Quilt of Valor…FINSHED

I finished my Quilt of Valor.  It is in the mail and on the way to Judy along with some binding strips.
I asked hubby what he thought.  His comment, “Well that one, I like!”  Okay…I am being totally female here but what does that mean?  Does it mean he didn’t like other quilts I made?  My question is why do men make comments like that.  I think it’s just to confuse those of us who read too much into comments.

The quilt was honestly not hard to make.  The instruction are fantastic.  The pattern is Judy’s, from Patchwork Times.  You can get the pattern there.  Right now, she’s just starting a new mystery quilt….It’s not too late to join.

8 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor…FINSHED”

  1. Lani Byhoffer

    Jo-once again, good job! Someone is going to love it-turn around and make your husband another one!!!! He’ll love it.

  2. This quilt came out just beautifully. I always look at Judy’s gorgeous patterns, but haven’t actually made one yet! (I probably should, though, if my husband would really like it!)

    1. I am working on her mystery now….I LOVE it. The instructions are easy and the results look like they are MUCH more difficult than they actually are!

  3. yours turned out Great – as did all the ones I’ve seen completed. I think the design is one that is very predictable… the eyes follow the sharp diagonal lines and that is what attracts your husband to it perhaps. ;)

    So when you say you mailed it to Judy – you mean you hired her to long-arm it for you? how cool is that!!! ;) You will love how soft it will be when you get it back and bind and wash it up. I have one of her quilts and it just molds itself to my body. la,la,love that one! ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie
    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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