Quilty Pleasures…

If you are looking for me and Kelli, we’re over at Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures blog today.  Before you go check that out, I thought I’d share a current picture of me and Kelli.

Yesterday Kelli and I did errands and Kalissa tagged along.  Without planning Kelli and I both were wearing purple so Kalissa snapped a photo of us.  Kalissa then posted the picture on Facebook.  Family and friends have commented that they thought it was a great picture and we should use it for magazines and such.

I thought so too…then I looked a bit more carefully at the photo…there in the back is a man walking unintentionally photo bombing us.  Oh well, I think I could crop him out but then again, I’d rather a publicity picture have the beagles in it too.

Anyway…back to the original topic of this blog post.  Kelli and I are the featured designers over at Quilt Pleasures today.  We love working with Quiltmaker.  They are so friendly and easy to work with.

We have four more designs that we are working on that will be featured in upcoming Quiltmaker magazines.   I’m off to get a backing, sleeve and label ready for a quilt we are shipping out to them soon.  While I am doing that, hop on over and check out their blog post about us.

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  1. It’s still a great photo of the two of you! You guys always look like sisters to me and the quilts that you turn out are, “wicked good,” as we say in New England.

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