Quilt Market Giveaway..Day #3

While the quilt shop owners and vendors are all in Portland, Oregon at Quilt Market, Kelli and I thought it would be fun to host some giveaways featuring goodies that might be seen at market and offer giveaways to all of you.  Make sure to come back each day over the weekend to sign up for your chance to win goodies.

Today we are reviewing a new quilt book, Hand Quilted With Love by Sarah Fielke from Cico Books.

If Sarah’s name doesn’t set off any bells of recognition, maybe her book titles will:   Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots
, Material Obsession 2: More Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots and Quilting from Little Things…: Take a small idea and develop it into something wonderful
The book has 16 designs in the book and I really like lots of them.  When my soon to be daughter in law, Jen, who doesn’t quilt was home she paged through the book.  She loved the bright colors and the variety of difficulty.


She thought there were interesting shapes within the patterns.  My 20-something son liked the blue one below….It would be a nice quick guy quilt.



Jen thought many of these would make great kids quilts.


I was a little mystified by the title of the book.  I thought that each of these quilts was hand quilted, but I don’t believe they are.   I believe “hand quilted” means home made.



There are lots of great quilts for using up scraps.



I think the one below is my favorite.  I admit it, I am a huge barn raising fan (when the design builds from the center).


I am so very tempted to keep this book, but I am going to pass it on to one of my lucky readers.  If you would like a chance to win the book, leave a comment here telling if you have ever hand quilted a quilt.  We’ll pick winners next week.  If you missed the previous giveaway’s you can check out giveaway #1 here and giveaway #2 here.

145 thoughts on “Quilt Market Giveaway..Day #3”

  1. Looks like a great book Jo! Thank you for the chance to win. I have hand-quilted, and find it very relaxing. I’ve only done wall-hanging size, because I just don’t have the patience for larger quilts!

  2. This book looks really great. I have hand quilted 2 quilts. My very first sampler quilt was hand quilted. I now have a longarm(Millie) and I can get my quilts finished alot quicker.

  3. I like several of the patterns in the book. Now I am going to have to check out her previous books. I would like to take a class on hand quilting. That is something I have never done.

  4. Yes I have tried my hand at hand quilting and it was very painful for the underside stick…never built up the callus and couldn’t get those even stitches..maybe one day..but love to make scrappy quilts and this book fits the bill.

  5. Years ago when I was new to quilting I accepted an invitation to join a group of ladies who were hand quilting a quilt in a large frame. They offered to teach me how to hand quilt so I happily pulled up a chair. While they seemed to be pleased with my stitches and in fact gave me encouragement and many compliments, I later found out they had removed every single stitch of mine because they weren’t up to their apparently high standard. After that disappointing experience I moved on to learn machine quilting instead and have never looked back.

  6. Karen Watkins

    I have hand quilted two quilts, both queen size. One was made in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary which I gave to my husband. The other was given to my son and his wife as a wedding gift. I love both hand and machine quilting. I’ve been practicing free-motion quilting. I’m hoping my skills will improve enough to free-motion a real project very soon.

    The barn raising quilt is my favorite, too. Thanks for the chance to win the book

  7. I have hand quilted small quilts before. I don’t mind hand quilting but for some reason it takes me forever to take the first stitch. After I get started I really like it.

  8. yes, i’ve hand quilted, and i’d love to win that book.
    I found that using a lighted magnifying glass that hangs from a cord around my neck to be a great help in making my stitches smaller and more even. My last quilt that i hand quilted was a tripple Irish chain couch quilt in greens and creme. i used green thread on the greens for diagonal stitching thru the squares, and creme thread to stitch the feathered wreathes in the center squares.
    one night while quilting i had to take hubby for an overnight sleep study, so i brought my quilt along. i met a little girl and her family there and she seemed interested in what i was doing. before long she was sitting next to me watching, so i asked her to ‘put a stitch in’ my quilt so she could have the experience of hand quilting herself. maybe she’ll grow up to be a quilter some day, and remember the night when she first started stitching.

  9. I have hand quilted a doll quilt in a group for small quilts. I really enjoyed it and would like to do more.

  10. I’ve never hand quilted a quilt. But a few years ago I made a promise to a friend of mine that I would learn to. She hand quilted a quilt for me that won first place in it’s category for making her that promise. So I REALLY have to learn now.

