Quilt Shop Tour: Cotton Cabin

I told you recently that our family went to the water park in Dubuque Iowa after Christmas. I drove separately. We all had errands and things we wanted to do on the way that didn’t jive with other people’s errands. Me, I want to go quilt shopping and see if anyone had wool.

I didn’t start out the best. Merry’s Stitchin’s was closed. So was Quiltmaker’s Shoppe.

Happily when I got to Dubuque I remembered that there was a quilt shop in town. Fingers crossed it was open…and better yet, they had wool.

GPS took me right there and was greeted very warmly. In fact, the person working said, “You’re Jo Kramer!”. Yes. Yes, I am.

I smiled and got to work shopping. I was trying to be good and not buy much. I was there to buy some wool and I was trying to stick to that. They had lots of tempting things though.

The shop is small but it’s packed with lots of goodies…and my favorite, SAMPLES.

This cute little trick-or-treat jack-o-lantern bag caught my eye. So cute!! I ended up buying that pattern. I told you I wanted to do a few seasonal small quilts. The one on the right was so cute.

I am a real sucker for samples!!

If a shop wants to sell something to me, the best chance to get me to buy it is if there is a sample.

I didn’t cave for these…

But I did cave for this pattern. It’s the one with yellow construction fabric and the see-through opening on the bag. I thought these would be cute to make for my grandson who are into little farm tractors…I’d make them in John Deere fabric. Who knows if I’ll actually get them made but I have the pattern now in case I want to. HA!

These bags were cute but I reminded myself that I was here to buy WOOL…not other stuff!!

The store is is packed…but still organized and still nice and clean. Some stores are packed but are messy…not this one.

It’s a nice store and if you’re ever in Dubuque, IA, I would recommend checking it out.

I did get to the wool section. It was small…initially I was a little disappointed…then I reminded myself that some wool is better than no wool. I’m really in the market to find some green wool. I have some pieces I’d love to make but I can’t until I get a bigger chunk of green. Oh well, that leaves me something to keep hunting for.

I did find something that I am REALLY excited about. One of the wool designers Maggie Bononami had a lot of books out. She was with Kansas City Stars division Pickly Dish. They went out of business years ago. In 2015 I think. Well, the books are only available on the secondary market. Some go for $100. One I was looking for was Buttonwood Farm. They had it. I only paid the regular price for it. YAHOO!!

I did get a couple of pieces of wool but no green. Bummer.

I was happy with the shop…happy with the service…happy with the parking. It was all a wonderful experience. I’ll definitely go back again. It was great to have a little slice of me time doing my thing before I went to the waterpark and was bombarded with all of the kiddos. It was two different kinds of fun.

If you’re in the area…do stop by.

10 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Cotton Cabin”

  1. I remember the shop from when I lived in Dubuque a couple of years. Well before I got into quilting. I went there because I ended up with a top my Mother pieced but had not had it quilted. I took it to the shop to get it quilted as I knew nothing about the process. They were most kind and helpful. I can remember walking through and looking at all the wonderful displays and fabrics. The quilt is now with my daughter in KY as I “won’t need any quilts in Florida.” LOL!!!

  2. I am so glad there was a quilt shop open for you. Sorry, no green wool, but you did get some good things and had a little of “me time.”

  3. There is another quilt shop in Dubuque called Quilt This. My son lives in Dubuque so I get to visit sometimes. It’s in a more out of the way location but easy to find and has its own parking lot.

    There’s also a couple of lovely shoes in Dyersville on the way to Dubuque. K&K has a mixture of everything.

    I can’t speak about the wool selection because I’ve never worked with wool. Good luck with finding what you want!

  4. I love a good organized fabric store. I worked 3 years in Walmart fabric dept. Nothing worse than flipped inside out and messy fabric. Like a sewing room – I have to sweep my floor before I sew. Just habit I guess. It’s awesome she knew who you were.Does she follow your blog too? And that’s neat you found your book. I used to live in Kansas and collected the patterns out of the Kansas City Star paper. Many years before I actually sewed other people’s patterns. I loved working the fabric counter because so many pro sewers would come in and give me “advice” while we looked at the fabrics. I hope you had a nice trip and are feeling ok as can be.
    God Bless hugs

  5. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I love to see samples in quilt stores, too. Helps me to make a decision about the quilt: does it look easy to do? Do I like the fabrics used? When a quilt store has a sample but no pattern available, it’s not so good. Looks like a really nice store!

  6. So glad you got some “me time” you don’t realize how much you need it when you’re surrounded and busy with other people a lot! I pray God blesses you the next few months! JB

  7. Jo, I have some green wool that I’d be happy to share with you. What size do you need?
    I love “exploring” when I travel. My hubby not so much because he knows I’ll buy something. Ha!
    We’re off to Hawaii next week. Would you like some Hawaiian print fabric to add to your stash?

  8. I go to Dubuque often as I am only an hour away. I have been down in that area but did not realize there was a quilt shop. I will be going there next time I am down. Thank you for letting us know!

  9. I have been to Cotton Cabin Quilts several times and always stop when I’m in the area. It gives you that cozy feeling the moment you walk in the door. Love all their samples and how well organized the it is. Glad you found a new shop that you will return to in the future.

  10. The shop looks wonderful. When you have a chance, you should check the website of the company that designed the Halloween bag. It is a neat little company. Happy Stitching.

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