Quilt Shop Tour: Merry’s Stitchins

Sorry…No Try it Tuesday today.  I am off doing a family thing.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the winners of the Quilt Square Quilt Along,  Book Giveaway for “The Quilt Walk” by Sandra Dallas and the
Back to School Blog Hop with Giveaways.  In the mean time, enjoy this quilt shop tour.

In August, hubby and I were out and about.  I asked if he minded if we stop at a quilt shop and like a real trooper, he said, “Sure we can stop.”

Merry’s Stitchins is located in the country on a gravel road north of Jessup, Iowa.  Previously the shop was part of a house, but now, a new shop has been built and the house has been turned into a retreat center.

The new shop is AMAZING!!

The ceilings are high and there are cute little vignettes everywhere.  Anyone working in an office space would no doubt love to hang this in their cubicle!

I loved this little basket pattern…if fact, I bought one.  It’s one of Merry’s original patterns.  Yep, not only does Merry run the shop, she also designs patterns….her daughter does too.

To the left of the baskets is a sewing kit pattern.  I loved that too.

This is another of Merry’s designs.


Merry has in stock a whole line of these cute little patterns.

This one is just one of several that are this size.  I think they would work perfect as a small gift.

I smiled when I saw these.

It’s a pattern for a little “pocket” that covers a tile to make a trivet.  Does that remind you of this project I did?

There are samples everywhere.


..and more samples…

I was real tempted to purchase this pattern for Kelli, my embroider.

Here’s yet another of Merry’s designs…little log cabins..I love it!

Here’s another log cabin I loved…

There are brights, Kansas Troubles, reproduction prints…a great selection of fabric.

There is a very nice selection of paper piecing goodies.  I love this sample.

Merry had some good tips for me too.  I really think I would like to venture that way sometime when she is offering a paper piecing class.

They were lots of cute wool projects too.  I love the Summer one….

…and here’s a Fall version along with other goodies.

This one caught my eye too.

Merry also had a full line of quilt hangers from by Ackfeld Manufacturing….

While I was looking around I had a chance to talk to Merry.  After a bit we discovered that her daughter who has her own quilt pattern company, Patch Abilities,  lives in the neighboring town from me.  Who knew??  The more and more I blog and am out and about I find “small world” things continually happening….just last week, one of my blog readers, Jean, met my sister and after talking discovered they both knew me.  When we stayed at a bed and breakfast a couple weeks ago the gal that was staying at the BB uses my website, Making Learning Fun, all the time.  I love “small world” stories.

But back to the shop tour….all in all I think you would love a visit to Merry’s Stitchins in Jessup, Iowa.  It’s one of those shops that is well worth the trip!

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  2. We who visit Merry’s on a regular basis, know how great she and the whole staff are!!! i started visiting Merry’s shop when we lived in Arizona and would come back to the area. i believe at that time her class room was even in her basement!!! You’ve come a long way!!!

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