Quilt Shop Tour: Merry’s Stitchins

On Saturday after work, I decided to make the trip to Merry’s Stitchin’s outside of Jessup, Iowa. The shop is in the country on gravel road just outside of town.

I have been to the shop before. I don’t go very often because it’s about 40 minutes from my house and I just don’t go to quilt shops anymore as I have so much stuff. I keep telling myself if I ever get my UFO projects under control, maybe I’ll go but I doubt it. I still have plenty even if I don’t count my UFO projects.

My main goal was to check out the wool. I specifically wanted white wool and I was hoping I might find some items to go with gifts I was planning on giving.

I thought about giving some little kitted gifts. All of these are kitted and would make great gifts. I loved the chicken on the top right. I looked but couldn’t find a kit for it.

I also like this cute little cardinal.

Isn’t he so cute? I thought it adorable.

I had trouble walking past the wool scrap bin. I love wool scraps.

My mission was to get some white wool. I’ve been wanting to make some snowman ornaments.

I picked some out.

There were so many wool pieces. SO MANY!

I had wanted to rush in, buy the white wool and get back out of the store. That didn’t happen.

I really liked the Easter collection and almost bought it but they didn’t have the pattern only. The wool was a little too bright for me. I’d have preferred the colors a little more primitive.

Before I knew it I had a few things in my hands and needed a basket. I went up front and asked for one. She gave me a tiny little basket. She looked at me and said, “Wait, we have bigger ones.”

This piece stopped me. Stopped me right in my tracks. It’s a wool piece from Primitive Gatherings. They had one kit left. Oh my. I’ve been going to buy myself a Christmas present. My husband isn’t around to buy me one anymore so I buy myself one. This is it. I didn’t even look at the price and put it in my basket. I brought it home and didn’t look at it. I’m a good girl and will wait until Christmas. But then I want to start it.

I really liked the one below it. Sorry, there is not a big picture. I told myself if I finished the flower one I bought, I might go back and buy the other one.

The store had some really cute little gifty things that would be perfect for giving. Check out these fat-quarter Christmas trees.

I really failed at getting more pictures. I was just so excited at the goodies I was seeing and didn’t take enough.

The store was all decorated with Christmas projects and quilts. I love the little table runner. It was a kit using a Moda Candy pack. I really liked that and have a friend that I thought might like it too. They had them made up in all different themed and styled fabrics. I looked around for more candy packs but they were all kitted.

The store has fabric and fabric and fabric. For the most part, I ignored that part. I was already spending enough money without buying fabric too.

So many samples…I love it.

This is their pillowcase wall. There are kits to make all of the pillowcases.

It was fun to go. I need to go more often…or maybe not. My checkbook or rather debit card, took a hit. I got my birthday present and my Christmas present for myself along with goodies for other presents so it’s all good.

I’ll do another blog post coming up about what I purchased. I could have easily taken many more pictures. There was SO much to see.

13 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Merry’s Stitchins”

  1. What a fun store! The saying on the flower picture is really good. I will enjoy seeing the finished picture once you complete it.

  2. Jo …just love your pictures and tours of the shops you go to. Such a treat for those of us who can’t go . Thanks!

  3. Isn’t it fun to pick out our own gifts? I do that now for clothes. Then I give them to my husband to stash away. He picks from the stash. I never recall even buying the items, so I am surprised. That is a beautiful wool piece you picked. I’m lovin’ it too.

  4. Love the Merry Stitches. Sometimes we just need to venture out to shop for inspiration and treat our selves . Lots of samples to love and get ideas.

  5. The shop is certainly inspirational, wow lots of gorgeous projects. I’m trying not to buy anymore fabrics and use what I have. I look forward to seeing what you bought and the new project.

  6. Looks like a piece of Heaven. I could spend lots in there. Love the wool piece you bought, about the garden. That looks beautiful.

  7. I made the To Plant a Flowerpiece a couple of years ago. It is one of my favorites and goes up every spring and stays up until after Thanksgiving! I hope you will enjoy making it also.

  8. Betty Back in Iowa

    Love to go to Merrys. She has so many samples to look at. I like your idea to give yourself a gift. I lost my husband in January and will now gift myself, thanks for the idea.

  9. What an awesome shop! Love the wool piece you will be gifting yourself. If it were cross stitch, I’d make it. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays– enjoy your Xmas present!

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