Quilt Market Giveaway..Day #2

While the quilt shop owners and vendors are all in Portland, Oregon at Quilt Market, Kelli and I thought it would be fun to host some giveaways featuring goodies that might be seen at market and offer giveaways to all of you.  Make sure to come back each day over the weekend to sign up for your chance to win goodies.

Today we are featuring The Gypsy Quilter’s useful Pin Pal.


I was so happy to get this.  As a busy quilter the more things that I have close at hand the better.  I know I love my little retractable scissor, I figured I would be sure to love this close at hand tool as well.

After trying it, I love that the pins are close at hand and always available.  It is especially nice if working with ten pins or so.  For long arm quilting it was especially nice and will be just as handy as I expected.  The magnets are really strong and the pins hold in place really well.

I learned the hard way that I need to take the pins off of it before I take it off the Pin Pal.  As I un-velcroed the Pin Pal from my wrist, the magnets snapped together and the pins popped off.  I found myself picking up pins off the floor…no biggie though.  Now that I know that can happen, I will just remove the pins before taking it off.

I was concerned that it might be uncomfortable or cumbersome but it isn’t at all.

I have two to give away.  Would you like one?  Just leave a comment here telling how many pincushions you have and we’ll pick a winner next week.  If you missed yesterday’s giveaway, here it is.

106 thoughts on “Quilt Market Giveaway..Day #2”

  1. Right now the only thing I use is a magnetic pin holder on my cutting table. Most of the time I can be found putting my pins in a margarine bowl LID so I know where they are as I sew…

  2. I have 2 pin cushions. One is the plastic square with magnets inside and the other is a weighted pin cushion that holds a thread catcher basket. The wrist pin catcher does sound very useful for quilting!

  3. I don’t have any pin cushions but have several plastic bowls:-} This would be another fun thing to have. Thanks for making this week such fun with your give aways!

  4. I use a little round refrigerator magnet that I put on the sewing machine to place pins when I am sewing. Otherwise pins are in a plastic container they were purchased in.

  5. You can never have too many pincushions. I have 4 pincushions I’ve made,and a dish to hold pins near my design wall to pin blocks up with. This little wrist pincushion is perfect for keeping pins right where we need them-close at hand.

  6. My pins always seem to find their way to my husbands feet. Do you think this would help. I have several pin cushions, but they never seem to be where I need them.

  7. I have 1 pin cushion that I use for hand sewing needles. My pins are in the containers they came in but I’m looking for something to put them in as I have dumped them several times.

  8. Can never have to many pin cushions, think I may have started a collection. Use probably about 4 consistently, but may have a dozen scattered around the sewing room. We demo’ed making the chicken pincushion at our last guild meeting, so had to sew up a few samples. Thanks.

  9. How many pincushions…well, I have to be honest and say I have a LOT. I love making them and love getting them as gifts. I must have about 23 right now; that’s not counting the Pinterest board I have with at least 50 on it!!!! I collect pincushions, can’t you tell?

  10. I have 8 pincushions. All but one were gifts. I have 4 Chinese baby pincushions, a Nantucket basket (real), a shaker basket (fake, purchased by me), a stuffed 9-patch, and a hand knit one made by my mother. Each pincushion reminds me of those who gave them to me. I use them to hold different types of pins and needles.

  11. I’ve had a magnetic plastic and an old tomato pincushions forever. Since you’ve asked I looked and found 3 others that I’ve made over the years. Of the 3 I’ve made, I only like the one filled with crushed walnut shells. Looks like a handy gadget to keep pins close with no poking. ;-> Toni Anne

  12. My husband laughs when he counts the pincushions in amazement! I love to collect different ones, but I’ve only just started so there are not that many yet. I have 27 pincushions :*) Most of those are not for using though, so I’d love to win this Pin Pal to use as I’m quilting – it looks like a great tool!!!

  13. I have 2 pincushions. One of them is very old – made by my grandmother out of some old drapery fabric – think 1950’s big flowers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I have 2 pincushions. I keep one on my cutting board and one beside my machine. This one looks pretty neat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. I thought I only had 2 pincushions, a magnetic one by the sewing machine and a wrist pincushion for hand sewing, but I do have more which I rarely use. I have one that fits on a finger like a ring which is handy, but gets in the way. I have an old tomato pincushion in my sewing box. I do like using the sharpening berry on it. Then there is the pincushion on my scrap bucket that also sits by my sewing machine, and the draw full of odds and ends also has a few pincushions …. Soooo on closer inspection, I have lots of pincushions. But, I don’t have a Gypsy Pin Pal. That looks like something I’d like to try.

  16. Lets see, I have a magnetic one by the machine, a little one that fits on my finger that I rarely use, a darling fabric one that a friend made for me and 2 antique ones that are just for decoration.

