Quilt Shop Tour: Merry’s Stitches

A few weeks ago I took a Saturday and went exploring.  I hit the Amish stores near Hazelton Iowa first…Rolls!!…

and the off to Merry’s Stitchins.

Merry’s is a quilt shop in the country just outside of Jessup Iowa.  If you’re even in the area, I highly recommend that you go.  For me it’s only 9 miles for the Amish stores I frequent…and Waterloo and Hobby Lobby is only a few miles after that.

Merry’s Stitches is owned by MERRY!!  Merry is the mom of Julie from Patchabilities.  Julie lives in the neighboring town to me.  Each of these gals is true talent.

My computer is acting up and won’t give me the pictures in order so here are the photos I took in no particular order.

I went as I was on a mission to restock my white based neutrals.  Seriously, when I go to quilt shops, often they only have 10 different ones…NOT MERRY’S STITCHES.  She was LOADED with white based neutrals.  Stop by tomorrow and check out what I bought.  I say I spent most of the fabric budget in one stop would be VERY accurate.

The store is really big.  The ceilings are high so there is lots of space to hang samples…have I told you how much I love samples??

Fabric is sorted to genre.  Kim Deihl fabrics are taking this area.
Julie of Patchabilities has her own space with all her samples.  It’s great that they have many of the hangers for the projects too.

Here are more of Julie’s creations.

This is the Civil Wars….
I loved these dog prints.

Check this one out.

Seriously…there is SO MUCH TO SEE.
I was on a mission to get only white based neutrals so I wasn’t tempted by too much else…(Who am I kidding??!!)

I pulled several white base neutrals from here.
I pulled only a couple from here.

Merry told me the Gnome quilt (bottom left-red/white) has been very popular.  Here’s more of a peek of it. (now on upper right)

Merry not only runs the shop, and a retreat center but also creates patterns.  This sewing machine is one of many in the store that Merry designed.

There is a back room which right now is housing flannels.
There are patterns and quilt books galore.  This is only a small sampling.

The wool section had me so tempted….

Check out this cute ornament…I loved the Christmas sweater!
I did cave and bought the cat with the pumpkin.

I bought this one too.  Oh temptation..you are so tempting.

So many cute projects!!

I had previously bought a couple of these wool patterns thinking I’d make them.  UGH.  I’ve decided NO MORE.  I don’t dig through my wool.  I don’t make a project if I have to dig through the wool so from now on, if I buy a wool pattern it is going to be the KIT!!  Ahh.  Why did it take me so many years to figure this out???  Well now I wish I could take a couple of the patterns I bought and trade them in for kits.

So cute…
I wasn’t an ice skater but I sure do like the one with ice skates.
As Carver would say…TUTE.  (he doesn’t make the “c” sound the best yet)
This is one of Julie’s creations….
Here is small sampling of the bolts of fabric I brought Merry to cut.  Her helper cut a bunch for me too.
Yep…these too.

Well, you’ll have to stop by tomorrow and see what all I bought.  I’ll say this…I doubt I will ever go anywhere else but here if I am looking for white based neutrals!!  Merry’s ROCKS if you are looking for them.

I do highly recommend a stop here.  Merry is so sweet and I’ve only had good service here.  If you have questions about anything in the pictures, visit Merry’s website HERE and get her contact info.  I’m sure she’d be happy to help.

18 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Merry’s Stitches”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    You are seriously into white neutrals Jo. It’s a great looking store. I want to see a close up of the gnome material. What great fun to find what you need.

  2. Envious! So many of the local quilt shops in my area have closed! What a great shop ~ impressive inventory! So much to see & displayed so nicely! Thanks for the tour!

  3. What a beautiful shop! Quite an investment she has and no wonder quilt shops charge $12 for fabric yards. And what a selection of hangers. Will have to remember this when I need one.

  4. Jo, you are a bad influence on me and my “all things quilt related” buying moratorium!!! I already have the vintage sewing machine pattern in my shopping cart, and just sent off an email requesting the name of the flannel quilt on the wall between the 2 security lights!! In for a penny, in for a pound!! And I signed up for their newsletter and liked them on Facebook. Oh my… all those pumpkin fabrics…. they put stars in my eyes for sure…… ;-)

  5. Merry’s is amazing! I’ve been there many times and never walk out empty handed. The biggest problem is deciding what to buy!

    Can’t wait to see your purchases.

  6. I have been to her shop a few times and it is amazing. Her selection of fabrics is amazing. I cant wait to see what you brought home with you.

  7. I have been to her shop a few times and it is amazing. Her selection of fabrics is amazing. I cant wait to see what you brought home with you.

  8. I’ve wanted to buy kits also after buying the pattern. I’ve found that if you ask they will take the pattern out and deduct the cost of that from the kit. Ask next time!

  9. I’ve also wanted to buy a kit after having bought the pattern. Usually they will take the pattern out of the kit and deduct that cost. Ask next time!

  10. I love Merry’s! I wish I lived closer. I’ve also bought patterns and then regretted not buying the kit. Most shops will sell you the kit without the pattern, I’ve only found 1 in my area that wouldn’t do that.
    There is also a cross stitch shop in Waverly I love to stop at when I get back to Iowa, she has tons on cross stitch patterns and accessories and also some quilt fabric and supplies. It’s called Fiberworks and is on Bremer Avenue near the bridge.

  11. Love all those white based neutrals and you’re inspiring me to build a stash of them. How much yardage do you buy of each one?

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