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Have you been to the Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN?  It’s a great shop.  It’s actually a destination quilt shop as there really isn’t much else in the little town between Austin and Albert Lea Minnesota.  Happily it is located between my house and my brother’s house.

Yesterday I told you that Hubby and I ventured out to get the rug loom that my brother found for me.  Today I am going to tell you about my sweet husband who offered to stop at the quilt shop in Hayward.  There really isn’t much for places for him to go while I shop so this was really nice of him to offer.


The shop is loaded with goodies.


I’ve seen this triangle baby quilt and have wanted to make it before.


The shop is really big.  When looking at if from the outside, you’d never know how deep and big it is.


I saw this one with the tiny blocks and almost ran to see it.  I couldn’t believe anyone would make a pattern with those TINY blocks.  I was right.  No one did.  It’s a cheater cloth.  The blocks were printed on the fabric.


This is the back classroom.  People can still shop while class was on…I did.


They have LOTS and LOTS of wool projects.  I really love them.  Each time I reached out to grab a pattern I would have to remind myself that I don’t have flat surfaces to put these on!


Here is where I stopped and got serious about shopping.  First off…this heart quilt is super cute.  I need a baby girl quilt and it’s tempting.  Then I saw the quilt on the right.  I have wanted to make one of those for forever….forever.  I’ve been afraid of inset seams.  I “pulled up my big girl pants” and bought the pattern and the two templates to make it.  It was so cute….Can you believe that the nine patches finish at 3″?  I’m so excited to have this pattern in my home.


They had several paper piecing projects…. So cute.


The whole shop is a cuteness overload.


The store is a big Bernina dealer.


Hubby liked this wool mat….I think it’s the barns that caught his eye.


My grandparents on my Dad’s side both came from Sweden.  Anything with Dala horses always catches my eye.


This was made by the same designer…If you look at each picture you can see that the kits are close by and easy to find.  I love that about Calico Hutch.


How cute is this…CalicoHutch-14

This bright colored one is a stunner.


I was tempted by this one but passed it up.


I do love the “Be Grateful”.  I made plans to come home and see if there was a place in the house I could put that….oh, I loved it.


I have this….I bought the kit a different time I visited….I still haven’t made it.  The good news is that I still love it!


This I love too.


We were in Minnesota territory so loons rule.


So much to see…so much to appreciate.



Before I die, these are on my bucket list.


So Hubby ended up coming in the shop to see if I was about done or if he had time for a nap.  I was about done.  As we were getting ready to head to the check out, he says…now that one I really like.


Yep…that one.  The one in the entire store I liked the least.  Ugh.  Sometime I feel guilty that I should make something like this but honestly, I just don’t like it.  Is that bad??


Anyway…that’s the tour.  I love coming.  They always have the best samples..best kits…and awesome service.  If you haven’t been, add this shop to your bucket list.


18 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Tour: Calico Hutch”

  1. Have been having a bit of trouble getting your blog in my emails. Don’t know if it’s something wrong with my ipad or if you have changed.

  2. Looks like a great shop! I really like the quilt that looks like card trick blocks centers inside of square lattice. I might have to call and inquire at the shop, if you don’t remember it.

    I enjoy wool appliqué and really like the oval one with the Proverbs verse, She seeks wool…

    I don’t know if I will get to the middle of the country before HH joins me in retirement so we can explore our great nation, so I really enjoy it when people share pictures of their LQS. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  3. Thanks for the great tour of this shop. I love the spaciousness and ability to step back and get a good view. Being crowded and feeling enclosed is a turnoff. I saw several things new to me and wish I could have stopped with you.

  4. Jo, inset seams aren’t hard, just fiddley. You have to stop a1/4 inch from the end of the patch. I took a Lemoyne star class years ago (I was working on the quilt when the planes flew into the World Trade Center towers). You really need a machine that will actually stop in the needle down position. The best trick is to put some of that 1/4-inch masking tape over the top of your thumb and use it as a guide to place the pin at the point you want to stop your seam. Then you have to backstitch a little since the seams won’t actually cross. If this isn’t clear and you’re interested, email me and I’ll send a couple of pics. Now I want to make that House that Jack Built quilt!

  5. I also just bought a version of that pattern too! I think it’s based on an old pattern called Jack’s Chain. I got mine from Craftsy and it’s called Ring Cycles. I haven’t started mine yet. I think I’m also afraid of those set in seams myself!

  6. I Love the blue and white spiral quilt in the classroom picture! I also like the one your hubby likes, but wouldn’t use the brown in it, maybe dark blues. Thanks for the tour!

  7. I don’t like that quilt either. The optical illusion effect makes the center look like it’s going to explode any minute! Sorry.

  8. I discovered the Calico Hutch a few years ago while driving from Colorado to Wisconsin to visit my daughter. I just love it, it’s a wonderful shop. Now I stop in every time we drive to Wisconsin!

  9. Oh, my gosh girl! I HAD to go and check out their website! There are some I WANTS that I can buy online! You are so fortunate to have LQSs in your area or places that you go! I’d rather see them up close and personal! =)

  10. I have made that optical illusion quilt as a sample when I worked in a quilt shop. Did not enjoy that one at all. The Calico Hutch is a must stop every time I get within range of it, and that has been many times. Love the shop, and the gals that work there are so helpful and nice. have broke my checkbook there a few times, lol!

  11. I loved visiting The Calico Hutch when I lived in southern Minnesota. It is surprisingly bigger than it appears on the outside! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  12. Cheryl in Dallas

    Jo, Step away from those wool projects! I am trying you from yourself. No more projects!

    About that optical illusion quilt shown in the last photo: it is an expert level project. But any type of optical illusion like that brings on migraines if I look at them for too long. Just looking at the picture on your blog made me queasy.

  13. I like the shop in Hayward, there is always a new treasure around each corner. I have the barn wool runner, some day it might even get made.

  14. If I remember correctly you were intimidated by a double wedding ring quilt too, then you made several and loved it! You never know, inset seams night be the same.

  15. Jo, thanks for sharing this store with us. In one of your photos I saw a quilt I wanted to make. I went to their site and ordered the kit and another pattern. The order arrived today! I see more web orders in my future.

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