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I promised a quilt shop tour and am finally getting to it.  Remember my road trip weekend and my stop at Quiltmaker’s Shoppe in Manchester, Iowa.  Well here’s the promised tour.

My mission in stopping was to pick up one of these necklaces for Ila.  I’ve always loved them.  The gal that makes them is Julie.  You can find her at Me and My Stitches.  She’s a fellow Iowa gal.  I LOVE her work.


I’m sure all of you who get out to quilt shops have likely seen these but don’t you love this iron on design?  I sure do.  Once I got home I started looking around the house to see if I have a spot to put one.

They had lots of bag samples made.  I always love the look of bags but I am not a bag maker girl.  It’s too detail oriented for me…but I do love this one!


This was a fun looking pattern…perfect for jelly rolls.


This was a cute little vignette.  I always love 30’s prints but I never have a place to display them.


This sure was fun.

I’ve seen this quilt many times before.  I’ve thought about making it several times too.  The colors of this one is the favorite that I’ve seen.


I grabbed some of these in fat quarters.


Aren’t these stroller bags cute.  I thought about making one for Kalissa….we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll sucker her into sewing it!


I’ve been to the shop several times before.  These teeny tiny embroidered ornaments always make me smile.  I’ve thought many times to make them but know I likely won’t…so I haven’t caved yet.


There were MANY table mats and table runners.  It was fun to see them all.


Here’s another thing I’ve always wanted to make…a picnic tote.


I did spend some dollars on fabric….It’s hard not too when going to a shop that has such great fabric and goodies.

I sure am glad that there’s a nice shop like this on my way to destinations south of me.  It’s definitely worth going a few miles out of the way to get there.

Whenever I do blog posts about quilt shops someone always writes and asks about a pattern or something that I took a picture of.  I don’t know the answers to any of those questions…please contact the Quiltmaker’s Shoppe if you have questions.

2 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Quiltmaker Shoppe”

  1. Hi Jo! I also like visiting the Quiltmaker’s Shop in Manchester. And I also love the first bag picture you posted and purchased my pattern from them over 9 years ago. I have made 7 of these bags, 6 of them being used as diaper bags. For the diaper bags, I left out the center zippered pocket. Everyone who received the bags, loved them. It was a pretty clear pattern to follow. With a grandbaby on the way, it would be a perfect gift for mom and baby.

  2. Thanks for the tour. I have added this quilt shop to my list to visit. Any excuse for a road trip. MapQuest here I come!

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