  11. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I am in the process of hand quilting a full/queen sized quilt. I work on it in “fits & starts” as my dad would say. Just have 3 more blocks to quilt and the borders, the I’ll be done quilting! YEAH!
    Most all the quilts I have made have been hand quilted. I am a newbie when it comes to machine quilting and have only done straight line. :)

  12. What a wonderful book! Those gals from “down under” sure know how to make some great quilts. Thanks for a chance to win this book.

  13. This book looks great! I have never hand quilted but enjoy watching the tutorials about how to do it. I recently acquired a hoop and a thimble and hope to try this summer when traveling in the car. Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  14. I have done more hand quilting than machine quilting but I am learning to enjoy both. I would like to come up with a plan to incorporate both in a single quilt–machine quilting for utilitarian reasons and hand quilting with different colors of perle cotton for embellishment’s sake.

  15. I have not handquilted a quilt YET! I really want to and have a couple of small ones that would be good candidates. I will get there eventually…

  16. I have hand quilted a few pieces in my early quilty days. But I prefer machine quilting. Quicker results :D

  17. I have hand quilted one double sized quilt and a few smaller wall hangings. Now I have a Longarm, and I’m probably done with hand quilting for good!

  18. I used to hand quilt all of my quilts. Now I rarely hand quilt any of my quilts. I get a lot more quilts done that way. Thanks for a great blog!

  19. I have the second Material obsession book and it is lovely. This book looks as good – full of interesting and ‘do-able’ quilts.

  20. I have hand quilted two quilts so far, working on my third now. It is a great project for spending time with my hubby. Can’t really talk together while machine quilting

  21. I love that stars quilt. I have hand quilted 3 large quilts and the queen sized one took me 2 years to quilt. But, I do enjoy hand quilting, it is very relaxing. I try to have a machine project and hand project going at the same time. Thanks for the chance to win this book, the projects look great.

  22. There are some great designs in that book. I haven’t hand quilted anything yet. I want to learn. Thanks.

  23. Years ago I attempted hand quilting and found it wasn’t for me. I love cross stitch, but I think it was more it was so hot and being in Texas there are only a very few cold months.

  24. i have hand quilted many quilts, but needed to learn to machine quilt or i never would get made all the quilts i wanted to make. I have been itching to start another hand quilting project. thanks for the chance to win this book.

  25. I’d love to win this book! I enjoy hand quilting. My first project was a queen sized quilt. I also hand pieced it….then I bought a sewing machine! Now I mostly machine piece, and recently machine quilted a sofa sized quilt.
    I enjoy your blog, Jo . Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  26. Catholic Bibliophagist

    One of those quilts looked like shelves full of books. That would be such a good quilt for me since I have thousands of books.


  27. I have hand quilted over 270 quilts in my life time. Now I quilt on a longarm.Thanks for a chance to win looks like some wonder scrappy quilts like I love.

  28. When I first learned to quilt, I took a class that everything was done by hand. We had to cut fabric with templates and hand quilt it. We’ve come a long way in quilting now with rotary cutters, go cutters and all the other things to make quilting easier and faster. Sometimes I still hand quilt but most of the time use my dsm.

    Thanks for a chance to win the book. It looks very interesting.

  29. Looks like a fun new book. I see quite a few designs that I’d be interested in making, particularly that last one.

    It has only been the last couple of years I’ve been doing machine quilting. Prior to that I always did hand quilting, from heirloom style to Hawaiian echo quilting. Of course those king size Hawaiian quilts were only hand quilted in the winter months as it was just way too hot to hand quilt in the summer.


  30. I have hand quilted many quilts. One of my most favorite quilts is one my grandmother made me that she hand embroidered each block and hand quilted.

  31. I have never hand quilted anything, and have nothing but admiration for those that do hand quilt. But I know I would NEVER finish anything if I had to hand quilt it!

  32. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I have never hand quilted before. I admire people that do and have the patience to do so. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I like the scrappy quilts in it.

  33. I have hand quilted a few small items and one crib quilt for my youngest granddaughter. I enjoyed the feel of it and remembering my mother, aunts & grandmother quilting away at a frame for days. Would love the wonderful book to use up some stash.

  34. This book looks interesting. I love Material Obsession so what’s not to like. I have never hand quilted.

  35. My oldest UFO is a partially completed hand quilted quilt. My husband continues to remind me that I need to finish it. I love the quilts in this book. They are beautiful.

  36. Yes, I belong to a quilting group at my church and we hand quilt twice a week. I hand quilted the first quilt i ever made.

