Quilt Shop Tour: Forest Mills

I told you in my UFO post that Kelli and I went fabric shopping to Forest Mills Quilt Shop near Postville.  I thought I’d give you a little view of the shop.

The shop is owned by sister Carolyn and Diane.  They are the nicest most helpful gals I know.  A few years ago they put an addition on the shop which made it a really nice size.  In our area the shop is know as the place to get batiks and the place to find wild life panels and fabrics.

Here I am in the Civil War Reproduction section.  I was looking at fabrics I really should have been ignoring….I don’t get to a shop very often and then when I do, I’m REALLY tempted.  If you look WAY to the back you can see the gals starting to cut our stack of fabrics.


When I said they had batiks…I wasn’t joking at all.


They’ve taken baby cribs and have used them for displaying fabric.  It works marvelously.


That wasn’t all…there is even more batiks!!


I got distracted by Kelli saying, “Look mom, what do you think of this one!” and didn’t take nearly enough pictures!!  There are actually two MORE sections of batiks.

If you are looking for tractor related panels and fabrics, check this out.

There’s a Kansas Troubles section…..


…an embroidery section too.


I could spend lots of time and not see it all.

Kelli and I love Carolyn and Diane.  They have been so helpful to us over the years.  They have cut and sold fabric kits for two of our quilts that were featured in American Patchwork and Quilting.  They are so easy to work with and VERY flexible.  Like us they are farm girls with a farm girl hospitality that we adore.

I decided to start a new system when I do quilt shop tours.  I am going to do a 1-5 rating….five being the best-I’m going to be stingy with my fives.  This is just my impression on the day I visited and took pictures.
Warm and Friendly:  5
Selection of Goods:  4  They girls have awesome batiks and wild life prints.  If you’re looking for modern, you won’t find it here.
Neat and Organized:  3
Parking:  5
Cozy and Cute: 4 It’s super cozy but but sadly the gals don’t have a lot of room for cutesy displays.

I’m so lucky.  I have 6 quilt shops within 40 minutes of driving from me.  This one is one of my favorites!!  You’ll have to stop back to the blog tomorrow.  I’m showing off what I bought….it was a lot.

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  1. Love the tour and I have been to their shop but did not know they did an expansion, now I need to go check it out. I bought some wonderful tractor/farm fabrics when I last visited, its so hard to find. Thanks for the wonderful tour, cant wait to see what you brought home.

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