Quilt Shop Review: Quilter’s Window

I imagine this is not newsworthy to most but, I went into a quilt shop.  Seriously, I can not remember the last time I went.  Ooops, wait, It was when I needed some Grunge fabric to make my stained glass quilt.  I was in and out and didn’t even shop.

I went to the quilt shop with something in mind.  Remember my Hawaiian Sunset quilt?  I needed some of the dark blue sashing for it.

I happen to be in New Hampton Iowa to go to the chiropractor and decided to stop at Quilter’s Window.

This is a nice shop and I recommend everyone put the shop on their list of shops to check out if they are traveling through.

I had fun checking out the baby room…

I noticed this book on display.  Did you know we have a quilt in the book?

Here it is.  We ended up taking the Churn Dash block and created the quilt along with about five other variations that are all included in the same book.  I you’re looking for the book, you can find it HERE.

The shop isn’t huge but very well laid out…and always neat and clean.

This is a cute simple quilt.

They also offer longarming…these fabrics along with…
these clearance rack fabrics are all in the longarm room.

Sadly nothing on the clearance rack worked for me.

The shop does carry some reproduction fabrics.  Sadly, the two that I thought would work for my quilt didn’t have enough left on the bolt.

Here is more of the reproduction section.

Even more…

For the size of the shop, there are LOTS of bolts of fabric.  The store was really busy when I went.  Several people there were participating in the All-Iowa Shop Hop.

There is a nice selection for patriotic lovers and Quilt of Valor makers.

There is something for everyone from Layercakes to Paul Bunyan.

I appreciate the organization.  It’s always easy to find what I’m looking for.

I smiled when I saw some of my favorite quilt books, A Scrapbook of Quilts

and Oh, Scrap!

They have a great embroidery section…not big but just look at the samples…

Aren’t they cute?

I really love the Farm Fresh one.  The stitch is all done in chain stitching and it’s amazing stitching!!

They had the dish towels and DMC as well.

They also sell Pfaff machines.

So..it’s a busy little shop that has great customer service.  I’ve known the owner for a long time.  It just so happens we were in the hospital having babies together…she was our dental hygentis…and she’s been the quilt shop owner for a really long time.  I’d venture a guess at 16 years or so.  It’s nice to go to a shop and the people working know you and your style even though it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the shop!!

If you’re traveling this way, don’t miss Quilter’s Window in New Hampton, Iowa.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Review: Quilter’s Window”

  1. Jo, sorry to report that a STUPID ANNOYING AD for Metformin (a diabetic medication) was on EVERY VIEW of this POST!!! I clicked on it thinking it would go away! NOTHING I did got rid of it! I could ONLY see the very edges of the quilt shop as the ad covered the rest of the pictures as a big square. There was NO VIEW left uncovered!
    Any way to repost this WITHOUT any ads! Would be much appreciated. Thanks. Have followed you for a few years, enjoy your family lives and community quilts posts. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Nancy and anyone else who had ad trouble. Kayla did some work and I think it might have helped. Can you check to see if you have the same problem and report back?

  2. What a nice shop! I really like some of the sample quilts displayed and I really like the quilt you and Kelli have in the book.

  3. It’s a lovely quilt shop, I’ve been there too. Just a thought, maybe encourage people to contact the quilt shop to buy the book instead of Amazon. The small, local retail shops really need the business.

    1. Karen. I’m an author in the book. Royalties would be nice for me as well. I get a better amount through Amazon. It’s important to support designers too.

  4. Yes I agree. This is a great shop! I stopped there when I came and dropped stuff off for you. I bought a book and repro fabrics. It was well worth my hurried stop. I see they still display the little Coast to Coast red wagon. I had asked them about it because my family owned a Coast to Coast hardware store for 45 years in central Iowa. That wagon brought back memories.

  5. What a lovely shop. I need to visit them when I see my mom who lives not far away. Thank you for tour.

  6. Jo, whatever your daughter did, it cleared up the problem. I re-ran the post and I finally got to see the quilt shop. However, your post after the quilt show had the same ad covering all the pictures in it. I took a picture of the ad covering your post if you want to see it. I got frustrated and deleted that post so I can’t tell you if that one was fixed.
    But the good news is that ALL your new posts are A okay! The quilt shop looks like a good one. Going to check it out soon. In fact, I’m thinking of getting the book your design is in.
    Love ALL your videos. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into them. My prayers are for you and yours to have continued good health, and a GREAT summer. Thanks again for fixing the ad problem. NAB

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