Quilt Shop Tour: Debbie’s in Osage

Remember the day Kelli and I went to the cross stitch shop in Osage, Iowa?  Well that day we also stopped at the quilt shop in Osage Iowa, Debbie’s Quilt Shop and Gifts.


It’s just a block or two down from the cross stitch shop.  There were cute window displays all ready for fall.


We went the weekend of Halloween and they had the amazing Hocuspocus quilt on display.

This was so cute.  I love black and orange contrast.


The shop is well know for it’s scenery fabrics.  Many are farm and wildlife related.

There was a cute little display of American Girl doll patterns.


Check out this….Our daughter Kayla collects sock monkeys so anything sock monkey always catches my eye.


The store is long and narrow.  There are lots of goodies to see.

Kelli picked up this pattern….anything stitch related always jumps into her hands.


It’s a cute little shop.  Both Kelli and I had fun browsing.


I love these little mini’s.  I’d like to make some small quilts at some point.  It’s been so long since I have.


Finished quilts are displayed high up the walls.  If you’re in the store they are easy to see and look beautiful…taking a picture with the camera is not quite so easy.


Cuter things are everywhere…oh so tempting.


Of course there is me…Hoosier style cupboards always make me stop.


Fabric…wonderful fabric!
..and don’t forget the Minkee.


Can you believe I made it through the store without a purchase?  I was so busy with the camera that I didn’t look to buy.

Kelli wasn’t as lucky.  She ended up with two things…both stitching related.

If you’re anywhere near the town of Osage, Iowa is a nice stop….great quilt shop, great cross stitch shop, good antiquing spots, a wonderful women’s clothing store too.  Don’t forget he cross stitch shop has a retreat center too.  You could easily spend a fun day in Osage, Iowa.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Debbie’s in Osage”

  1. What a fun looking shop. I too enjoy sock monkeys. Was that a baby bib to look like a sock monkey face or what? It’s cute!

  2. So glad that you went to Debbie’s Quilt shop when you were in Osage. Its a must when I visit my mom who lives there. I did not know they carry American Girl doll stuff, how wonderful. I love that they carry lots of farm themed fabrics since they are not a common fabric here in TN. The town is a fun place to shop and Emersons clothing is a great store as is the Mennonite dinner.

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