Quilt Shop Tour: River Road Quilt Shop

When I was in Lacrosse doing my testing I had one day that I had to kill time waiting for my radioactive iodine pills to come in.  So, what better to do than to go a couple blocks down the street and kill time at a quilt shop.  River Road Quilt Shop was the perfect place to kill some time.  The shop is joined with Nelson Flag and Display.  The buildings adjoin and use the same entrances and check out counter.

I’ve been to the shop before…I loved in then and loved it now.  Check out this beauty on the wall.  Oh, how pretty.  Oh to have a nice brick wall to hang it on!

Right next to it is this cute display with all of the fabrics.  Look, the fabric is sitting in a puller out dresser drawer.

The shop has three rooms to it. the newest things seem to be in the first room.  That room is more spacious and bright.

They have a nice mix of all sorts of a quilting styles…here something more modern….

…another modern.

They have a great collection of Grunge.  If I had to choose Grunge is one of my favorites.

Look how cute the fat quarters are packaged.

Any unicorn lovers out there?  Check out this….
I know some of the childcare kiddos would love unicorn pillows…tempting.

…they had funky socks too.

Stitching is another feature at the shop.

…and check out the wool wall!!

This piece was cute.

This fabric called to me.  Not so much to me but it made me want to get it for Kayla.  It’s so cute for knitters.

I’m not a camper or a glamper girl but this pillow was still cute to me.

These are cute little pins.  I know some guild people might like these to go with a name tag.

The thing I really loved….THIS!  The gray quilt.
The colors were perfect.  It’s an Atkinson Designs pattern, Slide Show.  The sample shows outer borders in the background color vs the patter that has an outer print.  I love it this way.

I ended up liking it so much I hunted down the fabric for it…this….

I love the colors.  I’m a sucker for florals though.  The fabric company is one I don’t know….  Ink and Arrow.  The line is called Zola.  I had to go find their company on line and check it out.

They have a little of everything here from Civil Wars to batiks to baby to modern to wool.  It’s really a well rounded shop.

The gal that was working was sewing on a shop sample on this little Featherweight.

The shop is long and narrow.

I really love the cute displays.  For me, they really make a shop.

I was done shopping and was waiting for Karl to come pick me up.  I strolled over to the adjoining shop and caught a few smiles from some of the signs there.

Oh FUN!!

I’m so glad the shop is close.  It makes it easy to stop when I’m over for clinic visits.

As always if there is something you see in the photos that you like, I am unable to answer your questions.  Send any questions of inquiries on to the shop.  Here is their website link.  You can find their contact information there.

Warm and Friendly: 4 The gal working was nice.
Selection of Goods: 5 things change and variety is nice
Neat and Organized: 5 kits for projects easy to find
Cozy and Cute: 5
Parking:  4
Outside Appeal: 3 Know how to enter and the fence aren’t my favorite.

I highly recommend giving the shop a visit.  Kelli and I had fun.  The friendly service was outstanding!!!

Stop by tomorrow and I’ll show you what I bought.

8 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: River Road Quilt Shop”

  1. The yarn-knitting fabric would make cute pillow cases for Kayla. Looks like an adorable shop, thanks for sharing.

  2. How long have you been “a sucker for florals”?!?!? Fairly recent change on your part. That gray quilt would look great scrappy and gray, or farm animals and gray, or black and whites and gray, or reds and grays or….um, ok. Great pattern!

  3. What a lovely shop, I have been there and it always impresses me with there cute display and lots of varieties. I really loved the Atkinson Design you showed us, such great fabric choices. I cant wait to see what you took home and I hope you got some of that cute knitting fabric.

  4. I love that every evening, as things settle down to a rest, I can always find your blog in my email. It tops off my day. Thank you. -Jean<3

  5. FWIW – Ink and Arrow is Cranston Printworks, just renamed to upsell their fabric line. CPW has been around for a long time, generally lower end goods. Hope this is an upgrade in quality.

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