  17. I have two magnetic oval ones and a couple of the old red tomato ones and would love to try this one!

  18. Kathleen Wood-Kaiser

    I have about 8 pincushions. I keep certain pins in some of them & mislay them, of course. My biggest problem is my Siamese cats. They love to pull the pins out & toss them on the ground. It’s amazing how fast they can clear one.

  19. I have too many pincushions to count. Some I made, some gifts from others, some heirlooms from grandmothers. The ones I use daily are magnetic ones next to my machine. I think the one you are giving away would be great for when I am pinning to the design wall. I have been trying to design one for there, but nothing I like yet.

  20. I have an old tomato pincushion that I’ve been using forever and a vintage silk pincushion that’s just a pretty decoration in my sewing room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I have at least 5 Grabbit pin magnets. They are at my machine, ironing board, design wall and cutting table. I love that they catch the pins as I toss them. If I drop pins, I just swipe the Grabbit over them to pick them up. I also have some fun fabric pincushions for decoration. The chicken is a favorite.

  22. I have two pincushions…. one is a lovely little doll shaped one my sister made for me several years ago. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  23. I have three that I use all the time and love the one I made at Country Threads summer camp! I have several decorative ones that I use for decoration only!

  24. I have a wooden bowl that I keep all my pins in and when at the machine if I have long sleeves on I find that I’m using my cuff all the time if my bowl isn’t near. This would great!

  25. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I only have one that I carry from place to place, so this would be really neat to have. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I have 3 and am in the process of making another one as a color challenge project for my quilt guild. Always need one by each sewing machine and my end table. Jo couldn’t you have used the wrist cushion to pick up your pins off the floor? This sounds like a product sewers in general could use. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. I have about 10 pin cushions, everything from the old fashion tomato, to cute purse shaped ones, to magnetic ones, but no wrist ones. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  28. I have 4 pincushions and 1 magnetic holder. They are scattered about my different sewing areas and all are being used.

  29. I have 2 tomato pin cushions and just a plastic pin case… This looks like a cool idea! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  30. I currently have several pincushions because I like to keep some ‘tools’ at home and some that travel with me to classes. This looks like it would be really convenient for use any place I would be sewing.

  31. Just taking a quick look around my sewing room I see 6 pin cushions and that is not even counting the ones I have in drawers and in the closet. You can never have too many!!

  32. I think I have about 6 pincushions. I think there is one available for every flat surface in my sewing room. You never know where you will need one, so it is good to have them spread around the room. This wrist pin cushion looks nifty!

  33. I have two magnetic pincushions…one for needles and one for pins! Then there,s my pincushion collection, which has just been started and I have about 8 cutsie pin cushions! Many more to come. Thanks for the chance!

  34. I only have one magnetic pin cushion and would love to have a “handy” one. Reminds me of my mother – she always had a wrist pin cushion when she sewed.

  35. I have two pincushions but the Pin Pal for my wrist would really be handy – I’ve never seen anything like it!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  36. I must have at least 6! I have one my sister gave me that is my favorite and a few decorative ones. I’m always losing them under things because I’m not very tidy so I need several! Lol!

  37. Jenelle Boxberger

    I have one pin holder, when I need it on the cutting table it is on the sewing machine table. When I need it on the sewing table it is on the cutting table. LOL

  38. I have a magnetic one by my machine; I really could use two more. One for the cutting area and one by my ironing board. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  39. I dont have any pin cushions! Gasp, i did have one until my boxer pit bull mix found it and since she is sooo sweet but dumber than a sack of hammers, she chewed it up to see what the squishyness inside was. It was brand new too. I never ever leave scissors, pins needle etc where she can get them. I would love to win one of these. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  40. I use a little box and somehow it gets other things in it too–like an extra bobbin or pressure foot–I know-not the best….

  41. LOL, haven’t heard that expression before (dumber than a sack of hammers) but that’s the way I feel some days when I get off work….

    I would love to win one of the magnetic pin cushions. This is something I have not seen before. I use the front of my shirt for my “pin cushion” when working blocks off of my design wall to the sewing machine. DGD got my wrist pincushion while she was learning to quilt.

    Our garden is already ankle high and my corn is knee high…

    Becky in upstate SC

  42. Boy, this would save me many steps to the pin cushion. I have mine on a shelf off to the side when I am longarming and it’s not always the most accessible. Love the color too!!!!!

  43. I have two pin cushions and can never find them. I move them from the ironing board to the cutting board to the design wall,this would be great! I have never seen one.
    Sandy in Fort Worth!

  44. I haven’t seen this item before. It sure would help keep my pins off the floor. Love your blog. It was the first one I subscribed to and now I’m hooked. Living in Wisconsin I can relate
    Well to some of your comments. Thank you for offering this.

  45. I love to make pincushions so I have several, I would say about 12 or so. I do not have a pincushion like this one though, it would be a good one to have.