  37. I have hand quilted and have been told I have pretty and even stitches, but just don’t love doing it. I’m hoping I will fall in love one day so I keep trying. :)

  38. Yes! I hand quilted a baby quilt for my BFF years ago…started when she had her first son, but it was not finished until the second son was in elementary school!

  39. I have hand-quilted a couple of small quilts, but I’m just not focused enough to stick with it – it took me almost 30 years to finish one baby quilt! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. No I have Not! I am into instant gratification I own a longarm! looks like a great Book, would love to win it!

  41. I currently handquilting a Christmas themed quilt from a mystery many years ago. Seems like it will never be finished. I only pick it up every once in a while.

  42. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Yes, I’ve hand quilted several quilts. My first quilting class in 1978 was a sampler quilt. The instructor insisted we use poly batt that was 3 inches thick. YUCK!!! I have never used that quilt. Hand quilted a top (made from 30’s fabrics) that I purchased from a garage sale in the 80’s. Have helped hand quilt several at local churches for some customers – one was an apple core pattern made with real civil war fabrics, another one was a Dresden Plate with 30’s fabrics started as a teenager – her husband had a military career and the blocks traveled the world with them – she is now 95 years old and very pleased to finally have her quilt done! Need to do my Grandmother’s Lone Star yet. She started piecing it in the 1940’s. She passed away in 1994.

  43. well i have started to hand quilt a quilt that was donated to our group that donates quilts to the migrant workers i am awed at the number of quilts my grandmother had hand peiced and hand quilted and a lot were grandmothers flower garden . i will prize the one that she made for my mother

  44. Hand quilting is actually my favorite part of the quilting process. I began as a hand piecer and hand quilter, and still love it. Hand quilting is reserved for doll quilts and favorite larger sizes, only because of time, though. Thanks for the offer!

  45. I have tried hand quilting when they started a group at church, but I never could get the stitches small enough. Now when I’ve tried it after a while my hand gets numb. Looks like a lot of great patterns to use scraps.


  47. There are some great patterns in the book. I have tried hand quilting, but couldn’t get the hang of it. My mother hand quilted all of her quilts. Maybe it’s time to give it another try.

  48. No, I have never hand quilted a quilt. It is on my “to learn/do list”. I never thought I could be a hand quilter due to carpal tunnel surgery not working out the best, but I am trying to stitch a little each day on a project that needs blanket stitching. The quilts in the book seem very interesting and I would love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Love the patterns you showed in the book. I have hand quilted a wall hanging that I embroidered on all the blocks first. It was fun to do, but just takes too long to do to make it something that I would do on a regular basis ~ I like the process of piecing too much to use all my time hand quilting.

  50. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book — love the quilts in it! I do so enjoy reading your website! I have hand quilted several small quilts, and am in the process of hand quilting a larger one made from vintage sheets. I am enjoying the process, but am looking forward to being finished!!

  51. I helped hand quilt one time at church for a quilt we were doing for a fundraiser. But other than that, I only do quilting with a motor.

  52. i used to always have a hand quilting project going! loved it until my wrists told me it was time to stop. i’m happy now with machine quilting but have fond memories of hand quilting!

  53. I hand quilted one of the first quilts I made many years ago, which was queen size. Since then I’ve only hand quilted a few wall quilts. I would love to win the book, thanks for the chance!

  54. I used to have a Grace large quilting frame and hand quilted for my family back in the 90s. Arthritis prevents that intense handwork now, but this summer I’m doing some utility hand quilting on a Internet mystery quilt I made. BTW, I love the blue/cheddar quilt in Quiltmaker mag.

  55. I took a hand-piecing/hand quilting class and LOVED it. I have a double wedding ring that one of my mom’s friends found when her Mom passed away. The top is hand pieced and I have started the hand quilting, but need to get back after it. I am quilting it for the daughter, not to keep for myself. Heaven only knows I have plenty of scraps around here that need a good place to be. . .in a quilt!

  56. I’ve never hand quilted a whole quilt before but I’ve done small bits on pillows, etc. :) I’d love to win a copy of this book – it’s been on my wishlist! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  57. Glenda in Florida

    Looks like a great book, and I’m happy to hear that they don’t really mean quilted by hand! I started out hand quilting, and have finished a few for gifts, but the king sized one for me is still unfinished. It was a quilt as you go, and I did all the blocks, all the sashings, and stalled out at the huge borders. My hands won’t take the handwork anymore, so I’m learning to machine quilt, or to “quilt by checkbook”.

