Quilt of Valor Update #1

I have been working on my Quilt of Valor Patchwork Times Challenge every night for the last three nights.  It’s going pretty good….and a bit questionable.
The good part first….check out the blocks to the right.  They look EXACTLY like the pattern calls for.  The blocks are going together beautifully and the instructions are easy and precise….thanks to Judy’s great instructions.

The pieces to the left, well, that’s the questionable part.  I started attaching the light blue to the wrong pieces last night so rather than “un”sew them, I decided to leave them and see what today’s instructions bring.  Maybe, just maybe, the next step is what I did and I won’t have to “un”sew.  I am keeping my fingers crossed….I hate “un”sewing!  It’s not to late to join the fun and sew your own Quilt of Valor. Check Judy’s blog for the free instructions.

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