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Kelli and I had a fun weekend.  I was scheduled to teach at a childcare conference in Owatonna, Minnesota and Kelli decided to ride along.  She’s always a good help at the conference helping me set up and taking care of some of the classroom needs…more than that, it’s just not lonely with her around.

We opted to leave on Friday and stay overnight.  That gave us a chance to get some errands done and to visit family while we were there…plus we got to stop at Calico Hutch, a fun quilt shop in Hayward, Minnesota.  One of the things both Kelli and I love about the shop is that they are open late of Friday nights.  We’re typically traveling to Minnesota on Friday nights to visit family and it makes it very easy to stop and shop.

I am on a bit of a spending freeze.  I don’t want to buy anything bring it home and then have to move it so I’m just not buying much but it sure was fun to look.

Kelli and I both loved this quilt but aren’t really good having the patience to make one.  It was a block of the month and I’m just not good with them…that’s why we spent lots of time admiring it.


Aren’t a paper pieced pieced projects at the bottom of the photo so cute??  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sewing machine one.


They have lots of wool projects in their shop too.  I’d love to make them all!  The Primitive Gatherings ones are my favorite.


I almost bought this one.  Anything alphabet I love, love, love!


The quilt in the photo below had Kelli and I stopped.  We typically don’t see a quilt done in a more modern style only with Civil War reproduction fabrics.


We looked and the pattern was an Atkinson Designs pattern, All About Me seen below.

All About Me Pattern

It’s hard to believe it’s the same quilt!

This next little wool project had both Kelli and I tempted.  We liked the pink version best.  It was so cute!  The flowers around the border were our favorite!  The kits were really reasonably priced too.


Calico Hutch has a nice selection of 30’s prints.


I loved this paper pieced quilt.  Kelli said “Go for it Mom”…She is not a paper piecer.  I don’t mind it but tackling this project would be challenge for me.


I have this pattern…but have I made it NO!  I really want to.  I think I’ll have to just get it cut out and packaged up.  If I get that much done, I’m more likely to pick it up and actually make it.


Another awesome Primitive Gatherings wool project….


and another….I love the crazy stitches.  Someday I really want to make this….I have always adored crazy quilt embroidery stitching.


Kelli was a fan of this block of the month wool series.


We both love pineapple blocks so we both admired this.


They have a whole room that is all notions and wool.  We were in this room for a bit.


Our favorite here… SURPRISE!  another wool project from Primitive Gatherings.


I ended up doing really good at not spending lots.  I came home with this doll sleeping bag pattern.

At some point I hope to get a few made for some of my great nieces who have American Girl dolls and Bitty Babies.  Who knows if I’ll ever get them done.  One day if things ever settle down, I sure hope to.

We had a fun stop.  The gals who work there are super friendly, helpful and nice.  I love good help.  For me, that’s priceless!!

2 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Calico Hutch”

  1. Hi Jo! I have loved your blog ever since I first found it through moda bakeshop :). Are you doing the bonnie hunter mystery this year? And if so are you planning on doing the finish up of ufo’s before it starts? It helped me sooo much last year :) plus I loved seeing what people made.

  2. My friend and I made it to the Calico Hutch late this summer. The All About Me quilt was one of our favorites too. I think she got the pattern so I’ll be seeing one soon. It’s a great shop.

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