  46. Bonnie Larson

    I have lots of pincushions hanging from my machine to all over the house. This looks like a great one to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing.

  47. I have several pincushions. One is a teapot that was given to me as a gift and another one is a wooden beach with a cushion on it that another friend made for me. I have made several and given them away, but have never kept one for myself! Good thing I have wonderful friends!

  48. Karen Watkins

    I have a stuff it down the middle pin holder for tiny dressmaker’s pins which I don’t use anymore. My larger sewing pins and flower pins are just in the plastic boxes they came in and one of those is missing it’s lid. I think I need one of these. . .

  49. I only have have one pincushion and i would love another one! Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  50. Deborah DeBerry

    I only have one and its never where I need it. I waste valuable time moving then trying to find where I left it last. I have thought about making one, but not sure how to yet. I have never seen one of these notions before tonight. Perfect for when I pin heavy blocks or row of quilting to my design wall. It always takes several pins and some go in the mouth. Thanks for the chance to win one and if I don’t win I can try to find one.

  51. the one thing I lose faster than pins in my studio is pin cushions…….

    think there’s 7 or 8 floating around in here

  52. Bonnie S. Harrell

    I have one big tomato pin cushion that I have had for years. A magnetic one looks interesting and I would love to win it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. I have one pin cushion, so I am always moving it from cutting table to sewing table to ironing board to wherever. I could really use this nifty item!

  54. I have two pin cushions. One was a gift from my daugthers which sits on my cutting table, and one I made for myself which sits at my sewing machine. This product looks really useful!
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  55. Glenda in Florida

    I have two magnetic pin cushions. I keep one on the cutting table where I stand and pin things, and the other by my sewing machine where I remove the pins as I sew. When the pinning one is empty, and the sewing one is full, I switch their positions.

  56. Of course I’d like one, thanks for the chance. It would be nice for the pincushion to travel with me instead of me always hunting for it under fabric or books.

  57. I have two pin cushions…one is the traditional tomato cushion found at any fabric store and the other is a small cushion I made myself. I really should make a few more or try this handy tool. I usually end up sticking pins in my shirt….just a silly habit. Thanks for sharing!

  58. I think that I’d like having a pin cushion with me at all times. My current one is never where it is needed. I’m not sure how many cushions I have but the one that I currently am using is one of the set on the table magnet ones.

  59. lorene holbrook

    oh dear, probably about 2 dozen pincushions. I LOVE pincushions. I have joined swap just for pincushions. I know, it’s a sickness. but I love everyone of them!

  60. I have quite a few pincushions. I have 4 magnetic ones laying around in different areas. I have 2 magnetic ones for my wrist which I hate – this one looks so much better. My main love is making wool pincushions so I am trying to make one a month. I just did a stripped one and a strawberry one – both in wool. Not sure I want to use those. I have alot “pinned” – does pinterest count? LOL

  61. I’ll be very honest and admit I have pins all over. I carry a little box from ironing board to sewing machine but still end up with piles of pins right next to my machine. Probably because I forget the pin box where I left it last. Would love to win this, would surely keep my pins with me.

  62. Joyce Mitchell

    I have 5 pin cushions, though I only really use 2 of them, one for glass head pins & the other for flower head pins. Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. Marca Fritzemeier

    I have three pincushions that I use. There might be one or two tucked away somewhere that I’ve forgotten about. And I’m always seeing patterns for cute new ones.

  64. I have a pincushion at every possible station in my sewing room. I’ll say 5! Have a wonderful weekend!

  65. I have five placed at varies places around the house. Two in the sewing room, two by the long arm and one in my travel sewing kit. I think the magnetic one around the wrist would be perfect for loading quilt on the long arm…and yes~I pin my tops/backs to the leaders! :)

  66. I am constantly hunting for my pin cushions, yes – I have 3 and they get lost.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. What a great tool! Thanks for hosting fun & useful giveaways! To answer the question, actually, I only have one pincushion that I use for straight pins. Safety pins are in little plastic containers, and needles have their little containers as well.

  68. I only have one pincushion but I never use it. When ever I get it out it ends up being brushed off the table or buried under fabric. A pincushion that sticks to mu wrist would get a lot more use!

  69. I actually don’t own a one! I rigged up a contraption with a magnet in it so all I do is throw the pins in and they stick!

  70. Rhonda Desgranges

    I have quite a few pincushions, from vintage to my newest one a little wool acorn with a real acorn top~~I made it using acorn tops found in my yard! Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. I’ll have to hide this from Hubby! He’ll want to use it when he changes the lightbulbs in those pesky hall lights that have the little screws for the cover :) I have two pincushions. One that I don’t use, and sits pretty on my shelf is a hand crocheted pincushion from my great-grandma. The other is my “felty” square which has seen better days.

  72. The Gypsy Pinpal looks like it would be very handy to use especially with my longarm, much better than pins in my Tshirt which sometimes I forget to remove.

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