it.   I started a new page on the blog that will feature all the  information for the the Quilt Along.  You can find it on the left upper column.  On Monday I gave you a little teaser about which block we would be making first….well it’s the log cabin from Lori Smith’s Quilt Squares #1 pattern.


If you were observant, you may have noticed that the button my daughter Kayla created for the event shows that  log cabin block.   Have you done a log cabin block before?  I have done a few but none this big.  I had so much fun making the block that  I decided to make two.

Each month as we quilt along together I will make the block in advance.  That way I will be able to share some ideas or tips that will the block’s construction go more smoothly for you….so here goes with the tips…

#1 CHECK YOUR QUARTER INCH measurement!  I have been neglectful in doing this assuming that the guide along my Bernina #57 quarter inch foot was right…WRONG.  I started sewing my block and was immediately having trouble.  I took my ruler and placed it under my foot.


The needle came down just to the right of the quarter inch line.  To resolve the matter I moved my needle to the left one click.  As you read this, you may laugh and think…a needle’s width?  YES, a needle’s width can eventually catch up on you.  In this block there are 13 seams.  If each seam is off 1/16″, over the course of sewing the block, you will end up almost an inch off.  So…CHECK YOUR 1/4″ SEAM.  Once I moved my needle one click over, the block started coming together correctly.

#2 If you want to use scraps, it’s easy to do.  The pattern calls for 1 1/4″ wide strips.  If you don’t have 1 1/4″ scraps, use your 2 1/2″ strips….just cut them in half!


I am a person who hates dragging out my fat quarters just to cut one strip off.  Using my 2 1/2″ scrap bucket worked great!

#3 CONSTANTLY check your progress.  When making a log cabin block, it’s easy for a block to become a little  misshapen.  Sometimes corners end up being more pointed or the square looks more like a rectangle.  After you sew EACH and EVERY strip onto the block, check the seam.  To do this, lay a ruler on the block putting the one inch line on top of the last seam that was sewn.  In this case, the one inch line is on the seam connecting the brownish and reddish strip.


Notice at the top of the block there is a little bit of fabric that is extending out?  That needs to be cut off.   If you don’t cut this off, eventually this can cause you block to become misshapen.  Sometimes there will be a smidgen that needs to get clipped and sometimes, the seam with be perfect.   Remember do this EACH and EVERY time.

That’s my tips this time around…if you have questions, or suggestions come on back and ask.  I’ll try my best to answer them.

So now you have all month to sew this project.  You don’t have to make two…I just did for fun.  Actually, I am going to try to do two each month, at least get two tops done.  That way when a benefit or gift giving occasion comes along, I’ll have a project I can easily finish up and give.  Wouldn’t a finished quilt square along with a candle make a wonderful gift.

You don’t have to make just one quilt square, feel free to use the pattern as a guide and make it your own…make four blocks, put them together for a table topper.  You can do whatever you want..make it whatever colors you like…just so that it has the log cabin block in it.

On the 30th of January, we’ll all get back together right here and have a revealing of the Quilt Square projects.  If you only have the top finished…that’s fine, you can still join in the fun.  For those of you who have blogs, we’ll have a linky party where everyone can link in.  If you don’t have a blog and want to share pictures of your projects, send me the picture of your project by January 28th and I will add the picture to my blog post.  Sound like fun?  On the 30th, I’ll show you our quilts square for February too.

If you’re new here, it’s not too late to purchase your pattern and join us.  Country Threads has the patterns and is ready to ship them to you….here’ a link.   Everyone that sends a picture to me or links in the linky party will be entered to win a prize that will be donated from the gals at Country Threads.

Feel free to join Jo’s Country Junction facebook page.  I often get questions answered more quickly there.  You can post your progress pictures there too.

One last thing….Stop back tomorrow.  I will show you my latest Moda Bake Shop quilt…oh, there will be a nice giveaway too!!

12 thoughts on “Quilt Square Quilt Along #1”

  1. Ooops! I looked at these patterns when I first read about your QAL..naturally I put off ordering them!!
    Finally placed my order this morning. Looks like alot of fun!

  2. What size do the blocks finish? And do all finish the same size? I ordered all three patterns, so can’t wait to get them and start SEWING….

  3. Need Help I got my my three boo from boo ks for this projects I also order Lori Smith sunbonnet sue pattern and it calls for a 2 3/8 square to make a half sq. triangle Can I used the easy angle to make it. I have no ideal where the 3/8 line is on the ruler Nor could i see it to cut it.If I can used the easy angle where would I used on the line/ Marie

  4. Thanks so much for hosting this! I have long wanted to do little quilts like this. After you made your original post, I ordered the patterns from Country Threads. I promptly received them. I have a stash of reproduction fabric & chose to use them. Your tips were most helpful. Although I measured after adding each strip, I still started getting cattywhompis, so I started measuring up the whole block with my squaring up ruler & had better results. Again thanks ever so much for hosting! I’m looking forward to this project. B

  5. Sharyn Hutchinson

    I just received my patterns. I decided to order all 6!! As soon as I finish Orca Bay and a Quilts for Kids quilt I will start the quilt along. I’m really excited to begin. Thanks, Jo!

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