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A Saturday or two ago I was doing errands when I remembered that the thrift store in the opposite town from the direction I was doing errands was having a bag sale.  Ten items go into a bag for usually $10.  It used to be something crazy like $3 for the bag but they upped the prices awhile ago.  This day they were having a $5 sale.  That sounds more in my price range.  I am gearing up to make a couple quilts and I needed more black and white 100% cotton shirts.

I decided to go…it was a jaunt from one town to the other but as Karl tells me, “treat yourself”.

Being I was in town I hit up the quilt shop.   The shop is called Quilter’s Window.  I am still casually looking for more print for the mystery quilt.  I figured being I was in town anyway I might as well check it out and see if they had anything that would work for me.

It had been a long time since I was in the shop.  I seriously wouldn’t doubt if it’s been a year.  Seriously.  I’ve always liked the shop but this year, life has been heavy and hasn’t allowed for much shopping.

The shop is great for a quilt shop.  The window entry area is deep.  It allows for the display of a lot of quilts and samples.

This was the first thing I saw upon entry.  Oh my, I love this fabric line.

The shop isn’t really big, and they have a display of Pfaff sewing machines, but Denise, the owner, has made it nice and cozy with lots of BANG for the space.

Typically she has quite a few fabric lines displayed together.  I love that she doesn’t just have “all Moda” or all another brand of fabric.  That means, I always see something new and fresh that I haven’t seen other places.

Hello red, white and black.  These are the local high school’s school colors so I think these colors are pretty popular.

She carries quite a few bag and pouch patterns.  Most have samples and are they are sprinkled throughout the store.  Here is the main display with all the zippers and notions you might want.
Here is the patriotic fabric area…..

Our towns are pretty rural so I think Denise tries to carry a little bit of everything so that anyone who stops might find something intriguing.

Here is the color wall…need a fabric in any color??  Denise carries it!
More of the color wall…
…and even more.

The shop always has patterns and quilt books to tempt you.

When I was in, I’ll admit, I tried not to “shop” and only to be on a mission.  
If I shop, I get too tempted.  Isn’t this fabric awesome??  I love the floral print on the bottom of the fabric stack that is on top of the cabinet…the navy background one with the pink flowers…oh heck, I love them all.  What a great fabric line.

Here are the flannels.  What pretty ones.

What fun bright colors.  They would fit so well into the quilts I’ve been making the childcare kiddos.
I told Denise I was looking for neutrals and she showed me the fabric line on the upper left.  I love it but need white based ones.  
Oh my…If I could have one strip, ah, maybe 3 1/2″ wide of every fabric that is in the store, I would be fabric rich!!  It would be my “Disneyland” dream.

I loved these too.  Ah, I’d love to make a quilt in taupes again.  Those on the upper left.  AH>>>>

The Civil War section hasn’t been as tempting for me as of late.  I think it was that big tote of fabric that I bought at an auction last year that cured me on that for a bit.  
Oh my.  This was totally tempting for me though.

From the main room it goes into the long arm room.  There aren’t as many things for sale in this area but there are some and there are still awesome quilts on display.

There is a little room off there that is the baby and novelty room.

But…back to what I here for…..
This was the batik section.  It’s not very big but I did manage to find a few.
The shop is really nice.  It is always well staffed.  I have never had to wait for long except a time or two when I was there for a large event and even then, I didn’t wait too long considering the amount of customers.  A friend of mine recently was hired there and she loves it.  I tease her that for me working in a quilt shop would be such a temptation.  I would likely be working for free as I’d spend all the money I earned there!!

Anyway…Great shop, nice selection with a little bit of everything…great service too.  So stop sometime if you are ever in New Hampton, Iowa…and if you’re in New Hampton Iowa, I’m 20 minutes away.  Stop and say HI!!

If you have questions about anything in the photos, I can’t answer them but Denise and the gals at the shop sure can.  HERE is there website where you can find their contact information and ask them the questions.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Quilter’s Window”

  1. What a lovely shop and such a great selection o taupe fabrics, they are hard to find and I love using them as my neutrals. This is a wonderful tour of her shop, thanks for sharing.

  2. What a nice shop. The owner has done a very nice job of selecting and showcasing the fabrics! Hope you tell her I said so! That was a nice visit. Maybe I ought to meander along to a shop I haven’t been to in a while.

  3. I have visited that shop during shop hop a few years ago. I don’t remember what I bought, but I’m sure I didn’t walk out empty handed.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    My oldest sister worked in a fabric shop for several years. She said she had to learn not to buy materials because it cut into her pay so badly and that was with a discount. I know I would do the same. Every new shipment would see me buying something.enjoyed the soup and the tour. Thanks

  5. I happened to accidentally walk into our Joanns in Dubuque a few weeks ago as they were clearing out the old dingy store to move to a new building, unbeknownst to me- they were having a huge sale, and I walked out with 32 bolts of fabric for 120.00-90% off all bolts they weren’t taking to the new store. I have started two new quilts for holiday gifts, and these bolts helped a ton. To think I just went in for thread!
    I wish we had a smaller, homier store like this for quilting, but with everything online so affordable, I don’t think it’s a sustainable business for a brick & mortar store, at least around here.
    How long has this shop been open and how are her yard prices?

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