Quilt Shop Tour: River Road Quilt Shop

When I was on the road traveling between home and Lacrosse, one day I needed to kill time in between appointments so I decided that I would take some time and check out the quilt shop that a blog reader, Mary Jo, had recommended last year.  Can you believe that all the trips I’ve made that I still hadn’t checked it out?

The quilt shop is River Road Quilt Shop.  It’s only a few blocks from the hospital.

I was a little unsure what to think about the shop at first.  There was a fence around the building…a tall fence.  I didn’t know what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised.


There were lots of fun projects all about the store.


I loved the high ceilings and the brick walls.

I really would like to make some burp cloths like these.


This quilt was really neat.  I like the subtle colors.

Fabric is displayed in all sorts of ways.  Some is vertical…some horizontal.  I think it make me look at it all more carefully when there is a variety of ways it’s displayed.

The store is big and laid out in a fun way with lots of nooks and places things are displayed.

The shop has a big inventory but it’s not cluttered or crammed in.



I thought this pattern was a cute idea.  Me I’d rather collect some cotton men’s shirts and make this rather than buy fabric but how cute!!


I ended up purchasing this pattern.  Now I have to find some the plastic screening.  I’ve made other projects with the screening.  One bad thing about the pattern though…I have to pull out my serger and get it rethreaded.  UGH.


They had a great display and selection of wool projects.



This one was my favorite.


I spent lots of time in the shop.River-Road-Quilt-Shop-24


You can see why.  There was a lot to take in.



This little dog quilt was super cute.  I would have not thought to make it in turquoise.

There were lots of batiks….  I resisted.


They had lots of selection for minky blankets.

I ended up buying the things to make this little bee one.  My niece is pregnant and she likes things that are not flashy so this one I thought would be perfect.


I thought the little fabric crayon boxes were cute.


It was a fun stop.

I decided to start a new system when I do quilt shop tours.  I am going to do a 1-5 rating….five being the best-I’m going to be stingy with my fives.  This is just my impression on the day I visited and took pictures.
Warm and Friendly:  3-no one greeted me until I had been in the store for 15 minutes.
Selection of Goods:  5
Neat and Organized:  5
Parking:  5
Cozy and Cute:  5

I’ll be stopping here again.  They had a great selection and in all different varieties… modern to Civil War to Batiks to wool….it was a fun stop.  I sure am glad I finally took Mary Jo’s advice and stopped.  As a warning…there is an attached shop that also had lots of cute things.

10 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: River Road Quilt Shop”

  1. I don’t like it when the people that work in a shop do not bother to greet you for so long – it’s almost like they don’t want to be bothered with a customer. We are always told to shop at the quilt shops when we can but if they want us to shop there they must be friendly to us and make us feel welcome.

  2. What a sweet shop! I’m sure I could spend a few hours and a few dollars in there! Too bad about the late greeting to a new customer. Perhaps they were busy on an order or on the phone with another customer. This shop is only 90 miles away, so it’ll make a fun road trip for me this summer! Thanks for sharing!

  3. as a past shop owner, if i am not acknowledged within 3 minutes of entering a shop, they never see me again. sometimes i’ll give then 5 minutes if they are the only employee in the shop. no excuse in my opinion. loved the pics of the shop. thanks for sharing. patti in florida

  4. What street is this located on Jo? I go to LaCrosse a lot. Would make a good bargaining tool to go see while my husband goes to Menard’s. I would say that would be an even trade.

  5. Hi – I recommended the quilt shop to Jo. The River Road quilt shop is in the same building as Nelson Flag and Display (http://www.nelsonflag.com/). Nelson Flag and Display has lots of home and garden decorating items, cards, jewelry, candles, etc.
    The quilt shop has a small staff, so they usually let you browse a bit before greeting you. I actually prefer that, unless I am looking for something specific. The last time I was in, I was looking for a batik fabric for a border of a quilt that I started with a jelly roll. The person waiting on me, helped me go through the fabrics and offered advice. I always find them helpful. :>)

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