  58. I have hand quilted over a dozen, but not lately. I got a bit worn down by the last one, a king sized wedding quilt, so I took a break. I have begun to think about it again, but just thinking–not doing. Gotta wait for the mojo to return……….

  59. I have hand quilted a few, but that was quite a few years ago. Haven’t done that since the 90’s… I occasionally embellish now and then with hand quilting, but that is is.

  60. I hand quilted all of the quilts I made the first 30 years. I didn’t know there was any other way, and that was my favorite part. Now, I make mostly lap size and baby quilts and quilt them on my machine. The bigger ones are in a pile waiting to be quilted. Maybe some day I will get brave enough to machine quilt them.

  61. I have never hand quilted a quilt. I have tied one. I just feel like it would take me too lone and I want to make more quilt tops instead of hand quilting them.

  62. I have hand quilted. I had a hard time getting small, even stitches, so the new trend of big stitch quilting is somewhat appealing to me. I might be able to do.

  63. Tammie Stephens

    I have never hand quilted, don’t have the stick-to-itness. However I love to machine quilt using scraps which this book appears to use a lot of. Thanks for the give away!

  64. margaret schindler

    I have never hand quilted. I really never hand sewn anything it has always been on the machine until lately when I am now trying my sewing skills by trying hexies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. I have hand quilted twice in my life, both were very small quilts. Several church ladies have tried to teach me, I just can’t get the hang of making small enough stitches. Love the patterns in the book. My fav looks to be the small, large rows of stings. I just finished one like the one you like. Did it in b/w/ red.

  66. I am hand quilting a small quilt I started about 15 years ago. I will finish the quilt this time. It is one of the UFO quilts I chose to finish by September for my personal challenge.

  67. For years, I always hand quilted, but then grandchildren came along and I’m lucky if I hand quilt one a year. So, I do send them out, but if it’s something special, I hand quilt.

  68. I’m a BIG Sarah Fielke fan, hand quilting not so much

    My quilts are generally machine quilted, with 8 kids still at home I like the durability

  69. lorene holbrook

    Nope, never have tried handquilting. I think it is too slow for me! about the book, I LOVE the red quilt. I have to make that. I need that book. Please, with sugar on top!!!! thanks for the chance…

  70. Nancy Angerer

    I actually have hand quilted 3 twin sized quilts — one for each of our 3 daughters. Each quilt was also hand embroidered. For the 1st one I embroidered over 100 small pictures. For the other 2 I embroidered scenes from stories that I copied from coloring books. The girls are now 43, 41, and 38:)

  71. I do hand quilt once in a while, mostly smaller items. I have tried the stab method, big stitch, rocking stitch, and more of a running stitch. Seems there are projects that fit each of those methods. I have a small whole cloth piece that I started when I was a better hand quilter than I am now. Will I ever finish it? I did a full/queen quilt. Took me about eight years to complete. I titled it “The Only One,” which says it all!

  72. My most notable hand-quilted quilt was the first big quilt I made … I pieced it by machine, and chose a (very ambitious) hand-quilting design. When I was halfway done with the quilting, I put the quilt away, and it sat in a box for most of a decade. When I finally picked it back up, I was able to get it finished, at long last, and I love it. Because of the “decade-long” quilting experience, I hesitate to HAND-quilt anything other than baby quilts, usually opting for the speed of machine-quilting.

  73. I have not done hand quilting. I have a hard enough time doing hand applique. I could not imagine taking on a project that big.

  74. I’ve never hand quilted my own quilt…. but my sweet grandmother always hand quilted hers, and whenever she had a quilt up on her old quilting frame, she would let me help her. She showed me just how to make those beautiful even little stitches. I’m proud to say I own several of her handmade quilts today and when I’ve got one of them out, I’ll search around for some of my less than perfect stitches.

  75. This book looks amazing!!! I hand quilt everything that I make … It takes a little longer but I love the look and it is another part of the passion of making quilts. Thanks for the chance.

  76. I have quilted a very small quilt when I first stated. None since then. Thanks for offering this book. It looks delicious!

  77. Yes, I’ve hand quilted 2 but I think those days are behind me. I like the machine quilted ones because they get done. thanks for offering the book . It looks great.

  78. Athough I love hand work, it doesn’t much like me. The fabric just wicks all the moist out of my hands …. really harsh in the winter. This book looks great. Thanks for the giveaway!

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