Quilt Shop Tour: Pine Needles Quilt and Sew

When I was in Rochester for all of my doctor appointments last week I made a stop to Pine Needles Quilt and Sew.  I had messaged Connie and suggested we meet.  She was happy to drive my way and shop so we did.  We were good girls, kept our hugs to ourselves, used masks and hand sanitizer.   The shop had good safety precautions in place so we felt comfortable.

Some of you might not know but I know Marsha that owns the shop (and her daughter Suzie).  Years ago my husband Kramer worked for Marsha’s husband and her dad on their farm outside of Chester Iowa.  That was back in 1990.  Marsha was a big time quilter crafter then and continued to be.  It was so surprise to me that she decided to buy the quilt shop in Cresco (and eventually move it to Rochester).

Marsha and I have run into each other off and on through the years and I’ve always appreciated the times that we have.  I always feel like she’s a bit of a kindred spirit…both of us are farm girls with farmer husbands and both of us love crafting.

I don’t get to Rochester often and when I do typically have a giant list of errands.  With covid and no errands to do, I thought stopping at the shop would be perfect.

I got there before the store opened.  I sat in the truck and waited until Connie arrived and the store opened.

The store is well-known as the local Bernina sewing machine dealer.

They also handle Baby Lock machines.  Much of the store is designated for machines.

The store will be moving to a neighboring store in the near future.  I was told the new store will be bigger with a bigger classroom.

The last time I visited I saw this great pineapple block bag.  I ended up getting the pineapple ruler but haven’t used it yet.  Seeing the bag reminded me I need to give the ruler a try.

New in the shop is Halloween.  This big pillow was cute.  I love the pumpkin motif that was quilted into the piece.
Here is the section for the Halloween fabric.  Don’t you just love the softer colors…I know I sure do.

Christmas fabric is in too.  This also is a much softer in tone….

There is a big section for Accuquilt products.

I loved the toweling fabric.  There were so many awesome colors to choose from.

Connie was excited to see the Minnesota shop hop fabric in.  Every year a fabric line is done to go with the shop hop.

Speaking of Connie, I snapped a picture of her all masked up and shopping.

She ended up getting a couple layer cakes and a cute pattern for a bag made with scraps…and a couple charm packs for a granddaughter.  Thankfully my granddaughters are to little to shop for.

This was the backing fabric section…so many nice colors and prints to choose from.  My mind was blank on what I needed for backings.  I’ve spent so much time cleaning that I haven’t looked at my projects much.

Considering much of the shop is dedicated space for sewing machine display one would think that it wouldn’t have much fabric….surprisingly there is.

They had a beautiful collection of quilting books.  They were so tempting.  Happily I had a few of them already.

We weren’t in the store long.  We were trying to be careful.  Also the store limits how many can be in the store at a time so being we were mostly browsing we didn’t want to take up the space so we ended up going outside and visiting while leaning on my pickup.

It was so good to see Connie.  She’s always great to bounce thoughts and ideas on.  I can’t wait until we can do a sewing weekend sometime.  I would so love that.  I think all of us who sew with friends from time to time are hoping that covid will soon be a thing of our past and we can meet again for sewing sessions.

It was so fun to meet up with Connie and check out Pine Needles.  We are both excited to meet up again and check out the store again once they are all moved and settled into the new store.  If you’re ever in the Rochester Minnesota area, stop at Pine Needles…it’s worth your time.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Pine Needles Quilt and Sew”

  1. Looks like a great shop, Jo, and DEFINITELY a highlight of your trip! (Connie’s wearing my favorite shirt. I hope you guys do another shirt sale sometime. It’s SEW soft and has worn beautifully!)

  2. I love discovering new quilt shops. Even though most carry the same fabrics, it’s the little things that draw you in, how its set up, their displays, etc. Glad you had such a great time with Connie and thank you for the tour.
    Love and prayers

  3. Oh I wish it was in my back yard. Maybe not. So many shops in my area has closed over the past couple years. I did get to one last week. A new owner. Not really my colors but real nice. I could see many in your pictures that would go home with me. Happy Creating.

  4. I try to get to Pine Needles when we go to MN to visit my husbands brother and his wife, haven’t had time the last two times we have been there. SIL and I also talked about doing the shop hop (maybe some day). I think this shop does a wonderful job of not only selecting fabric but displaying quilts. Indiana has some good quilt shops, but I think Pine Needles is the “gold” standard.

  5. Looks like a lovely quilt shop. All those lovely machines would make a person want one. I will use my dearly beloved Pfaff 7550 until she dies for good. Books are temptations too, but I know I have way more patterns I want to make during my lifetime so I just don’t buy any….except for Bonnie Hunter’s. There is always at least one or two quilts in each that really, really call to me. As for fabric, I’m trying to use up what I have so my daughter won’t have to deal with it after I’m gone (I’m 68). Mostly I buy neutrals, a few colors I don’t have enough of for some project, backings, borders/sashing if I don’t have enough of something appropriate. Lately I’ve started piecing backings from my stash. It’s more work, but uses up a lot of fabric.

    My quilt group and my what used to be extension club started meeting again as soon as the public library opened up. We’re small groups and trust each other to stay home if we don’t feel well or thinks we’ve possibly been exposed. Anyway, living in constant fear is no good either. There hasn’t been much coronavirus illness in our area of the state anyway. Ashfall State Historical Park is opening up the 1st of July and I sure hope the tourists don’t bring it in. I’d be happier if they just stayed home.

    Sorry didn’t mean to write a book. It’s just good to share with other quilters. I always enjoy reading your blog posts no matter the topic.

  6. Hi Jo,
    I am glad you had an outing with your friend. Thanks for sharing this quilt shop. I am meeting with my little quilting bee in the front or back yards of two of our members with social distancing and masks. At least we get to visit. I live in Pflugerville, Tx and follow you daily. Keep posting. Prayers for you everyday.

  7. I’m so glad that you could meet of with Connie and get some chat time in. I love the store and I tend to hit it when I pass threw Rochester, will watch for there new location, how exciting for them.

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