Quilt of Valor Update #2

I am still working on my Quilt of Valor from Patchwork Times  Memorial Day Challenge.  It’s going good….see.
The last time I posted, I was waiting for the next instructions to see if I had to “un”sew….well, I did.  Not a lot, but plenty.  The border blocks are being assembled and hopefully by bedtime tonight, this little gem will be complete.  I am TOTALLY amazed with the coloring and how well it’s turning out.  The red fabric was a garage sale find for seventy-five cents and the white was just twenty five.  The medium blue fabric is from a tablecloth I made ten years ago and never used.  The light blue was a Alco store find for $2.99 a yard.  The only fabric that really cost anything was the dark blue.  I normally wouldn’t have put these fabrics together but….I am pleased with them.

If you want to check out the pattern head on over to Patchwork Times (scroll down, you’ll see it on the sidebar)….I think Judy is planning a mystery quilt for June.  I don’t need another project, but I am seriously thinking about doing this one.  I have LOVED the instructions and easy of this quilt that Judy designed so I am inspired to try another of her patterns….gotta love a good designer.

6 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor Update #2”

  1. That looks wonmderful!!! Can’t wait to see it with the borders. But can I be honest??? HOW did you sew so fast!!! I am totally impressed!

  2. I love your colors! It is Fab-u-lous!!! It looks so different than mine. Wasn’t this a breeze to sew together??? She has such great instructions.

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