Quilt Shop Tour: Olive Juice

When Kelli went me to Lacrosse for shots we stopped at Olive Juice, the quilt shop in Onalaska, Wisconsin.  We had both been there before but it’s been a couple years since we have.

I came in the door and asked it it would be okay if I took pictures.  Jokingly the gal on the left said, “only if we are in them”….so I said start posing then.  They said….no-no, we aren’t serious.  Then I said, I am…and clicked the camera.

The gal on the left was amazingly helpful and friendly to us as we shopped.  The guy is their long arm quilter.

The shop is filled with lots of artsy projects like the pincushion below.  It’s cute….

This is the fun project behind the counter.  The quilting can’t be seen the best but it’s really cool.  This would be fun to do with a last name or child’s name in their bedroom.

The shop is a little more modern than shops I typically visit.  That’s okay though.  I like to see all….

The shop is big with several sections to the store.

The long arm quilting is done in the loft behind these hanging quilts.

There isn’t a lot of wall space so samples aren’t very visible.

They do have a wool section….

They had a copy of American Patchwork and Quilting so I made Kelli pose a copy of the magazine…it is her wedding quilt in it!

There are MANY bolts of fabric as this is only one of the rooms.

Some places are kind of a tight squeeze.  It was hard for Kelli and I to both be in this spot when she wanted to show me something there.  I think it’s a hazard in any shop to balance space for product and space for shoppers.

They had a big section of buttons and goodies for bags.  That’s where Kelli spent most of her time.

They had a big room to the back that showcased the machines they have for sale.  They are Bernina dealers.

In this same room was Kaffe fabrics, seasonal fabrics and a LARGE classroom.  I didn’t take pictures of much of it as I didn’t want to invade the privacy of others.

I was intrigued by this….I’ve made this quilt with the Kaffe strips before but this one was even better.  Instead of a batting in the middle they must have used a piece of flannel as the weight and drape of it was wonderful.  Perfect for a summer quilt.

They had a bargain basement too…there was lots there….

This is still from the basement.

Reminant bins were there too.

One thing highly featured in the shop were these stuffed animals.  There were all varieties of animals….


As always if there is something you see in the photos that you like, I am unable to answer your questions.  Send any questions of inquiries on to the shop.  Here is their website link.  You can find their contact information there.

Warm and Friendly: 5 The shop gal was fun and helpful.
Selection of Goods: 3 This is a contemporary/modern shop
Neat and Organized: 4 It was clean and organized but a little cramped
Cozy and Cute: 3  not many samples to entice me no real vignettes
Parking:  5 a class was going on and there was still parking available
Outside Appeal: 4

We had fun checking out the shop….Stop by tomorrow and I’ll show you what I bought.

11 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Olive Juice”

  1. On a whim, I rode up to Racine with a friend to go to a quilt shop. I will have to find out where this one is! Looks awesome!

  2. I sure wish that I was into quiIting when I lived in Iowa! I’m positive that I wouldn’t be fighting to find a solid black fabric that matches very close to what I’m searching for to make the Binding for my current quilt. Of course the Singer store that I had purchased the original black fabric from has sold out of “MY” black fabric even though they mostly sell machines but that’s my luck . But I got semi close to the black at my local Joann’s in a Kona solid. Next time I will buy twice as much as I think I will need. Better too much than too little right! I’m learning more and more everyday. God Bless and Good luck everyone.
    Jeri Oldtisme@aol.com

  3. I shop there quite a bit and had no clue there was fabric in the basement. It’s not my favorite shop, just the most convenient.

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